Bark Seghiri

Bark Seghiri is a French-born Algerian football player who last played as a defender for Panserraikos in the Greek Football League. He started his career at FC Istres in France, he had played for ES Wasquehal, Iraklis in Greece and APOEL in Cyprus. During his spell with APOEL, he won 1 Cup and 1 Super Cup. Seghiri represented France at the Under-18 level. However, being of Algerian origin, he was pre-selected four times by the Algerian National Team but never received a full call-up. APOEL Cypriot League: 22006-07, 2008-09Cypriot Cup: 12008Cypriot Super Cup: 12008 Stats

Zao (American band)

Zao is an American metalcore band from Parkersburg, West Virginia. Founded in March 1993, Zao has hosted several musicians and endured numerous roster changes to the point where no original members remain. Former drummer Jesse Smith, singer Dan Weyandt, guitarists Scott Mellinger and Russ Cogdell are seen by some fans as the "core" of Zao, with the current line up being the longest running in the band's history. For a time, the band featured Christian themes in their music and was regarded as a Christian band, however this theme was met with debate among the members and the band no longer considers themselves a "Christian band" with only bassist Martin Lunn identifying as a Christian. To date, Zao has released 11 full-length albums, 9 EPs or splits, a two-disc DVD documentary and embarked on numerous concert tours, garnering a limited but global fan base and earning critical praise in the process; the founding members of Zao, were vocalist Eric Reeder, guitarist Roy Goudy, bassist Mic Cox, drummer Jesse Smith.

The band's name comes from the Greek word, which means "alive" or "to have life". Zao vocalist Eric Reeder has been credited with coming up with the band's name. Calling their sound "Christ-centered hardcore", they sought to reach an audience that they felt has been pushed away from the organized church. Most of their early songs, which appeared on their first two full-length albums, All Else Failed and The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation, contained explicit references to God and centered on the theme of the peace of God. Reeder left before Zao recorded All Else Failed and was replaced by Shawn Jonas, who went on to form Symphony in Peril. Jonas left the band after recording two albums and is now a youth pastor at New Life Church in West Virginia. Ron Gray joined the band as a second guitarist after the recording of The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation. All of the band members, except for drummer Jesse Smith, quit Zao following the 1997 Cornerstone festival and a couple of shows they played on the way back home.

In 1998, Smith recruited Brett Detar, guitarist of Pennsylvania emocore band Pensive, to help him build a new incarnation of Zao. Detar suggested a pair of his friends, guitarist Russ Cogdell and enigmatic writer / poet Dan Weyandt. Both Cogdell and Weyandt had played in Christian hardcore band Seasons in the Field, who had released a split EP with Pensive. Smith would drive several hours to Greensburg, where all these new members lived, to co-write and rehearse what would become the first album from the new Zao, Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest; the group played fewer songs from the old version of the band as Blood and Fire took hold. They toured without a bassist and set stages ablaze with their raw emotion and Weyandt's personal storytelling, which detailed the hardships that informed their songs. With a rockabilly look and Smith's oddly engaging habit of setting up his drums facing away from the audience, their live reputation grew large in the underground. Not long after recording their half of a split EP with labelmates Training for Utopia in California, Detar left the group in 1999 to focus his energy on his rock side-project The Juliana Theory, who would sign to Sony and have a successful career before disbanding in 2006.

Scott Mellinger joined the band on lead guitar, Rob Horner came in on bass, before the recording of another landmark metalcore album, Liberate Te Ex Inferis. Cogdell left the band in 2000 to go to film school. Mellinger and Smith wrote and recorded all of the music for Zao's fifth album titled, with Dan coming by for a few days to contribute his lyrics and vocals; the album is notable for Smith's dark pop interludes, the V-Drum sound and the song "Five Year Winter", which remains a signature Zao song. Corey Darst replaced Weyandt for the majority of the touring in support of the album, with Horner returning, second guitarist Matt Auxier joining up. Darst never appeared on a Zao album although this version of the group did cut a three-song demo during a Seattle tour stop; the group talked about signing with either Sanctuary or Century Media Records, but Zao "broke up" on stage at a December 2001 show in Pittsburgh. They were to embark on a tour with The Juliana Theory and Weyandt had joined Darst onstage as a special guest, but an incapacitated Jesse Smith couldn't make it through the show and long-brewing tensions boiled over.

Solid State / Tooth & Nail funded the next Zao projects: a brand new album that featured just Smith and Weyandt called Parade of Chaos, as well as a re-recording of the original Zao's All Else Failed played by the same trio. In the documentary The Lesser Lights of Heaven, the band disavowed the re-recording, admitting they did it because they were broke and needed to fulfill their record contract with Solid State. Weyandt, Smith and a returning Cogdell set-out on the "Burn It Down and Walk Away Tour", billed as Zao's "final" tour, with support from special guests Underoath, Dead Poetic, The Underwater. Although technically a tour in support of "Parade of Chaos" as well, no songs from the album were featured in the set-list. After the 2002 tour, the group's members focused on other projects, most notably Cogdell and Mellinger's more rock-oriented Jade Meridian and Horner's two-year stint with the Wheeling, West Virginia