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2008 12 Hours of Sebring

The 2008 Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida was the 56th running of this event and the opening round of the 2008 American Le Mans Series season. It took place at Sebring International Raceway, Florida on March 15, 2008. Porsche was able to defeat Audi, marking the first loss for Audi at Sebring since 1999, while Porsche marks its first overall win at Sebring since 1988, the 20th anniversary since its last win; the Porsche's win was the first time in 14 years that the non-premier class of the race won the 12 Hours of Sebring overall, the third time in history. The last time that the non-premier class won overall in Sebring was 1994, when Clayton Cunningham Racing, participating in the 1994 IMSA GT Championship season as a GTS-class entry, defeated the flagship World Sports Cars in a Nissan 300ZX. Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 70% of winner's distance marked as Not Classified. † - #15 Fernández Racing was disqualified from the race results after the car failed post-race inspection.

The car's airbox was found allowing an excess of air into the engine. Pole Position - #1 Audi Sport North America - 1:43.195 Fastest Lap - #07 Peugeot Sport Total - 1:44.536

Paul Schmidt (translator)

Paul Schmidt was an American translator, poet and essayist. He graduated from Colgate University in 1955, studied at Harvard University, he studied mime with Marcel Marceau and acting with Jacques Charon. He served in the U. S. Army Intelligence, from 1958 to 1960. Schmidt was professor at the University of Texas at Austin, from 1967 to 1976, he taught at the Yale School of Drama. He translated Euripides, Velimir Khlebnikov, Genet, Gogol and Mayakovsky, he wrote three plays, one of which, Black Sea Follies won the Helen Hayes Award, Kesselring Award for best play. Schmidt's work was profiled in The New York Review of Books, he was married to Stockard Channing. Night Life, Painted Leaf Press, 1996, ISBN 978-0-9651558-0-9 Winter Solstice, Painted Leaf Press, 1996, ISBN 978-0-9651558-2-3 Arthur Rimbaud: Complete Works, 1975. Charlotte Douglas; the king of time: selected writings of the Russian futurian. Translator Paul Schmidt. Harvard University Press. Chekhov, Anton; the plays of Anton Chekhov. A new translation by Paul Schmidt.

New York: HarperCollins. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Ivanov. Translator Paul Schmidt. Dramatists Play Service, Inc. ISBN 978-0-8222-1646-9. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Seven short farces. Translator Paul Schmidt. Dramatists Play Service, Inc. ISBN 978-0-8222-1645-2. Catherine Ciepiela, Honor Moore, eds.. The Stray Dog cabaret: a book of Russian poems. Translator Paul Schmidt. New York Review of Books. ISBN 978-1-59017-191-2. CS1 maint: uses editors parameter CS1 maint: others John Beaufort. "Foote's `The Widow Claire' and Schmidt's `Black Sea Follies'". The Christian Science Monitor. John Simon. "Dmitri and the Wolf". New York Magazine; the Plays of Anton ChekhovKirsch, Adam. "Chekhov in American". Books; the Atlantic Monthly. 280: 110–112. PAUL SCHMIDT WORKS WELL WITH GENIUSES The Stray Dog Cabaret translated by Paul Schmidt

James Ketchell

James Ketchell is a British adventurer. In 2013, he completed what the media dubbed the'Ultimate Global Triathlon', he has made numerous television appearances. On 22 September 2019, Ketchell landed his gyrocopter in Basingstoke, becoming the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an autogyro flying for 175 successive days. On 1 February 2014, Ketchell became the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world. In 2010, Ketchell rowed single-handed across the Atlantic Ocean in 110 days, four hours and four minutes from La Gomera to Antigua. On 16 May 2011 Ketchell reached the summit of Mount Everest. Upon his descent he succumbed to pneumonia and spent a week in hospital after arriving back into the UK. On 30 June 2013 Ketchell departed Greenwich Park and embarked on an 18,000 mile unsupported global cycle, through 20 countries and cycling on average 100 miles a day. Ketchell attempted to row 3,600 miles across the Indian Ocean from Geraldton to Mauritius in 2015 with fellow Scouting Ambassador, Ashley Wilson.

Their aim was to raise awareness of epilepsy among young people as well as supporting other charities The expedition ended 200 miles off the coast of Western Australia when Ketchell’s rowing partner sustained a serious head injury during a storm and needed to be rescued. A 100,000 ton crude oil tanker called. On 22 September 2019, Ketchell landed his gyrocopter in Basingstoke, becoming the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an autogyro flying for 175 successive days, he flew over Europe and North America, making a total of 122 distinct flights in his autogyro. Ketchell continues to talk about his experiences. BBC News BBC Newsround BBC Newsround ITV News ITV News Meridian Channel 5 Metro Independent The Times The Guardian The Telegraph The Telegraph ABC News Adelaide Now Basingstoke Gazette Basingstoke Gazette Basingstoke Gazette Basingstoke Gazette Basingstoke Observer Sport 360 Daily Echo The Hindu Men's Health Hampshire Life Magazine Active Traveller Sidetracked Magazine Opinionated World Personal website Mount Everest James Ketchell Interview

RVS Tukoro

RVS Tukoro is a Pacific Forum patrol boat that performs fishery protection and rescue and sovereignty patrols for Vanuatu. Tukoro is one of twenty-two small patrol vessels Australia designed and built for smaller fellow members of the Pacific Forum, after the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea extended control of a 200-kilometre exclusive economic zone for all maritime nations. Tukoro, like her sister ships, displaces 160 tonnes, can accommodate a crew of eighteen for missions lasting ten days or less; the vessel's maximum speed is 24 knots. Australia chose commercial off the shelf equipment, instead of cutting edge military-grade equipment, to ease the maintenance burden for small nations' maintenance facilities. Tukoro was damaged on March 14, 2015 by Hurricane Pam. Hurricane Pam was severe, with winds up to 320 kilometres per hour. Tukoro was washed ashore on Moso Island. Australia offered to repair the vessel, provide further training to Vanuatu personnel; the repairs took sixteen months, the vessel returned to service on August 23, 2016.

In February and March 2017 Tukoro engaged in a joint fishery protection operation with her sister ship from the Solomon Islands, RSIPV Lata. In September 2017 Tukoro helped provide disaster relief to evacuees after the Ambae volcano eruption. Australia is scheduled to replace Tukoro was a larger and more capable Guardian-class patrol boat in 2021

La Fin de Satan

La Fin de Satan is a long religious epic by Victor Hugo, of which 5,700 lines were written between 1854 and 1862, but left unfinished and published after his death. When it was rejected by his publisher in 1857, Hugo tried to integrate it into Petites Epopées announcing that it would form a companion work, along with Dieu, his intention was to invest the storming of the Bastille with a religious significance. There are many gaps small. Satan is defeated and thrown into the Abyss, but Evil is communicated to Man through the agency of Lilith-Isis, she provides three weapons with which Cain murders Abel: The Bronze will become a gauntlet, symbol of War. This preface is followed by three books, interleaved with otherworldly episodes. Book the First tells the story of a powerful and monstrous king of Judaea. Wandering the Earth, which he has dominated and laid waste, he decides to conquer the heavens. For this purpose, he builds a cage and attaches four giant eagles to it, with the meat of dead lions above their heads to draw them upward.

With his servant, the eunuch, Nimrod releases the cage from its tethers, the eagles start towards the heavens. After a journey of one year, moving continuously upwards and finding only an immense blue, Nimrod shoots an arrow into the infinite, is thrown back to Earth. Book the Second describes the death of Jesus, it emphasises the evil of human beings. In "Tenebres", Barabbas curses this impure world which liberated him instead of Christ, claims that we would have chosen to die if offered the choice. Book the Third is about the storming of the Bastille. Hors de la Terre, I La Première Page Livre Première: Le Glaive Hors de la Terre, II Livre Deuxième: Le Gibet La Judée Jésus-Christ Le Crucifix Hors de la Terre, III Satan dans la Nuit L'Ange Liberté Livre Troisième: La Prison Hors de la Terre, IV La Fin de Satan - French text online

Green River Ferry Road

Green River Ferry Road is a park-maintained roadway located inside Mammoth Cave National Park in Edmonson County, Kentucky. The road is 5.63 miles long. The name of the road was given due to the traversal of the Green River, connecting the Visitor's Center area to the Nolin Lake recreational areas; the road begins at an intersection with the Mammoth Cave Parkway just south of the park's visitor center near the campground, crosses the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail, a rail trail which marks the original railroad that went from the park's visitors center to Park City. The road goes to a point along the Green River, crosses it via the Green River Ferry; that ferry became the only operational ferry in all of Edmonson County after the Bear Creek and Houchin's Ferries went out of service in the late 1960s and October 2013, respectively. After crossing the ferry the road traverses the north-central portions of the park, including passing sites such as the Maple Springs Research Center and the trailheads of the Big Hollow and Maple Springs Trails.

The majority of the park's hiking trails are accessed via Green River Maple Springs roads. Green River Ferry Road ends at the park's northern boundary. Beyond this point, the road becomes Stockholm Road with the state highway designation, Kentucky Route 1352, which connects the area with KY 1827 at the community of Stockholm; the entire route is in Edmonson County. Mammoth Cave National Park official website