Agathocles of Syracuse

Agathocles was a Greek tyrant of Syracuse and self-styled king of Sicily. Agathocles was born at Thermae Himeraeae in Sicily; the son of a potter who had moved to Syracuse in about 343 BC, he learned his father's trade, but afterwards entered the army along with his brother Antander. In 333 BC he married the widow of a distinguished and wealthy citizen, he was twice banished for attempting to overthrow the oligarchical party in Syracuse. In 317 BC he returned with an army of mercenaries under a solemn oath to observe the democratic constitution, established after they took the city. Having massacred the oligarchs and the richest of the citizenry, he thus made himself master of Syracuse, he created a strong army and fleet and subdued the greater part of Sicily. War with Carthage followed. In 311 BC Agathocles was besieged in Syracuse. In 310 BC he made a desperate effort to attack the enemy in Africa. In 309/8 BC, Agathocles turned his attention towards Ophellas, ruler of Cyrenaica as to prove a useful ally in his war against the Carthaginians.

In order to gain him over he promised to cede to him whatever conquests their combined forces might make in Africa, reserving to himself only the possession of Sicily. Ophellas gathered a powerful army from the homeland of his wife Euthydike, where many citizens felt disgruntled after having lost their voting rights. Notwithstanding all the natural obstacles which presented themselves on his route, Ophellas succeeded in reaching the Carthaginian territories after a toilsome and perilous march of more than two months' duration, he was received by Agathocles with every demonstration of friendship, the two armies encamped near each other: but not many days had elapsed when Agathocles betrayed his new ally, attacked the camp of the Cyrenaeans, had Ophellas himself killed. The Cyrenean troops, left without a leader, went over to Agathocles. Following several victories he was at last defeated and fled secretly to Sicily. After concluding peace with Carthage in 306 BC, Agathocles styled himself king of Sicily in 304 BC, established his rule over the Greek cities of the island more than ever.

A peace treaty with Carthage left him in control of Sicily east of the Halycus River. In his old age he displayed the same restless energy, is said to have been contemplating a fresh attack on Carthage at the time of his death, his last years were plagued by ill-health and the turbulence of his grandson Archagathus, at whose instigation he is said to have been poisoned. He was a born leader of mercenaries, although he did not shrink from cruelty to gain his ends, he afterwards showed himself a mild and popular "tyrant". Agathocles restored the Syracusan democracy on his death bed and did not want his sons to succeed him as king. Agathocles was married three times, his first wife was the widow of his patron Damas by whom he had two sons: Archagathus and his brother, who were both murdered in 307 BC. His second wife was Alcia and they had a daughter called Lanassa, who married as the second wife of King Pyrrhus of Epirus, a son, murdered in a succession dispute shortly before his father's death.

His third wife was the Greek Ptolemaic Princess Theoxena, the second daughter of Berenice I from her first husband Philip and was a stepdaughter of Ptolemy I Soter. Theoxena bore Agathocles two children: Archagathus and Theoxena. Theoxena survived Agathocles, he had further descendants from his third marriage. Agathocles was cited as an example "Of Those Who By Their Crimes Come to Be Princes" in Chapter VIII of Niccolò Machiavelli's treatise on politics - The Prince, he was described as behaving as a criminal at every stage of his career. Machiavelli claimed: Agathocles, the Sicilian, became King of Syracuse not only from a private but from a low and abject position; this man, the son of a potter, through all the changes in his fortunes always led an infamous life. He accompanied his infamies with so much ability of mind and body that, having devoted himself to the military profession, he rose through its ranks to be Praetor of Syracuse. Machiavelli goes on to reason that Agathocles' success, in contrast to other criminal tyrants, was due to his ability to commit his crimes and ruthlessly, states that cruelties are best used when they are applied at one blow and are necessary to one's security, that are not persisted in afterwards unless they can be turned to the advantage of the subjects.

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Danny Pintauro

Danny Pintauro is an American actor and film producer, best known for his role as Jonathan Bower on the popular American sitcom Who's the Boss? as well as his role in the 1983 film Cujo. Pintauro was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the son of John J. Pintauro, a manager and Margaret L. Pintauro, an agent. Pintauro first appeared on the television soap opera. After this, he played Tad in the film Cujo, he first came to prominence on the television series Who's the Boss?. After the series ended, he was less cast. Pintauro went on to act in stage productions like The Velocity of Mommie Queerest, he appeared as a contestant on a special TV child stars episode of The Weakest Link in 2001 where he got voted off in round 4. Pintauro worked as a Tupperware sales representative and a restaurant manager in Las Vegas. Pintauro and his husband relocated to Austin, Texas in 2016; as of May 2019, Pintauro is working as a vet tech at Austin Pets Alive. Pintauro was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the son of John J. Pintauro, a manager, Margaret L..

In 1994 he took time off from professional acting and attended Middlesex County College in Edison, New Jersey, Stanford University to study English and theater. In 1997, the National Enquirer tabloid outed him as gay. In April 2013 he was engaged to his boyfriend, Wil Tabares, they married in April 2014. Pintauro revealed in 2015 that he was HIV positive, having contracted the virus as the result of unsafe oral sex in 2003, he disclosed that he had been addicted to methamphetamine. Danny Pintauro on IMDb

Kim Bo-reum

Kim Bo-reum is a South Korean speed skater. She is the current South Korean record holder in the women's long track speed skating 3000 and 5000 metres, she is specialises in the women's mass start. Kim started short track speed skating as a child. In 2007, at the age of 14, she was selected for the South Korean national junior team and won the gold medal in the women's 2000 metre relay at the Asian Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships. At the end of April 2010, Kim turned to long track speed skating after being inspired by compatriot Lee Seung-hoon, who had switched formats and medalled at the 2010 Winter Olympics, she won her first major medal at the 2011 Asian Winter Games, with a silver in the women's 3000 metres and placed fourth in the women's 5000 metres. At the 2013 World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships, Kim won bronze in the women's team pursuit with Noh Seon-yeong and Park Do-yeong, she placed 11th in the women's 1500 metres and 9th in the women's 3000 metres. That year, she participated at the 2013 Winter Universiade, winning gold in the women's 1500 metres and women's team pursuit, as well as silver in the women's 3000 metres and women's 5000 metres.

A few months she finished 21st in the women's 1500 metres and 13th in the women's 3000 metres at the 2014 Winter Olympics. The South Korean women's team pursuit team of Kim, Noh Seon-yeong and Yang Shin-young finished last of eight at the Games, she tore her anterior cruciate ligament during the women's 5000 metres, restricting her appearances for the rest of the season. After a disappointing performance at the 2015 World Championships, Kim came back with a new national record of 7:05.55 for the women's 5000 metres during the 2015–16 ISU Speed Skating World Cup. At the 2016 World Championships, Kim won silver in the women's mass start and placed 7th in the women's 3000 metres, she bettered that result at the 2017 World Championships by winning gold in the women's mass start and placing 6th in the women's 3000 metres with a new national record time of 4:03.85. She was part of the South Korean women's team pursuit team with Noh Seon-yeong and Park Ji-woo, which finished 5th. At the 2017 Asian Winter Games, Kim won gold in the women's 5000 metres, silver in the women's 3000 metres and the women's team pursuit, a bronze in the women's mass start.

At the 2018 Winter Olympics, Kim placed 18th in the women's 3000 metres. After failing to make the semi-finals in the women's team pursuit, Kim gave a television interview where she attributed Noh Seon-yeong for the loss, saying "We were skating well, but the last skater couldn't keep up and we had a disappointing score." Her teammate Park Ji-woo added "It wasn't that we didn't think this would happen with Seon-young... " Both skaters faced an immediate backlash, with viewers supporting online petitions demanding their removal from the team. Reports stated that Noh had not been invited to participate in of the team's pre-Olympics training sessions, that Kim and Park had left Noh behind during the race. Sportswear clothing brand NEPA, which had sponsored Kim, announced they would not be extending their contract with her following backlash on their website and social media. Kim made a public apology for the incident. Kim Bo-reum at the International Skating Union Kim Bo-reum at International Olympic Committee Kim Bo-reum at Olympic Channel Kim Bo-reum at Olympics at Kim Bo-reum in Kim Bo-reum at Kim Bo-reum at