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Digital Automated Identification System

Digital automated identification system is an automated species identification system optimised for the rapid screening of invertebrates by non-experts. It was developed by Dr. Mark O'Neill during the mid-1990s. Development was supported by funding from the Darwin Initiative in 1997 and BBSRC; the intellectual property rights were acquired by O'Neill's company, Tumbling Dice Ltd, in February 2000 at the end of the grant funded Darwin Project. The system underwent further development resulting in an producing an exemplar, web accessible and which can cope in near real time with groups which contain several hundred taxa. On medium to high end PC server hardware an identification is possible in under a second for a 300 taxon group. Parallelisation of the critical DAISY classifier codes will give an order of magnitude increase in performance; this means that DAISY can be deployed to make real time identifications within groups containing thousands of taxa. DAISY has been used in several research projects by O'Neill and others, featured in popular science TV and magazine articles.

The project has been the subject of a recent article in Science. In 2011, the first DAISY installation capable of scaling to hundreds of taxa was installed at Natural History Museum in London; this server offered both VNC and web service based interfaces and was able to offload compute intensive pattern matching operations onto an NVIDIA GPU programmed using CUDA. This installation was capable of providing identification to species given a 300+ taxon dataset in less than a second in a multiple user environment. More under the aegis of Innovate UK funding, DAISY has been extensively modified to meet the needs of upstream activities within the oil and gas sector, in particular biostratigraphy; the resultant system, GeoDAISY represents a significant technological advance. It is capable of deep learning, knowledge encapsulation, pattern based data mining and content search and can efficiently handle training sets consisting of millions of patterns on commodity hardware using a combination of smart data caching and OpenMP.

Further details of GeoDAISY, the rationale for developing it are available as white papers on the Tumbling Dice LinkedIn page. Leafsnap iPflanzen PlantNet Plants Plantifier NatureGate Official website Natural History Museum DAISY page

Flubber (material)

Flubber, Glurch, or Slime are common names referring to a rubbery polymer formed by cross-linking of polyvinyl alcohol with a boron compound. Flubber can be made from polyvinyl-acetate-based adhesives, such as Elmer's Glue, Baking soda, Shaving cream and borax as an elementary science education experiment; the gelation process entails formation of a borate ester that crosslinks the chains of the PVA. Borate esters form by condensation of hydroxyl groups and the B-OH groups. Flubber is a non-Newtonian fluid that flows under low stress, but breaks under higher stresses and pressures; this combination of fluid-like and solid-like properties makes it a Maxwell solid. Its behavior can be described as being viscoplastic or gelatinous. Silly Putty Gunge Nickelodeon compounds Slime

Dale Blaney

Dale Blaney is a race car driver and former college basketball player. Blaney was a basketball star for West Virginia University, he averaged 12.3 points a game. He had several honors, including the Atlantic 10 all-rookie team, all-tournament team, all-conference team, player of the week on December 1, 1985, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1986, but quit before the 1986–87 season started so he could focus on racing as a career. In 1989 he played for the Youngstown Pride of the World Basketball League. Blaney is a six-time champion of the All Star Circuit of Champions and, July 2019, has recorded 137 career victories with the series, he has 11 victories with the World of Outlaws, the top touring series in sprint car racing. Blaney was born in Hartford, Ohio on January 30, 1964, he is the brother of former WOO and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Dave Blaney and uncle of Ryan Blaney. He has two daughters and Ashley. Dale Blaney driver statistics at Racing-Reference

Thiruchendur Murugan temple

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to lord Murugan situated in Tamil Nadu, India. The puranic name or historical name for this temple is Jayanthipuram; this temple is the fourth Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu to get ISO certification. It is located in the eastern end of the town Thiruchendur in the district of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India, it is 40 km from Tuticorin and 75 km north-east of Kanyakumari. The temple complex is on the shores of Bay of Bengal. Temple is open from 5 AM to 9 PM Tiruchendur Murugan Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Muruga at the site of the battle, it is one of sacred temples, of the Kaumaram religion. Soorasamharam, a reenactment of the victory over Soorapadman, Kanda Shasti, a devotional song in praise of Lord Muruga are performed at the temple. Tiruchendur means beautiful town in Tamil; the temple is dedicated to the warrior deity and second son of Shiva. When Muruga came here for the conquest along with his army, he found it to be small and ordered the celestial architect Viswakarma to expand it.

The town came to be know with several names like Tiruchendil, Jayanthipuram and Srisandhinagaram. It is believed to be the place, it is believed that the demigods of Muruga wanted to worship him in a place where there was a mountainous tract and river and hence Tiruchendur was chosen. The temple, built near the seashore, measures 91 m north to south, 65 m east to west, has a seven-tier gopuram, or tower gate, 42 m high; the principal entrance faces south, opens into the first of two prakarams, the first of, lined with rows of Yalis. The inner sanctum of the temple is in a cave and the main deity, or moolavar, is Murugan as a saintly child, portrayed in a granite carving. Naazhi Kinaru, a sacred well fed by a freshwater spring, is located 100 m south of the temple. Devotees undergo a ritual cleansing by bathing in water from the well after bathing in the ocean; the Murugan temple at Thiruchendur was occupied by the Dutch East India company from 1646 to 1648, during the course of their war with the Portuguese.

The local people tried to free their temple, with no success. The Dutch vacated the temple on orders from the Naik ruler. However, while leaving, they removed the idol of the main deity of the temple, took it with them. During their way in sea, they encountered a strong storm and realised their mistake of stealing the idol, they seen the storm stopped immediately. Lord Senthil Aandavan appeared in a dream to Vadamaliyappa Pillai, an ardent devotee of Muruga, revealed the place in the sea where the idol had been abandoned. Vadamlaiyappa Pillai and Athitha Nadar, a sponsor of services in the Thiruchendur temple, went to the spot in a fishing boat and retrieved the idol in 1653; the story is shown in paintings inside the temple. Official --- Website


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