2016 São Toméan presidential election

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2016 São Toméan presidential election

← 2011 17 July 2016 (first round)
7 August 2016 (second round)
2021 →
Turnout64.31% (first round)
46.06% (second round)
  Evaristo Carvalho 2016.jpg Manuel Pinto da Costa.jpg
Nominee Evaristo Carvalho Manuel Pinto da Costa
Party ADI Independent
Popular vote 41,820 Boycotted
Percentage 100%

São Toméan presidential election, 2016 Map.png
Presidential election results map. Yellow denotes provinces won by Carvalho, and Grey denotes those won by Pinto da Costa.

President before election

Manuel Pinto da Costa

Elected President

Evaristo Carvalho

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Presidential elections were held in São Tomé and Príncipe on 17 July 2016.[1] Initial results suggested Evaristo Carvalho of Independent Democratic Action had been elected in the first round of voting, defeating incumbent President Manuel Pinto da Costa;[2] however, the results was subsequently annulled, necessitating a second round between Carvalho and Pinto da Costa,[3] which was held on 7 August.[4] However, Pinto da Costa boycotted the second round after claiming the first round had been fraudulent,[5] meaning Carvalho was elected unopposed.[6]

Electoral system[edit]

The President of São Tomé and Príncipe is elected using the two-round system.[7] If no candidate received more than 50% of the vote, a run-off between the top two candidates.


There were five candidates, including incumbent President Manuel Pinto da Costa,[8] two former prime ministers, Evaristo Carvalho from Independent Democratic Action and Maria das Neves from the MLSTP/PSD, as well as two independents.

Carvalho stood as the candidate of the ruling ADI, the party of Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada. Carvalho was initially declared the winner in the first round with slightly more than 50% of the vote, but Carvalho's score was subsequently adjusted downward to 49.88%, necessitating a second round against President Pinto da Costa. However, Pinto da Costa refused to participate in the second round, alleging fraud and calling for a boycott.[9]


Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Evaristo Carvalho Independent Democratic Action 34,522 49.88 41,820 100
Manuel Pinto da Costa Independent 17,188 24.84
Maria das Neves MLSTP/PSD 16,828 24.31
Manuel do Rosário Independent 478 0.69
Hélder Barros Independent 194 0.28
Invalid/blank votes 2,314 9,406
Total 71,524 100 51,226 100
Registered voters/turnout 111,222 64.31 111,222 46.06
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