7th Alpini Regiment

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Coat of Arms of the 7th Alpini Regiment
Alpini of the 7th Alpini during the Falzarego 2011 exercise
Alpini of the 7th Alpini during the Falzarego 2011 exercise
Alpini of the 7th Alpini during the Falzarego 2011 exercise

The 7th Alpini Regiment (Italian: 7° Reggimento Alpini) is a light Infantry regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in mountain combat. The Alpini are a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army, that distinguished itself in combat during World War I and World War II.

World War I[edit]

During World War I the regiment consisted of 10 battalions and saw heavy fighting in the Alps against Austria’s Kaiserjäger and Germany’s Alpenkorps. The battalions of the regiment in these days were (pre-war raised units in bold, followed by their first and second line reserve battalions):

  • Nappina bianca.png Feltre, Val Cismon, Monte Pavione
  • Nappina rossa.png Pieve di Cadore, Val Piave, Monte Antelao
  • Nappina verde.png Belluno, Val Cordevole, Monte Pelmo, Monte Marmolada, Uork Amba

Current structure[edit]

The regiment is part of the Alpine Brigade Julia and based in the city of Belluno.

  • CoA mil ITA rgt alpini 007.png Regimental Command
    • Nappina blu - Regimental supports.png Command and Logistic Support Company "La cacao"
    • Nappina bianca.png Alpini Battalion Feltre
      • Nappina bianca.png 64th Alpini Company "La Crodarola"
      • Nappina bianca.png 65th Alpini Company "La Manilla"
      • Nappina bianca.png 66th Alpini Company "El camors"
      • Nappina bianca.png 125th Maneuver Support Company "La tonante"


The Alpini companies are equipped with Bv 206S tracked all-terrain carriers, Puma 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers and Lince light multirole vehicles. The maneuver support company company is equipped with 120mm mortars and Spike MR anti-tank guided missiles.

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