Al-Khilani Mosque

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Al-Khilani Mosque
جامع الخلاني
جامع الخلاني.jpg
Basic information
Location Baghdad, Iraq
Affiliation Shia Islam
Architectural type Mosque

The Al-Khilani Mosque (Arabic: جامع الخلاني‎) is a historic mosque in Baghdad, Iraq where preserves the tomb and shrine of Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Uthman, who is also known as al-Khilani. Al-Khilani was the second of The Four Deputies in Twelver Shia Islam. The mosque is located near al-Khilani Square, which is named after Abdul-Qadir Gilani. The construction date of the mosque is unknown. The oldest record of the mosque is the mention by Mustafa bin Kamal al-Din al-Sadiq al-Damashq in his travel diary to Baghdad in 1726.[1]

Terrorist incident[edit]

The mosque was targeted by the terrorist attack in 2007, resulted in 78 deaths and 218 injuries.[2]

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