Al Ain

Al Ain is a city in the Eastern Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, on the United Arab Emirates' border with Oman, adjacent to the town of Al-Buraimi. It is the largest inland city in the Emirates, the fourth-largest overall, the second-largest in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi; the freeways connecting Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai form a geographic triangle in the country, each city being 130 kilometres from the other two. Al-Ain is known as the "Garden City" of Abu Dhabi, the UAE or the Gulf, due to its greenery with regard to the city's oases, tree-lined avenues and decorative roundabouts, with there being strict height controls on new buildings, to no more than seven floors, according to one author, an oasis around Al-Ain and Al-Hasa in Saudi Arabia are the most important in the Arabian Peninsula; that said, the region of Al-Ain and Al-Buraimi, altogether Tawam or Al-Buraimi Oasis, is of cultural and historical importance. For example, the area witnessed events relevant to the history of Islam during the Rashidun and Abbasid eras, similar to Dibba and Ras Al-Khaimah.

It was where Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the United Arab Emirates, spent much of his life, at least since 1927, before becoming the Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1966. Though it is held that he was born in Abu Dhabi, some hold the view that he was born in Al-Ain. Al-Ain may be the site of the oldest mosque in the country, in the premises of the Sheikh Khalifa Mosque. Al Ain is located 160 kilometres east of the capital Abu Dhabi, about 120 kilometres south of Dubai; the eastern region covers an area of 13,100 km2. Oman lies to the east and Sharjah to the north, Abu Dhabi to the west and the Empty Quarter desert and Saudi Arabia to the south; the topography of Al-Ain varies as one travels to the east. The ecologically important Jebel Hafeet, an outlier of the main Hajar range, is considered one of the monuments of Al-Ain, lying just to the south of the city. Rising to 1,100–1,400 metres in elevation, Jabal Hafeet is one of the highest mountains in the country, has a number of ridges which stretch to the inner part of the city, two of which are Jabal An-Naqfah, the Western ridge.

Sand dunes of varying texture that are tinged red with iron oxide lie to the north and east of Al-Ain. The city has a hot desert climate, featuring long hot summers and warm winters. In Al-Ain, the mean annual rainfall is 96 mm and the average relative humidity is 60%. Low humidity in Al-Ain during the summers, makes it a popular destination for many people at that time of year. Boer classified the UAE climate as hyper-arid and divided it into four climatic regions: the coastal zone along the Persian Gulf, the mountain areas northeast of UAE, the gravel plains around Al Ain, the central and southern sand desert. More rainfall and lower temperatures occur in the northeast than in the southern and western regions; the monthly average rainfall around Al-Ain was 100–120 mm from the period 1970 to 1992. To the south of the city, near Oman, there is the man-made Lake Zakher, which resulted from the release of waste water from desalination plants. In this region, to the east of Jebel Hafeet, lies the area of Mezyad, which has a border crossing with Oman, is where the historic Mezyad Fort is located.

With a population of 766,936, it has the highest proportion of Emirati nationals in the country, though the majority of its residents are expatriates from the Indian subcontinent. Many people are from Bangladesh and Pakistan, a few Afghans, in total 23,000 Afghan in whole U. A. E and majority are from province of Khost. Al Ain is an important services centre for a wide area extending into Oman. There are three major shopping centres, Al Ain Mall, Al Jimi Mall and Al Bawadi Mall as well as traditional souqs for fruit and vegetables and livestock. One such souq exists for camels near an IKEA store and Bawadi Mall on Zayed Bin Sultan Street, the road which leads to Mezyad. Industry is growing, but is still on a small scale, includes the Coca-Cola bottling plant and the Al Ain Portland Cement Works; the water in Al-Ain is of good quality. Service industries such as car sales and other artisans are located in the area known as Sanaiya and Pattan Market. Social and governmental infrastructure include the Higher Colleges of Technology, well-equipped medical facilities including the teaching hospital at Tawam, Al Ain International Airport, military training areas..

Al Ain has world's largest dates processing and marketing company, Al Foah Company LLC. Hafit abounds in palm trees. Dibba and Julfar, both in the direction of the Hajar, are close to the sea... Tuwwam has been dominated by a branch of the Quraysh... Part of the important Western Hajar region, the area of Al-Ain or Tawam has been inhabited for nearly 8,000 years, with archaeological sites showing human settlement at places like Al-Rumailah and Jabel Ḥafeet; these early cultures built "beehive" tombs for their dead and engaged in hunting and gathering in the area. The oases provided water for early farms until the modern age. In the 1950s, Sheikh Zayed discovered the tombs, brought this to the attention of a Danish team, le


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Kholmsky District, Sakhalin Oblast

Kholmsky District is an administrative district of Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. Municipally, it is incorporated as Kholmsky Urban Okrug, it is located in the southwest of the oblast. The area of the district is 2,279 square kilometers, its administrative center is the town of Kholmsk. Population: 10,988 . Сахалинская областная Дума. Закон №25-ЗО от 23 марта 2011 г. «Об административно-территориальном устройстве Сахалинской области», в ред. Закона №62-ЗО от 27 июня 2013 г. «О внесении изменения в статью 10 Закона Сахалинской области "Об административно-территориальном устройстве Сахалинской области"». Вступил в силу 9 апреля 2011 г.. Опубликован: "Губернские ведомости", №55, 29 марта 2011 г.. Сахалинская областная Дума. Закон №524 от 21 июля 2004 г. «О границах и статусе муниципальных образований в Сахалинской области», в ред. Закона №45-ЗО от 27 мая 2013 г. «О внесении изменения в Закон Сахалинской области "О границах и статусе муниципальных образований в Сахалинской области"». Вступил в силу 1 января 2005 г.

Опубликован: "Губернские ведомости", №175–176, 31 июля 2004 г