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Air taxi

An air taxi is a small commercial aircraft which makes short flights on demand. In 2001 air taxi operations were promoted in the United States by a NASA and aerospace industry study on the potential Small Aircraft Transportation System and the rise of light-jet aircraft manufacturing. Since 2016, air taxis have reemerged as part of the burgeoning field of personal air vehicles, such as passenger drones. In Canada, air taxi operations are regulated by Transport Canada under Canadian Aviation Regulation 703; the Canadian definition of air taxi includes all commercial single engined aircraft, multi-engined helicopters flown by day visual flight rules by one pilot and all multi-engined, non-turbo-jet aircraft, with a maximum take-off weight 8,618 kg or less and nine or fewer passenger seats, that are used to transport people or goods or for sightseeing. In the US, air taxi and air charter operations are governed by Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, unlike the larger scheduled air carriers which are governed by more stringent standards of FAR Part 121.

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Rembarrnga language

Rembarrnga is an Australian Aboriginal language. It is one of the Northern Non-Pama–Nyungan languages, spoken in the Roper River region of the Northern territory. There are three dialects of Rembarrnga, namely Galduyh and Mappurn, it is a endangered language, with few remaining fluent speakers. It is likely that the language is no longer being learned by children. Instead, the children of Rembarrnga speakers are now learning neighbouring languages such as Kriol in south central Arnhem Land, Kunwinjku, a dialect of Bininj Gunwok, in north central Arnhem Land. Fluent speakers of Rembarrnga live in the remote towns of Maningrida and Ramingining, in nearby outstations such as Borlkdjam and Malnyangarnak; some other communities associated with Rembarrnga are Ankebarrbirri, Barunga and Bulman. Neighbouring languages include Dalabon, Ngalakan and the Bininj Gunwok dialects Kunwinjku and Kune. Linguists who have worked with Rembarrnga speakers to produce language materials include Graham McKay, Carolyn Coleman and Adam Saulwick.

Principal works on Rembarrnga include a grammar, a dictionary and a learner's guide

Dashi Namdakov

Dashinima Balzhanovich Namdakov is a Russian sculptor and artist, member of the Russian Union of Artists. Dashi Namdakov was born in the Buryat village of Ukurik, Chita Oblast of Russia, on 16 February 1967, his full name is Dashinima which translates from Buryat as'Lucky Sun'. He was sixth of 8 children of Buda-Khanda Namdakov. Dashi's family have their roots in an respected clan of Darkhan blacksmiths. Only they were entrusted with working with fire - a sacred symbol of chosenness; such families have always produced the best craftsmen - jewellers and artists. Dashi began his apprenticeship in the art studio of Gennady Vasiliev, a Buryat sculptor, in Ulan-Ude. In 1988 Dashi started his studies at Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Fine Arts. Upon graduation in 1992, he returned to Ulan-Ude. In the 1990s, Dashi Namdakov opened a small jewelry workshop in Ulan-Ude, he reminisces how all proceeds from that venture, combined with a salary contribution from his wife who worked at Sberbank at the time, were spent on bronze.'Casting bronze is a complex technological process which cannot be performed on one's own and requires trained staff who need to be paid.

We would have had more sculptors among us had the process been made easier to set up.' In 2000, Dashi Namdakov had his first personal exhibition in Irkutsk Art Museum. The exhibition was a huge success with the public; some years he was invited to put on an exhibition in Moscow. As part of a group exhibition at the Central House of Artists, Dashi presented his works among other young Russian sculptors. Soon the public began to talk about Namdakov's art in the Russian capital, thus started real nomadic life for the artist - he moved to Moscow in 2004. Since 2000, the Buryat artist has held dozens of exhibitions around the world, from Tokyo and Beijing to New York and Los Angeles. Dashi has exhibited his work in musea - the State Hermitage Museum, the Beijing World Art Museum, in galleries – the Halcyon Gallery, the National Arts Club, has been involved in government-commissioned projects. Namdakov's artworks are kept in the vaults of the State Hermitage, the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg, the Museum of Oriental Art, in other musea around the world.

Among the renowned private collectors of works by Dashi are prominent figures from the worlds of politics and business, as well as private collectors from Germany, Belgium, Finland, the USA, and, of course, Russia. Cultural institutions of 25 countries are proud to own artworks by Namdakov in their funds. In April 2012, City of Westminster installed Dashi Namdakov's bronze Genghis Khan at Cumberland Gate, Marble Arch. On May 11, 2015 another statue, She-Guardian was installed on the same spot near Marble Arch. Personal website of Dashi Namdakov Dashi's Exhibition 75 pictures Bio of Dashi Namdakov on Halcyon Gallery's web-site BBC article on Genghis Khan Statue Installed in London


Anywayawanna is the debut album by English dance and electronic music group The Beatmasters, released in 1989 on the Rhythm King label. The album includes five singles: "Rok da House", featuring the Cookie Crew, "Burn It Up", featuring P. P. Arnold, "Who's in the House?", "Hey DJ/I Can't Dance to That Music You're Playing", which features Betty Boo, "Warm Love", featuring Claudia Fontaine. In a retrospective review for AllMusic, Keith Farley gave Anywayawanna four out of five stars, describing it as "a kinetic journey through sampledelic house" and "a great production with none of the wide-open gaps and overly raw grooves that characterize most British house of the day." "Who's in the House?" "Hey DJ/I Can't Dance to That Music You're Playing" "Burn It Up" "Warm Love" "Ska Train" "Rok da House" "Make Me Feel" "Don't Stop the Beat" "Midnight Girl" "Sarayet-Sayam Sembtaé" "Rok tha House" "Burn It Up" Tracks 11 and 12 appear on CD only Adapted from AllMusic. P. P. Arnold – guest artist, vocals Chris Ballin – background vocals The Beatmasters – primary artist, producer Betty Boo – guest artist, vocals Cookie Crew – guest artist Claudia Fontaine – vocals, background vocals Derek Green – background vocals Merlin – guest artist Geoff Peche – mastering Martin Rex – engineer Trevor Russell – vocals Barbara Snowtrumpet Mark "Spike" Stent – engineer Stephen Taylor – engineer Luke Tunney – trumpet Caron Wheeler – background vocals Anywayawanna at Discogs

2016 Hollywood Casino 400

The 2016 Hollywood Casino 400 was a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race held on October 16, 2016, at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas. Contested over 267 laps on the 1.5 mile intermediate speedway, it was the 31st race of the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, fifth race of the Chase and second race of the Round of 12. Kansas Speedway is a 1.5-mile tri-oval race track in Kansas. It was built in 2001 and it hosts two annual NASCAR race weekends; the Verizon IndyCar Series raced at here until 2011. The speedway is operated by the International Speedway Corporation. Kyle Busch was the fastest in the first practice session with a time of 27.750 and a speed of 194.595 mph. Matt Kenseth scored the pole for the race with a speed of 192.089 mph. After qualifying, Kenseth said. I feel like our qualifying hasn't been nearly as good this year as it has been in the rest of the years I've been at JGR. We got it -- it was by a thousandth, or something like that. Our Camrys have been fast … Round one we were pretty decent -- it was off a little bit -- and round three it was just right.

We got beat, but it was as good of a lap as we were going to run. They did a good job today."Kyle Busch, who qualified second, said his car "was pretty good. We felt pretty happy with it earlier today and through practice and having a fast car there. So, strong in showing the speed that we have. Just trying to mimic that here today in qualifying. I felt like we did a good job of that in the second round and I felt better about my lap in the third round but Matt was just able to get a little bit more out of it. Messed up a little bit just the way the car was balanced through 1 and 2 being prepared for it and being able to get the most out of it. I had to re-lift and get out of the gas in turn two so that’s where our time was." Paul Menard was the fastest in the second practice session with a time of 29.241 and a speed of 184.672 mph. Matt Kenseth was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 28.976 and a speed of 186.361 mph. Kurt Busch went to a backup car after he suffered a right-front tire blowout, spun out exiting turn 4 and damaged the front end of his car going through the infield grass.

Under sunny Kansas skies, Matt Kenseth led the field to the green flag at 2:34 p.m. Debris on the backstretch brought out the first caution of the race on lap 26. Brian Scott was sent to the tail end of the field on the restart for speeding on pit road; the race restarted on lap 31. The second caution flew for a three-car wreck in turn 4 involving Aric Almirola, David Ragan and Scott. Almirola went on to finish 40th; the race restarted on lap 42. The third caution of the race flew on lap 44 after Jamie McMurray suffered a right-front tire blowout and slammed the wall in turn 3 following contact with Alex Bowman in turn 2; the race restarted on lap 48. Green flag stops started on lap 83. Kenseth handed it to Joey Logano, he handed the lead to Brad Keselowski. He handed the lead to Denny Hamlin, he handed the lead to Casey Mears. He pitted on the lead cycled back to Kenseth. Martin Truex Jr., running in the top-10 and had a problem that prevented him from getting his car fueled up, made an unscheduled stop on lap 114.

Truex said after the race. It’s all you could do. We had a good car, it wasn’t great. We were too tight on the short runs to loose on the long runs and we battled the whole run just to try to be OK, and once we lost track position, that made everything worse and magnified it and just fought all day to get back where we were and pitted the last stop and only gave up a couple more spots and could never get it back.” Adding insult to injury, Josh Wise slammed the wall in turn 4 and brought out the fourth caution of the race. A. J. Allmendinger was sent to the tail end of the field on the restart for speeding on pit road; the race restarted on lap 121. Kevin Harvick worked by the outside of Kenseth on the frontstretch to take the lead on lap 128. After working on Harvick for 15 laps, Chase Elliott got a run on him going into turn 1 and took the lead on lap 169, he handed it to Carl Edwards. He pitted the lead cycled back to Elliott. However, he made an unscheduled stop for a left-rear tire rub; when asked what caused the tire rub, Elliott said.

I don't know if we got the left rear getting up on the race track, or something and it got into the fender and cut it down. I don't know what to do man, we were trying as hard. We had such a good car today again, and.... I don't know. Just keep after it and try to move on." The lead went to Edwards on lap 176. At the same time, Kyle Larson slammed the wall in turn 2 and brought out the fifth caution of the race; the race restarted on lap 184. The sixth caution flew with 77 laps to go after Keselowski got loose exiting turn 4, drove through the infield grass and destroyed the front-end of his car. Keselowski said after that he "got in the grass and tore the nose off. I could have raced a little bit less hard, but I don’t want to race like that. I want to race my guts out, I want to go for wins. I don’t want to points race. I don’t care what the damn format is, I’m going to go out and give it my best.”The race restarted with 69 laps to go. When Keselowski returned to the ra

Total Politics

Total Politics is a British political magazine described as "a lifestyle magazine for the political community". It was first published in June 2008, is distributed to all MPs, MEPs, political journalists, members of the Scottish and Northern Ireland assemblies, all senior councillors down to district level as well as being available by subscription and sold on newsstands; the magazine was created by the Conservative journalist Iain Dale and the political commentator and author Shane Greer. The two men launched Total Politics with some financial backing from the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Ashcroft, who in return owned a 25% stake in the parent company Biteback Media; the magazine claims to have a fundamental goal of being "unremittingly positive about the political process". In 2012, Biteback Media was acquired by Dods; each issue of Total Politics carries a set-piece ‘In Conversation’ interview with a senior figure from British politics. The interviews are presented in a question and answer format, with no interpretation or analysis".

In addition, the interviews include a mini-interview called the ‘Quick Fire’, published as a box-out and involves more light-hearted questions. Past interviewees have included: Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP Mayor of London Boris Johnson Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP Former Prime Minister David Cameron MP Labour Party Leader Harriet Harman MP Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone Former Liberal Democrat Leader Lord Ashdown Cherie Blair Secretary of State for Business and Skills Vince Cable Each year, Total Politics publishes the Guide to Political Blogging in the UK, a book which includes a list of every political blog in the UK, lists of the best blogs in each blogging category and analysis of the British political blogosphere written by experts in political blogging; the Guide was published independently by Iain Dale, but was taken over by Total Politics when it launched in 2008. The Top Lists categories are: Top 300 UK Political Blogs Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs Top 100 Right of Centre Blogs Top 75 LibDem Blogs Top 20 Libertarian Blogs Top 30 Green Blogs Top 60 Welsh Blogs Top 50 Scottish Blogs Top 20 Northern Irish Blogs Top 30 MP Blogs Top 40 Councillor Blogs Top 50 Non-Aligned Blogs Top 30 Media BlogsThe winners in each category are determined by public vote through an email poll.

As well as being recognised in the Guide, winners are provided with digital awards badges to put on their blogs. A common theme in Total Politics is the publication of rankings for all things politics; this includes one-off rankings such as the ‘Top 50 Political Myths’, the ‘Top 10 Political Gifts’ and annual rankings such as the ‘Top 100 Political Journalists’ and the ‘Top 100 Public Affairs Professionals’. Designed to ensure political neutrality, the editorial board includes the following: – Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown Journalist and history professor Brian Brivati Shami Chakrabarti, the director of the human rights group Liberty Conservative MP David Davis Former Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman Chris Huhne Former Labour MPs Andrew MacKinlay and Denis MacShane Scottish National Party MP Angus MacNeil Former Conservative leader of Westminster City Council, Sir Simon Milton Lord Trimble, former leader of the Ulster Unionist Party and former First Minister of Northern Ireland Total Politics