43rd Chess Olympiad

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43rd Chess Olympiad
Chess Olympiad 2018 official logo.png
Logo of the 43rd Chess Olympiad
Website http://batumi2018.fide.com
Dates run 23 Sep –6 Oct 2018
Location Batumi, Georgia

The 43rd Chess Olympiad, organised by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) and comprising open[1] and women's tournaments, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, will be held in Batumi, Georgia, from 23 September to 6 October 2018.[2][3] The Georgian Chess Federation also hosted the Chess World Cup 2017 in Tbilisi.[4] The proposed budget for both events exceeds 20 million USD.[5]

Bidding process[edit]

At the 85th FIDE Congress held during the 41st Chess Olympiad, FIDE received bids to host the 2017 World Cup and 2018 Olympiad from the national federations of Georgia and South Africa.[6] South Africa proposed Sun City and Durban as venues, while Georgia proposed Tbilisi and Batumi respectively.[7] Although Garry Kasparov expressed support for the South African bid during his FIDE presidential campaign,[8] Georgia's bid won, receiving 93 votes to South Africa's 58.[9]


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