Marc Cavell (artist)

Marc Cavell was a British painter and kinetic artist. Cavell was born on 8 November 1911 in England into a Jewish family, he died in May 1989 in Paris. The work of Marc Cavell is unique in the use of raw materials to create the illusion of movement by multiple sets of lights, transparency effects, reflections. Having been influenced by Paul Cézanne, Cavell explored post-cubism methods and experimented with various materials. In 1950, he discovered distinctive artistic possibilities in movement. Cavell began his studies at the Central School of Crafts in London, he left England in 1930 to go to Paris, where he joined the Académie Ranson. In 1948, under the tutelage of Albert Gleizes, Cavell participated in artistic research in the workshop of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. In 1950, he exhibited at Nîmes, the Visconti gallery in Paris, the Salon des Independants displaying cubist paintings. Open to other forms of art, on Pablo Picasso’s advice he began to work on other surfaces such as textiles and ceramics.

During this period, he was commissioned to participate in the decoration of Normandy and the French Embassy in Helsinki. From 1955 to 1968, he conducted research and experiments on movement, his works drew their inspiration from the balance of the formal structures of Futurism. Marc Cavell, l'illusionniste Les symphonies de lumière de Marc Cavell French Artnet Christies Art Auctions

Eron Falbo

Eron Falbo is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and musician who has traveled and played internationally. He lived part of his childhood in the United States and spent time studying in Switzerland before living in Paris, Buenos Aires and most Budapest, he began his career in music as a DJ and played guitar and sang in a cover band, performing shows on cruises. Falbo traveled to the United States in 2009 and contacted Bob Johnston to produce an album for him. Johnston agreed and produced Falbo's 2013 album 73; the first batch of songs on the album were recorded in Nashville with a band assembled by Johnston including drummer Paul Leim, bassist David Hungate, guitarist Kerry Marx and pianist Shane Keister. Falbo traveled to London where he recorded the remainder of the album at Konk Studios; when asked about producing the album for Falbo, Johnston stated, "The people I choose are destined for greatness and Eron Falbo is unique in our generation." 2012, The Night 2011, Beat The Drums 2013, 73 Eron Falbo Official Website