1st Parliament of Ontario

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1st Parliament of Ontario
Coalition parliament
September 3, 1867 – February 25, 1871
Parliament leaders
Premier John Sandfield Macdonald
Party caucuses
Government Conservative Party
Opposition Liberal Party
* Coalition government
Legislative Assembly
Speaker of the
John Stevenson

The 1st Parliament of Ontario was in session from September 3, 1867, until February 25, 1871, just prior to the 1871 general election. This was the first session of the Legislature after Confederation succeeding the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada (last session was the 8th Parliament of the Province of Canada). The 1867 general election produced a tie between the Conservative Party led by John Sandfield Macdonald and the Liberal Party led by Archibald McKellar. Macdonald led a coalition government with the support of moderate Liberals.

John Stevenson served as speaker for the assembly.[1]

Riding Member Party
Addington Edmund John Glyn Hooper Conservative
Algoma Frederick William Cumberland Conservative
Bothwell Archibald McKellar Liberal
Brant Hugh Finlayson Liberal
Brant South Edmund Burke Wood Conservative
Brockville and Elizabethtown William Fitzsimmons Conservative
Bruce North Donald Sinclair Liberal
Bruce South Edward Blake Liberal
Cardwell Thomas Swinarton Conservative
Carleton Robert Lyon Liberal
Cornwall John Sandfield Macdonald Conservative-Liberal coalition
Dundas Simon S. Cook Liberal
Durham East Arthur Trefusis Heneage Williams Conservative
Durham West John McLeod Liberal
Elgin East Daniel Luton Conservative
Elgin West Nicol McColl Conservative
Essex Solomon Wigle Conservative
Frontenac Henry Smith[nb 1] Conservative
Delino Dexter Calvin (1868) Conservative
Glengarry James Craig Conservative
Grenville South Mcneil Clarke Conservative
Grey North Thomas Scott Conservative
Grey South Abram William Lauder Conservative
Haldimand Jacob Baxter Liberal
Halton William Barber Liberal
Hamilton James Miller Williams Liberal
Hastings East Henry Corby Conservative
Hastings North George Henry Boulter Conservative
Hastings West Ketchum Graham Conservative
Huron North William Torrance Hays Conservative
Huron South Robert Gibbons[nb 2] Conservative
Isaac Carling (1868) Liberal
Kent John Smith Liberal
Kingston Maxwell W. Strange Conservative
Lambton Timothy Blair Pardee Liberal
Lanark North Daniel Galbraith Liberal
Lanark South William McNairn Shaw [nb 3] Conservative
Abraham Code (1869) Conservative
Leeds North and Grenville North Henry Dolphus Smith Liberal
Leeds South Benjamin Tett Conservative
Lennox John Stevenson Conservative
Lincoln John Charles Rykert Conservative
London John Carling Conservative
Middlesex East James Evans Liberal
Middlesex North James Sinclair Smith Liberal
Middlesex West Nathaniel Currie Conservative
Monck George Secord Conservative
Niagara Donald Robertson Conservative
Stephen Richards (1867) Conservative
Norfolk North James Wilson Conservative
Norfolk South Simpson McCall Liberal
Northumberland East John Eyre Liberal
Northumberland West Alexander Fraser Liberal
Ontario North Thomas Paxton Liberal
Ontario South William McGill Liberal
Ottawa Richard William Scott Liberal
Oxford North George Perry Liberal
Oxford South Adam Oliver Liberal
Peel John Coyne Conservative
Perth North Andrew Monteith Conservative
Perth South James Trow Liberal
Peterborough East George Read Conservative
Peterborough West John Carnegie Conservative
Prescott James P. Boyd Liberal
Prince Edward Absalom Greeley Conservative
William Anderson (1870) Liberal
Renfrew North John Supple[nb 4] Liberal
Thomas Murray (1870) Conservative
Renfrew South John Lorn McDougall Liberal
Russell William Craig Conservative
Simcoe North William Lount Liberal
Simcoe South Thomas Roberts Ferguson Conservative
Stormont William Colquhoun Conservative
Toronto East Matthew Crooks Cameron Conservative
Toronto West John Wallis Conservative
Victoria North Alexander Peter Cockburn Liberal
Victoria South Thomas Matchett Liberal
Waterloo North Moses Springer Liberal
Waterloo South Isaac Clemens Liberal
Welland William Beatty Liberal
Wellington Centre Alexander David Ferrier Conservative
Wellington North Robert McKim Liberal
Wellington South Peter Gow Liberal
Wentworth North Robert Christie Liberal
Wentworth South William Sexton Liberal
York East Hugh Powell Crosby Liberal
York North John McMurrich Liberal
York West Thomas Grahame Conservative


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  1. ^ Henry Smith died in 1868
  2. ^ Robert Gibbons was unseated on appeal
  3. ^ William McNairn Shaw died in 1869
  4. ^ John Supple died in 1869

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