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Departure Songs

Departure Songs is the sixth studio album by American ambient/post-rock band Hammock. It was released on October 2012 by the band's own label, Hammock Music. Departure Songs was met with positive critical reception. John Diliberto, the host of Echoes, named Departure Songs the No. 1 album of the year for 2012 in his annual year-end "Top 10 Albums" list. Elizabeth Klisiewicz, writing for The Headphone Commute, stated that "Hammock go massive as they meditate on grand themes of death and loss, their music larger, more expansive." Jordan Dowling at described the album as ``. Every disparate strand and sound conjured over the past eight years is no longer separated by song or by album, but layered on top of each other on a release that encompasses and near enough perfects the depth and breadth of the Nashville duo's back-catalogue." Matt Gilley at Fluid Radio posited that the album is "probably the closest thing to an ambient/post-rock opera anyone has written, if anyone is going to write one, it’ll be Hammock."

Ned Raggett noted in his review for AllMusic that "if Hammock's fifth album is something of an extension and consolidation of their past work... it's a flat-out triumphant one." The additional artwork featured a theatre, with posters on the windows displaying the words "Chansons de Départ", French for "Departure Songs". All tracks are written by Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson

Virginio Simonelli

Virginio Simonelli known as Virginio, is an Italian pop singer. He made his debut in 2006 in the Sanremo Festival's New Proposals category with the song Davvero. In 2011 he won the tenth edition of the Italian singing competition Amici di Maria De Filippi in the singers-songwriters category, he sold 30,000 copies of his records. As a child Virginio showed a natural predisposition to music; as a teenager he learned to play the piano, to sing and to compose his first songs experimenting with dancing and acting. After graduating from the Gobetti High School of his hometown, Fondi, he moved to Milan. There, he enrolled in the Nuova Accademia Delle Belle Arti, where he graduated in Graphic Design And Art Direction, getting in touch with producers Paolo Agosta and Ivo Grasso, with whom he began collaborating. In 2006 he took part in the 56th Sanremo Music Festival in the category New Proposals with a song written by him, Davvero that anticipated his first album Virginio, produced by Ivo Grasso and Fabrizio Grenghi.

The album contains ten tracks and the lyrics were written by the singer along with Paolo Agosta, who composed the music. The second single Instabile was released in the third one Novembre in October. In 2010 he made his first experience as an author, writing with Paola & Chiara the tracks Milleluci and Adesso Stop!, of which he composed the music, contained in their album Milleluci. In September 2010 Virginio passed the selections of the tenth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi. During the contest Virginio presented Ad Occhi Chiusi, Non Ha Importanza and Dolcenotte and won the competition in March 2011. On March 8, 2011, he published his second studio album Finalmente promoted by the singles Ad occhi chiusi and Sale; the album sold over 30,000 copies and it was certified gold and therefore awarded at the Wind Music Awards. On March 26, 2012, Virginio published his third album "Ovunque", featuring the singles Alice and La Dipendenza and a song, Catch Me, that Gary Barlow, leader of Take That, gave to Virginio, who translated it into Italian with the title Tu Mi Senti.

From March 31, 2012 Virginio attended the eleventh edition of Amici in a special contest, called Big, where former contestants of previous editions of the show challenged each other, but Virginio was eliminated during the 3rd episode. Beside being a singer-songwriter, Virginio is a well-known author. In 2012, he was the author of Francesca Michielin's "Riflessi di Me", in 2013 he wrote for and with Laura Pausini the international hits "Dove Resto Solo Io" and "Limpido", the first single featuring Kylie Minogue of her 20 - The Greatest Hits. In 2014, Virginio wrote for Chiara Galiazzo "Qualcosa Resta Sempre". In 2015, again with Laura Pausini, he wrote "Como Yo Sabría", the first single of Maverick, finalist of the third edition of The Voice Spain, in the team led by the Emilian singer. In 2015 Virginio wrote for Raf "Qualcosa Resta Sempre" and in 2016 "Weird" for Lorenzo Fragola. In 2017 he worked again with Chiara Galiazzo, writing "Chiaroscuro". At the same time Virginio continues working on his fourth album.

During a trip in the United States, between New York City and San Francisco, he met authors Dimitri Ehrlich and Andy Marvel. Together they wrote his new single, published on October 2, 2015. On the same day, the video of the song was published on Virginio's VEVO. 2006 - Virginio 2011 - Finalmente 2012 - Ovunque 2011 - Amici 10 2006 - Davvero 2006 - Instabile 2006 - Novembre 2011 - Ad occhi chiusi 2011 - Sale 2012 - Alice 2012 - La Dipendenza 2015 - Hercules 2018 - Semplifica 2018 - Rischiamo tutto 2006: Davvero 2006: Instabile 2011: Ad occhi chiusi 2011: Sale 2012: Alice 2012: La Dipendenza 2015: Hercules 2011 Finalmente Tour 2012 Ovunque Tour 2017 Acoustic Live Tour 2011 Nokia Amici in Tour Sete di Radio Tour Radio Bruno estate tour Radionorba Battiti Live Company Contatto


KEYC-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 12, is a dual CBS/Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Mankato, United States and serving southwestern Minnesota. Owned by Gray Television, it is a sister station to low-powered, dual NBC/CW+ affiliate KMNF-LD; the two stations share studios on Lookout Drive in North Mankato and transmitter facilities near Lewisville, Minnesota. On cable, KEYC-TV's primary CBS feed can be seen on Charter Spectrum channel 10 and Consolidated Communications channel 12; the Mankato market is within reach of some television stations based in the Twin Cities. CBS owned-and-operated station WCCO-TV has an over-the-air signal that reaches just short of Mankato proper. However, the station is offered locally on Spectrum channel 4. Due to the cable presence of WCCO, KEYC can invoke the FCC's network non-duplication rule resulting in Spectrum blacking out programming from the former during network shows. WCCO's newscasts and some of its syndicated programs can be seen, however.

KEYC-TV signed on October 5, 1960, just in time to broadcast the first game of the World Series that night from NBC. It was owned by Lee Enterprises which started nearby KGLO-TV in Mason City, Iowa. Less than a year KEYC switched its affiliation to CBS, maintained to this day. Lee Enterprises, intending to purchase KOIN-TV in Portland, was forced to sell KEYC to United Communications in 1977 due to ownership limits imposed by the FCC. During UPN's existence, the station carried some of that network's programming through a secondary arrangement. KEYC was a major beneficiary of an exception to the FCC's "2½ + 1" plan for allocating VHF television bandwidth. In the early days of broadcast television, there were twelve VHF channels available, 69 UHF channels; the VHF bands were more desirable because signals broadcasting on that band traveled a longer distance. Because there were only twelve VHF channels available, there were limitations as to how the stations could be spaced. With the release of the FCC's Sixth Report and Order in 1952, the Commission outlined a new allocation table for VHF licenses and opened up the UHF band.

Through these initiatives all of the United States would be able to receive two commercial VHF channels plus one non-commercial allocation. Most of the rest of the country would be able to receive a third VHF channel. Other areas of the country would be designated as "UHF islands," since they were too close to larger cities for VHF service. However, what would become of the Mankato market was sandwiched between Minneapolis–Saint Paul to the north, Rochester to the east, Sioux Falls to the west, Des Moines to the southeast; this created a large "doughnut" in Mankato. KEYC was fortunate enough to gain that license, became the only affiliate of a major network to be based in Mankato. On July 1, 2007, the station signed-on a new second digital subchannel and brought Fox programming to the market for the first time. KEYC's broadcasts became digital-only effective June 12, 2009, it is the sole commercial station in the area that it serves, ranked as the 13th smallest out of 210 in the United States.

However, KEYC is not without significant competition because outlets from the Twin Cities, the 15th largest market, cover major news and weather events in the region. On February 8, 2019, Gray Television announced it was purchasing the United stations, including KEYC. In advance of the purchase, Gray assumed control of the station via a local marketing agreement on March 1. KEYC would be Gray's first station in Minnesota; the sale was completed on May 1. KEYC-DT2, branded on air as KEYC Fox, is the Fox-affiliated second digital subchannel of KEYC-TV, broadcasting in 720p high definition on virtual and VHF channel 12.2. On cable, the station can be seen on Charter Spectrum channel 19 and Consolidated Communications channel 13. Although the main over-the-air signal of KMSP-TV does not reach Mankato proper, it is simulcast over K35KI-D in nearby St. James through the local municipal-operated Cooperative TV network of translators. In November 2017, KEYC-DT2 was upgraded to 720p HD; the station's digital signal is multiplexed: KEYC-TV airs the entire CBS schedule but does not clear the CBS News program known as the CBS Overnight News.

KEYC did not air either of that program's predecessors: Up to the Minute from 1992 to 2015, or CBS News Nightwatch from 1982 to 1992. The station signs-off at around 1 each morning with cable viewers in Mankato and some surrounding areas receiving the CBS Overnight News from WCCO. KEYC is one of few broadcast stations to still sign-off nightly as opposed to on weekends, once a week, or not at all. Syndicated programming on KEYC-DT1 includes Wheel of Fortune, Live with Kelly and Ryan, Dr. Phil, The Ellen DeGeneres Show among others. Syndicated programming on KEYC-DT2 includes The Dr. Oz Show, Jeopardy!, The People's Court among others. KEYC-TV maintains a local focus such as through its production of the long-running music series Bandwagon. Another program that have aired throughout the station's history w


USS McAnn was a Cannon-class destroyer escort built for the United States Navy during World War II. She served in the Atlantic Ocean and provided escort service against submarine and air attack for Navy vessels and convoys. McAnn was named after Donald Roy McAnn who received the Navy Cross for his actions during the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands in 1942; the ship was laid down by Drydock Co.. Newark, New Jersey, on 17 May 1943. Charles F. Hooper in command; as Bauru she is preserved by the Brazilian Navy at Rio de Janeiro. After shakedown off Bermuda, McAnn operated along the east coast from Newport, Rhode Island, to Charleston, South Carolina, until 19 December 1943 when she departed Norfolk, Virginia, on a convoy escort run to the Panama Canal Zone, she reached Coco Solo on 26 December, thence sailed the 31st for duty out of Florida. Arriving there on 3 January 1944, she for the next several weeks with the Fleet Sound School and trained sailors in anti-submarine warfare techniques. Assigned to Escort Division 24, McAnn sailed for the Caribbean on 29 February.

Steaming via Trinidad, she joined Convoy TJ-25 on 5 March and screened the ships through stormy seas en route to Recife, Brazil. On the 15th she rescued the entire crew of 10 men from a B-17 Flying Fortress which had splashed off the Brazilian coast the day before. McAnn arrived Recife on 16 March. Between 2 and 12 April McAnn cruised to Trinidad in the screen of Convoy JT-27, during the next three months she completed three additional escort runs between the Caribbean and Brazil, she completed this duty on 12 July and four days departed Recife as screen for Memphis. She cruised the South Atlantic in search of German submarines until returning to Recife on 30 July. McAnn underwent an upkeep and steamed to Natal, arriving on 10 August 1944, she decommissioned there on 15 August and was transferred, under lend lease, to Brazil on the same date. She was commissioned in the Brazilian Navy on 16 August as Bracui, she served on loan with Brazilian Navy until 30 June 1953 when she was retransferred to Brazil, under the Mutual Defense Assistance Pact.

List of United States Navy ships This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. The entry can be found here. Photo gallery of USS McAnn at NavSource Naval History NGB - Contratorpedeiro de Escolta/Aviso Oceânico Bauru - Be 4/U-28/D-18

Missouri Collegiate Mathematics Competition

Missouri Collegiate Mathematics Competition is an annual undergraduate level mathematics competition in Missouri, United States since 1996. It is administered by the Missouri Section of the Mathematical Association of America. Participating colleges and universities can send up to each with 1 to 3 undergraduates. Team members of the same team are allowed to collaborate during the competition but no calculators are allowed. Unofficial teams will be allowed to compete, depending on the number of available spaces, but will not be eligible for awards; this competition has two sections. The first one on Thursday evening, the second one on Friday morning; the first place team receives a travelling trophy. Official website Training for Missouri Collegiate Mathematics Competition at St. Louis University Problem Archives Mathematics Competitions in Missouri