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As part of the British honours system, the Special Honours are issued at the Queen's pleasure at any given time. The Special Honours refer to the awards of the Order of the Garter, Order of the Thistle, Order of Merit, Royal Victorian Order and the Order of St John. Life Peerages are at times also awarded as special honours.


Life Peer[edit]

Most Noble Order of the Garter[edit]

Order of the Garter ribbon

Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG)[edit]

Lady of the Order of the Garter (LG)[edit]

Order of the Companions of Honour[edit]

Order of the Companions of Honour ribbon

Companion of the Order of the Companions of Honour (CH)[edit]

Knight Bachelor[edit]

Knight's Bachelor ribbon

Most Honourable Order of the Bath[edit]

Order of the Bath ribbon

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB)[edit]


Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George[edit]

Order of St Michael and St George ribbon

Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)[edit]

Dame Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (DCMG)[edit]

  • Angelina Jolie, For services to UK foreign policy and the campaign to end warzone sexual violence – 14 June 2014[21][25]

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

  • Despina Zernioti, For services to UK/Greek relations and to the Order of St Michael and St George – 1 April 2014[21]

Royal Victorian Order[edit]

Insignia of a Knight / Dame Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
Royal Victorian Order ribbon

Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)[edit]

Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)[edit]

  • Brigadier John Edward Bruce Smedley, LVO, On retirement as Private Secretary to The Earl and Countess of Wessex. – 18 March 2014[31]
  • Rebecca Lucy Kitteridge, On relinquishing the role of Secretary of the Cabinet and Clerk of the Executive Council in New Zealand. – 31 March 2014[32]
  • Sir Paul John James Britton, CB, On retirement as the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary. – 8 May 2014[33]
  • Philip Brian Everett, LVO, On relinquishment of his appointment as Deputy Ranger, Windsor Great Park. – 17 June 2014[34]
  • Kara Justine Owen - 30 June 2014[26]
  • Euan Werran McDonald Curnow LVO - on retirement as Veterinary Surgeon to the Royal Studs. - 5 August 2014[29]
  • George Hassall LVO - on retirement as Director, Royal and Diplomatic Affairs, Jaguar Land Rover. - 5 August 2014[29]
  • Major David Rankin-Hunt LVO, MBE, TD - on retirement as Administrator and Assistant to the Surveyors, Royal Collection Trust. - 5 August 2014[29]
  • Commander Peter St Clair-Erskine, 7th Earl of Rosslyn QPM - on relinquishing his appointment as Head of Royalty & Specialist Protection Department. - 29 September 2014
  • The Reverend Prebendary William Sievwright Scott - on relinquishing the role of Sub-Dean of Her Majesty’s Chapels Royal, Sub-Dean and Domestic Chaplain of the Ecclesiastical Household, Deputy Clerk of the Closet and Sub-Almoner.[35]

Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO)[edit]

  • Mark Thomas Fraser, OAM, Deputy Official Secretary to the Governor-General of Australia – 26 January 2014[36]
  • Sophie Abigail Guelff - 30 June 2014[26]
  • Samuel Fitzsimons MVO - 4 July 2014[27]
  • Michael Alan Ebbage MVO, on retirement as Accountant, Sandringham Estate. - 11 July 2014[28]
  • Jill Elizabeth Kelsey MVO, on relinquishing the role of Deputy Archivist, Royal Archives. - 14 November 2014[37]

Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)[edit]

Most Excellent Order of the British Empire[edit]

Insignia of a Knight / Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire
Order of the British Empire (Military division) ribbon
Order of the British Empire (Civil division) ribbon

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE)[edit]

  • Ratan Tata, KBE, For services to UK/India relations, inward investment to the UK and philanthropy[21]

Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)[edit]

  • The Hon. Mrs. Justice Geraldine Mary Andrews – 18 February 2014[20]
  • The Hon. Mrs. Justice Sue Lascelles Carr – 18 February 2014[20]
  • The Hon. Mrs. Justice Frances Silvia Patterson – 18 February 2014[20]
  • The Hon. Mrs. Justice Ingrid Ann Simler – 18 February 2014[20]

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)[edit]

  • Haruo Naito, For services to Japanese investment in the UK and to Anglo-Japanese relations[21]
  • Admiral Édouard Guillaud, For services to the Lancaster House Treaty and UK/France military relations[21]
  • Michael Bloomberg, for his "prodigious entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, and the many ways in which they have benefited the United Kingdom and the U.K.-U.S. special relationship."[21][40]
  • John Franklyn Mars, for services to British business and the economy.

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)[edit]

  • Brigadier Duncan Francis Capps[41]
  • Brigadier Rupert Timothy Herbert Jones, MBE[41]
  • Colonel Robert James Rider[41]
  • Brigadier Maurice John Sheen, TD[41]
  • Acting Air Commodore Christopher Edward John Brazier[41]
  • Air Commodore Philip James Beach, MBE[41]
  • Air Commodore John Drew Maas[26]
  • Tadakazu Kimura, For services to international sponsorship and Anglo-Japanese cultural understanding[21]
  • Gennady Nikolayevitch Rozhdestvensky, For services to music[21]

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)[edit]

  • Surgeon Commander Joanna Mary Elizabeth Leason[41]
  • Acting Colonel Simon John Scott, Royal Marines[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Howard Bewick, MBE[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jason Richard Kerr[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Swift[41]
  • Commander Irvine Graham Lindsay[41]

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)[edit]

  • Major Richard Charles Morris, Royal Marines[41]
  • Acting Major Ross Thomas Boyd[41]
  • Major Kieth Anthony Bryan Child[41]
  • Major Stephen Philip Dallard[41]
  • Captain James Jackson Dear[41]
  • Acting Lieutenant Colonel Christopher John Fisher[41]
  • Staff Sergeant James Forster[41]
  • Captain Euan James Grant[41]
  • Major James Andrew Hadfield[41]
  • Warrant Officer Class 2 Alan Fraser Hamilton[41]
  • Major Rupert Edward Charles Kitching[41]
  • Major Gary Robertson[41]
  • Major James Samuel Skelton[41]
  • Reverend (Wing Commander) Giles Leslie Legood[41]
  • Lieutenant Commander Camilla Simpson Meek[41]
  • Warrant Officer 2 Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) Christopher Mullan, QGM[41]
  • Wing Commander Graham Ifor August[26]

Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC)[edit]

Conspicuous Gallantry Cross ribbon
  • Corporal Anthony Stazicker[41]
  • Lance Corporal Simon George Moloney, Royal Marines[41]

Military Cross (MC)[edit]

Military Cross ribbon
  • Major Geoffrey Richard Brocklehurst[41]
  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Patrick Hyde[41]
  • Private Wesley Robert Masters[41]
  • Corporal William Joseph Mills[41]
  • Captain Alexander Ryland Pickthall[41]
  • Corporal James Richard Lawrence Walker[41]

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)[edit]

Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon
  • Flight Lieutenant Charles Peter Lockyear[41]

Royal Red Cross[edit]

Royal Red Cross ribbon

Associate of the Royal Red Cross (ARRC)[edit]

  • Major Kerry Jane McFadden-Newman[41]

Queen’s Gallantry Medal (QGM)[edit]

Queen’s Gallantry Medal ribbon
  • Captain Michael Robert John Kennedy[41]
  • Sergeant Kevin Marc Wright[41]

Imperial Service Medal (ISM)[edit]

Imperial Service Medal ribbon
  • Blazey, Mr Stephen Kevin[42]
  • Devoy, Mr Samuel James Donnan[42]
  • Doran, Mr Eric[42]
  • Drain, Mr Michael Richard[42]
  • Foster, Mr Kevin[42]
  • Grimason, Mr Albert[42]
  • Holt, Mr John Frederick[42]
  • Huggins, Mr David Edward[42]
  • Kelsall, Mr Richard John[42]
  • Lowe, Miss Dionne Kathleen[42]
  • Machen, Mr Roger Michael[42]
  • Owen, Mr Michael Joseph[42]
  • Pink, Mr Dennis Christopher[42]
  • Roper, Mrs Sara Anne[42]
  • Rowley, Mr George Oliver[42]
  • Shelley, Mr Arnot Oswald[42]
  • Smith, Mr Ian William[42]
  • Smith, Mrs Jean Best[42]
  • Van Der Pol, Mrs Christine Muriel[42]
  • Waller, Mr Gary[42]
  • Doak MBE, Miss Rosalind Wendy[42]
  • Aregbesola, Mrs Tolulope[42]
  • Frodin, Mrs Carolin[42]
  • Lawer, Mr Martyn John[42]
  • Oldroyd, Mr Hugh[42]
  • Oliver, Mr Roger Graham[42]
  • Reay, Mr John[42]
  • Stoddart, Mrs Catherine[42]
  • Veal, Mrs Joan[42]
  • Wilcock, Mrs Helen[42]
  • Burke, Mrs Lesley[42]
  • Mitchell, Mrs Margaret[42]
  • Pugh, Mrs Lynne[42]
  • Simpson, Mrs Betty[42]
  • Stubbins, Mrs Maria[42]

Mention in Despatches[edit]

  • Acting Corporal Jonathan Robert McNair, Royal Marines[41]
  • Corporal Craig Tucker, Royal Marines[41]
  • Acting Corporal Donald Boadu Amoah[41]
  • Major Thomas James Armitage[41]
  • Sergeant Matthew Lee Baldwin[41]
  • Rifleman Rajeev Bhoyraz[41]
  • Guardsman Ronan Boyce[41]
  • Corporal of Horse Alexander James Cawley[41]
  • Major Andrew John Child[41]
  • Acting Major Adrian Paul Thomas Clayton[41]
  • Lieutenant Alexander Edward Floyd[41]
  • Trooper Jake John Foster[41]
  • Acting Lance Corporal Christopher James Harris[41]
  • Private Alexander Francis Hoar[41]
  • Sergeant Richard Charles Kerry[41]
  • Sapper James Ieuan McDermott[41]
  • Corporal Jonathan Kevin Richards[41]
  • Lance Corporal of Horse Kevin John Sedgwick[41]
  • Flight Lieutenant Jason Andrew Hunt[41]
  • Master Aircrew Robert Sean Sunderland[41]

Queen's Commendation for Bravery[edit]

  • Corporal Neil Bowness[41]
  • Sapper Sean Alexander Alan Cameron[41]
  • Lance Corporal Sinead Dodds[41]
  • Corporal Conner Ryan Grant[41]
  • Lance Corporal Neil Meyer[41]
  • Sergeant Saiasi Nuku Vono[41]
  • Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Mechanic (M) Neil Andrew Halsey[41]
  • Leading Seaman (Diver) John Pearson[41]

Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service[edit]

Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service insignia
  • Lieutenant Commander Lawrence John Dunne, RD[41]
  • Staff Sergeant Christopher Anderson[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Archer, ARRC[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Edward Graham St John Brockman[41]
  • Captain Kempley McKnight Alexander Buchan-Smith[41]
  • Acting Lieutenant Colonel Douglas John Scott Cochran[41]
  • Captain Rachael Joanne Cull[41]
  • Major Timothy James Jonathan Draper[41]
  • Captain Maria Elizabeth Eegan[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Richard Elviss, MBE[41]
  • Captain Jonathan Robert Frankling[41]
  • Warrant Officer Class 2 Kevin Stuart Anthony Gahgan[41]
  • Corporal Mark Gerald Harris[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Timothy David How[41]
  • Captain Thomas William Johnston-Burt[41]
  • Staff Sergeant Adam Landers Marshall[41]
  • Major Edward David Lionel Maskell-Pedersen[41]
  • Major Gary Allen McGown, MBE[41]
  • Colonel Stephen Christopher McMahon, MBE[41]
  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Colin Lee Nufer[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel David Robert Orr Ewing, OBE[41]
  • Sapper Adam Robert Oxley[41]
  • Major Jonathan Anthony Evett Palmer, MBE[41]
  • Colonel Andrew William Phillips[41]
  • Corporal Aaron Michael Rennie[41]
  • Staff Sergeant Clinton Sherratt[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Paul Terence Tedman[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jason Michael Williams[41]
  • Lance Corporal Alexander Edwin William Price[41]
  • Mrs Lisa Pamela Gardner[41]
  • Miss Penny Hughes[41]
  • Inspector Danny Johnston May[41]
  • Major Grant Paul Abbott, Royal Marines[41]
  • Commodore Simon James Ancona[41]
  • Lieutenant Karl Ashton[41]
  • Chief Petty Officer Air Engineering Technician (M) Derek Ashurst[41]
  • Commander Christopher Anthony Godwin[41]
  • Chief Petty Officer Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering) David Alan Kennedy[41]
  • Lieutenant Commander John Peter Ryan[41]
  • Commander Mark Adrian Hudson Wooller[41]
  • Major Alexandra Emily Caroline Benn, MBE[41]
  • Brigadier Richard Friedrich Patrick Felton, CBE[41]
  • Major (now Acting Lieutenant Colonel) Phillip John Fox, MBE[41]
  • Captain Harriet Louise Haslam-Greene[41]
  • Captain Paul Harvey Keymer[41]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Matthew James Patrick Murphy[41]
  • Wing Commander Andrew Philip Challen[41]
  • Flight Lieutenant David John Clemens[41]
  • Wing Commander Charles Scott Donald[41]

Order of St John[edit]

Order of St John ribbon

Bailiff Grand Cross of the Order of St John[edit]

Knight/Dame of the Order of St John[edit]

Commander of the Order of St John[edit]

  • Timothy Boughton[45]
  • Major Peter John Colyer[45]
  • Henry Fetherstonhaugh, OBE[45]
  • Robert Stanley Harrison[45]
  • Stephen Hughes[45]
  • Michael Eric Lambell, JP[45]
  • Jonathon Poyner[45]
  • Richard Roberts[45]
  • Brigadier Iain Gregory Robertson, OBE TD DL[45]
  • Mrs Eluned Clifton-Davies[45]
  • Mrs Daryl Margaret Perkins[45]
  • Mrs Celia Ann Streeter[45]
  • Dr Liu Bing-fai[46]
  • Dr Sarath Malcolm Samarage[46]
  • Dr Don Wilmot Weerasooriya[46]
  • John Michael Wright[43]
  • Mrs Barbara Taylor[43]
  • Dr Nicholas John Astbury[44]
  • Nevin Christian Brown[44]
  • Julian Victor Brandt III[44]
  • Douglas Hayward Evans[44]
  • Peter Irving Channing Knowles II[44]
  • Walter William Moore II[44]
  • Howard Pyle[44]
  • George Thomas Williamson[44]
  • John Nicholas Woolfe[44]
  • David Morris Yudain[44]
  • Ms Erika DeWyllie Billick[44]
  • Kathryn Spotswood Lines Cox III[44]
  • Mary Catherine Metzger Harvey[44]
  • Alan Roy Butterfield[47]
  • Charles Roderick Spencer Fowler, OBE TD DL[47]
  • Norman Gareth Gooding[47]
  • Dr Rex Anthony Smith[47]
  • David Malcolm Thomas[47]
  • John Douglas Wills[47]
  • Mrs Pauline Anne Buchanan[47]
  • Jennifer Burkett[47]
  • Mrs Claire Theresa Hensman[47]
  • Miss Patricia Mary Holten[47]
  • Mrs Lynn Margaret Mosley[47]
  • Raymond Bugeja[48]
  • Captain Reuben Lanfranco[48]
  • Revd Canon Simon Henry Martin Godfrey[48]
  • Lieutenant Colonel Josef Johannes Le Roux, MMM[48]
  • Dr Donati Njama[48]
  • Miss Margaret Jackson Lee[48]
  • Mrs Hazel Jennifer Watson[48]

Officer of the Order of St John[edit]

  • Dean Steven Allen[45]
  • Major Robert Charles Cole[45]
  • Eric Collinson[45]
  • Michael Davies[45]
  • Paul Victor Dedman, MBE[45]
  • Edmund Fitzhugh, OBE DL[45]
  • Stuart Fletcher, OBE[45]
  • Adam Gosling[45]
  • Henry Goulding[45]
  • Rhodri Griffiths[45]
  • Derek Howell[45]
  • Michael King[45]
  • David John Leeser[45]
  • Kevin Michael Lilwall[45]
  • Timothy McVey[45]
  • Richard Pearce[45]
  • Major Stephen Smedley[45]
  • Wayne Warlow[45]
  • David Trevor Huxley Williams[45]
  • Ernest Woodhall[45]
  • Mrs Rosemary Butler[45]
  • Mrs Joyce Charlton[45]
  • Miss Geraldine Mary Costello[45]
  • Miss Valerie Mary Costello[45]
  • Mrs Sarah Duss[45]
  • Miss Helen Elizabeth Gilbertson[45]
  • Mrs Helen Gwilliam[45]
  • Mrs Cathrin Hughes[45]
  • Mrs Hazel Lewis[45]
  • Mrs Anna Winifred Lucas, JP[45]
  • Professor Donna Mead, OBE[45]
  • Mrs Eleanor Merrills[45]
  • Mrs Rachel Needs[45]
  • Mrs Irene Joyce Phillips[45]
  • Mrs Irene Mary Maude Phillips[45]
  • Mrs Josephine Roberts[45]
  • Miss Heather Ann Robertson[45]
  • Mrs Moya Travis[45]
  • Dr Chung Ka-leung[46]
  • Wasantha Palinda Edirisinghe
  • Godamunne Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage Gedara Muthu Banda Godamunne[46]
  • Tuan Farook Jayah[46]
  • Mahagamaralalage Sunil Jayaseela[46]
  • Nandasena Kananke[46]
  • Mohamed Haniffa Mohamed Khaleel[46]
  • Watutanthrige Mahiman Prasantha Lal De Alwis[46]
  • Lam Hoo-tak[46]
  • Lee Wing-tak Patre[46]
  • Leung Tai-lin[46]
  • Denipitiya Withanage Don Upali Perera[46]
  • Prangige Sarath Nanda Kumara Perera[46]
  • Tuan Zuheer Raban[46]
  • Nihal Indrajith Ramanayake[46]
  • Errol Gregory Smith[46]
  • Yau Shu-fung[46]
  • Ms Chan Kit-har Josephine[46]
  • Mrs Ng King-chu[46]
  • Gerald John Buddle[43]
  • James George Naphambo[43]
  • Zunga Siakalima[43]
  • Mrs Marilyn Jeanne James[43]
  • Miss Julie Walton[43]
  • Mrs Cynthia White[43]
  • Thomas Pera Alexander[44]
  • Damian Sergiu Antonescu[44]
  • Carl Grover Berry[44]
  • John Garland Pollard Boatwright[44]
  • Daryl Glynn Byrd[44]
  • Dr James Marvin Campbell[44]
  • Sir Thomas Vincent Fean, KCVO[44]
  • Guy Wallis Morton[44]
  • Fouad Ibrahim El-Najjar[44]
  • Mazen Ezzat Qupty[44]
  • Dr Sami Rashad Sukhtian[44]
  • Anthony Carlton Coe[44]
  • Todd Alexander Culbertson[44]
  • Dr Michael Thomas Bryan Dennis[44]
  • William Patrick Enright[44]
  • James Marvin Hutchisson[44]
  • Dr Thomas Morgan Hyers[44]
  • John Oliver Geoffrey Jenkins[44]
  • Martin M. Koffel[44]
  • The Reverend Kirk Allan Lee[44]
  • Dwain Gregory Jr[44]
  • Forrest Edward Mars Jr[44]
  • Dr Charles Stebner Mosteller[44]
  • Edward Sidney Oppenheimer[44]
  • Rowland Andrew Radford Jr[44]
  • The Reverend William Lewis Sachs[44]
  • Leland Clay Selby[44]
  • Dr James Leigh Snyder[44]
  • James Arthur Zurn[44]
  • Miss Ann Isabel Daugherty[44]
  • Mrs Palmer Peebles Garson[44]
  • Mrs Elizabeth Susanne Koffel[44]
  • Mrs Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell[44]
  • Mrs Natalie Thomas Pray[44]
  • Ms Maxey Jerome Roberts[44]
  • Mrs Elisheva Shaked[44]
  • Mrs Virginia Creary Smith Snider[44]
  • Mrs Diana Strawbridge Wister[44]
  • Cheong Kee Toh[8]
  • Chua Ping Ping Nelson[8]
  • Liang Chiang Heng[8]
  • Doctor Sarvaselan Reuben Emmanuel Sayampanathan[8]
  • Terence Robert George Blacktop[47]
  • Trevor Anthony Brooks[47]
  • Stuart Russell Chalmers[47]
  • Dr Kung-Kim Chan[47]
  • Robert Hugh Foulkes[47]
  • Reverend Richard John Gray[47]
  • Richard James Marlow[47]
  • Surgeon Rear Admiral Calum James Gibb McArthur, QHP[47]
  • Dr Roger Charles Milner[47]
  • Charles Albert Myers[47]
  • John Lennox Napier[47]
  • Jon-Brian Parker[47]
  • Derek Stanley Seiver[47]
  • Martyn Clive Steers[47]
  • David Harding Verity[47]
  • Captain Louis Roland Uppiah[47]
  • Rev David Alexander Van Oeveren[47]
  • Brian Edward Weldon[47]
  • Alastair Stuart McGregor Wood[47]
  • Mrs Julie Ann Brayne[47]
  • Mrs Melanie Anne Buckland[47]
  • Mrs Joanne Marie Conroy[47]
  • Miss Susan Jane Crowhurst[47]
  • Mrs Enid Susan Gathercole[47]
  • Mrs Janice Kathryn Houston[47]
  • Miss Susan Hunter[47]
  • Mrs Deborah Ann Lewis[47]
  • Mrs Cicely Mary Napier[47]
  • Mrs Dorothy Ruth Tuck[47]
  • Mrs Barbara Ann Tyekiff[47]
  • Dr Fenella Kate Wrigley[47]
  • Mrs Sarah Catherine Mary Shilson, JP[30]
  • Christopher Borg Cardona[48]
  • Franco Caruana[48]
  • Dr Mohamed Farooq Chaudhry[48]
  • Brian Philip Cranmer[48]
  • Andrew Grech[48]
  • Noel Grixti D’Amato[48]
  • Jonathan Paul Knight[48]
  • Alex Odhiambo Ouma[48]
  • Andrew Pizzuto[48]
  • Andrico Regardo Stephanus[48]
  • Brendan Laurence Voigt[48]
  • George Thomas Woods[48]
  • Mrs Theresa Debarro[48]
  • Dr Zipporah Njeri Gathuya[48]
  • Miss Dorothy Lefela Matsho[48]
  • Mrs Zulfah Mohamed[48]


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