64th Venice International Film Festival

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64th Venice International Film Festival
Festival poster
Location Venice, Italy
Founded 1932
Awards Golden LionSe, Jie
Silver LionI'm Not There
and La graine et le mulet
Festival date 29 August – 8 September 2007
Website Website
Venice Film Festival chronology

The 64th annual Venice International Film Festival, held in Venice, Italy, opened on August 29, 2007, with Joe Wright's Atonement and closed September 8, 2007. Host of the event was Italian actress Ambra Angiolini, the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to American director Tim Burton. Once again all the films running the contest were shown for the first time as world premieres in keeping with the festival tradition since the Second World War.[1][2]


The international juries of the 64th Venice International Film Festival were composed as follows:[3]

Official section jury[edit]

"Orizzonti" section jury[edit]

"Premio Venezia Opera Prima Luigi De Laurentiis" section jury[edit]

"Corto Cortissimo" section jury[edit]

Main sections[edit]

Nominated films are in alphabetical order by the name of the director.

In competition[edit]

International competition of full-length films in 35mm and digital format running for Golden Lion for best picture.

Out of competition[edit]

Shown below are new works by authors who were honored in past festivals, as well as movies shown in the midnight time band.

Venezia Maestri[edit]

Midnight out of competition[edit]


New trends of cinema with full-length films in 35mm and digital format, and documentary-movies.

Evento Orizzonti

Retrospective and restoration[edit]

Italian film's secret story: Western all'italiana[edit]

Special monographic sessions dedicated to the secret story of Italian cinema, this is the fourth part of the retrospective, initiated at the 61st edition of the festival; the patron of this edition, focused on Italian Spaghetti Western, was the director Quentin Tarantino.


Intolerance (1916), David Wark Griffith


Official Selection[edit]

Horizons - 'Premio orrizonti'[edit]

Venetian prize for the first work "Luigi De Laurentiis"[edit]

  • Leone del futuro (Lion of the future) - Venetian prize for the first work "Luigi De Laurentiis": La Zona by Rodrigo Plá


The prize awarded to Cate Blanchett was received by Heath Ledger on behalf of the actress, who could not be present.


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