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Albert of Brandenburg

Cardinal Albert of Brandenburg was Elector and Archbishop of Mainz from 1514 to 1545, Archbishop of Magdeburg from 1513 to 1545. His involvement in the sale of indulgences to fund his debt was to prompt Martin Luther, a friar, to complain about the abuse, his subsequent failure to meet with and take the complaints from Luther, his failure to inform Rome of the seriousness of the situation and Rome's refusal to act properly faced with the situation, forced Luther to more serious action. These failures to respond adequately make him notable for his failure to prevent the Reformation. Born in Kölln on the Spree, Albert was the younger son of John Cicero, Elector of Brandenburg and of Margaret of Thuringia. After their father's funeral and his older brother Joachim I Nestor became margraves of Brandenburg in 1499, but only his older brother held the title of an elector of Brandenburg. Having studied at the University of Frankfurt, Albert entered the ecclesiastical profession, in 1513 became archbishop of Magdeburg at the age of 23 and administrator of the Diocese of Halberstadt.

In 1514 he obtained the Electorate of Mainz, in 1518, at the age of 28, was made a cardinal. To pay for the pallium of the see of Mainz and to discharge the other expenses of his elevation, Albert had borrowed 21,000 ducats from Jakob Fugger, had obtained permission from Pope Leo X to conduct the sale of indulgences in his diocese to obtain funds to repay this loan, as long as he forwarded half of the income to the Papacy. An agent of the Fuggers subsequently traveled in the Cardinal's retinue in charge of the cashbox, he procured the services of John Tetzel to sell the indulgences. In reaction to the commerce in indulgences, Martin Luther wrote his famous 95 Theses, which led to the Reformation. Luther sent these to Albert on 31 October 1517, according to a false tradition nailed a copy to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg. Albert forwarded the theses to Rome; when the imperial election of 1519 drew near, partisans of the two leading candidates eagerly solicited the vote of the Prince-Archbishop of Mainz, Albert appears to have received a large amount of money for his vote.

The electors chose Charles, who became the Emperor Charles V. Albert's large and liberal ideas, his friendship with Ulrich von Hutten, his political ambitions, appear to have raised hopes that he could be won over to Protestantism. Cardinal Albert needed a prestigious church building that met his expectations at a central location in his Residenz town. Albert feared for his peace of mind in heaven, collected more than 8,100 relics and 42 holy skeletons which needed to be stored; these precious treasures, known as "Hallesches Heilthum", indirectly related to the sale of indulgences which had triggered the Reformation a few years before. The cardinal and the Catholic members of the town council wanted to repress the growing influence of the Reformation by holding far grander masses and services in a new church dedicated to Saint Mary. Albert's hostility towards the reformers, was not so extreme as that of his brother Joachim I, Elector of Brandenburg. New doctrines made considerable progress in his dominions, he was compelled to grant religious liberty to the inhabitants of Magdeburg in return for 500,000 florins.

During his years showed more intolerance towards the Protestants, favoured the teaching of the Jesuits in his dominions. The Market Church of Our Lady in Halle, built to defend against the spread of Reformation sympathies, was the spot where Justus Jonas introduced the Reformation into Halle with his Good Friday sermon in 1541; the service must have been at least conducted in the open air, because at that time construction had only been finished at the eastern end of the nave. Jonas attracted so many people that the church overflowed. Cardinal Albert left the town permanently after the estates in the city had announced that they would take over his enormous debt at the bank of Jacob Fugger. Halle became Protestant and in 1542 Jonas was appointed as priest to St. Mary's and in 1544 bishop over the city. Albert adorned the collegiate church at Halle and the cathedral at Mainz in sumptuous fashion, took as his motto the words Domine, dilexi decorem domus tuae. A generous patron of art and learning, he counted Erasmus among his friends.

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Chulym, Chulymsky District, Novosibirsk Oblast

Chulym is a town and the administrative center of Chulymsky District in Novosibirsk Oblast, located on the Chulym River 131 kilometers of Novosibirsk, the administrative center of the oblast. Population: 11,568 , it was known as Chulymskoye. The settlement of Chulymskoye was founded in 1762 during the construction of the Siberian Route. In 1898, the Trans-Siberian Railway was built through the settlement. In 1947, Chulym was granted town status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, Chulym serves as the administrative center of Chulymsky District; as an administrative division, it is incorporated within Chulymsky District as the Town of Chulym. As a municipal division, the Town of Chulym is incorporated within Chulymsky Municipal District as Chulym Urban Settlement. Новосибирский областной Совет депутатов. Закон №200-ОЗ от 2 июня 2004 г. «О статусе и границах муниципальных образований Новосибирской области», в ред. Закона №548-ОЗ от 29 апреля 2015 г. «Об упразднении посёлка Ивановка муниципального образования Чувашинского сельсовета Северного района Новосибирской области и о внесении изменения в статью 4 Закона Новосибирской области "О статусе и границах муниципальных образований Новосибирской области"».

Вступил в силу через 10 дней со дня официального опубликования. Опубликован: "Советская Сибирь", №108, 9 июня 2004 г.. Новосибирский областной Совет депутатов. Закон №246-ОЗ от 17 декабря 2004 г. «Об административных центрах муниципальных районов и сельских поселений Новосибирской области», в ред. Закона №69-ОЗ от 5 декабря 2006 г. «О внесении изменений в Закон Новосибирской области "Об административных центрах муниципальных районов и сельских поселений Новосибирской области"». Вступил в силу со дня официального опубликования. Опубликован: "Советская Сибирь", №252, 29 декабря 2004 г

Mount King William

Mount King William I is a mountain adjacent to the Lyell Highway in Central Highlands, Tasmania. It is located 10 km southwest of Derwent Bridge, it is the northernmost of the King William Range. It has two namesakes in the King William Range - Mount King William II and Mount King William III, it is a reference point for the'end' of the inhabited part of the western section of Lyell Highway as there are no permanent structures until Linda. There is Lake King William, south of Derwent Bridge, it is dammed at its south end. Mount King William was named during Sir John Franklin's journey to the west in 1842. Although the reigning monarch was in fact Queen Victoria. WC Piguenit painted it while on his journey through the area in the 1880s. Http://

Weller at the BBC

Weller at the BBC is a 2008 live compilation of Paul Weller's BBC performances recorded between 1990 and 2008. Four physical versions were released: a 4-disc CD box set, a 2-disc CD set of highlights, 3-disc LP set and a DVD plus a 13-disc download-only version with 188 tracks from iTunes. Disc 1: Fly On The Wall Pink On White Walls Amongst Butterflies Wild Wood Hung Up Out Of The Sinking Clues Whirlpools' End Out Of The Sinking Broken Stones Time Passes The Changingman I Walk On Gilded Splinters Broken Stones You Do Something To Me Brushed Peacock Suit Up In Suzes' Room Friday Street Mermaids The Poacher Disc 2: Driving Nowhere Friday Street Science Wishing On A Star Thinking Of You Corrina, Corrina Early Morning Rain Foot Of The Mountain To The Start Of Forever Out Of The Sinking Paper Smile Come On/Let's Go Amongst Butterflies Frightened That's Entertainment All I Wanna Do Cold Moments Push It Along Pretty Flamingo Disc 3: My Ever Changing Moods A Man of Great Promise Kosmos Speak Like a Child Just Like Yesterday Work To Do Pity Poor Alfie What's Goin On Uh Huh Oh Yeh!

Hercules Bull-Rush / Magic Bus Above The Clouds Everything Has A Price To Pay Headstart For Happiness Into Tomorrow Porcelain Gods Stanley Road Can You Heal Us Disc 4: Shadow Of The Sun I Walk On Gilded Splinters w/ Noel Gallagher Out Of The Sinking Hung Up Sunflower Broken Stones Fly On The Wall Tales From the Riverbank Peacock Suit Heavy Soul Science I Didn't Mean To Hurt You Brand New Start Wild Wood Friday Street The Changingman Disc 1: Fly On The Wall Wild Wood Hung Up Clues Out Of The Sinking Broken Stones You Do Something To Me Brushed Peacock Suit The Poacher Driving Nowhere Friday Street Thinking Of You Corrina, Corrina Early Morning Rain To The Start Of Forever Come On/Let's Go Amongst Butterflies That's Entertainment All I Wanna Do Push It Along Pretty FlamingoDisc 2: My Ever Changing Moods Kosmos Just Like Yesterday What's Goin On Everything Has A Price To Pay Headstart For Happiness Into Tomorrow Can You Heal Us Shadow Of The Sun I Walk On Gilded Splinters w/ Noel Gallagher Sunflower Tales From The Riverbank Peacock Suit Science I Didn't Mean To Hurt You Brand New Start The Changingman Disc 2 Reason to Believe 2:16 Black Sheep Boy 2:12 Fly On the Wall 3:30 Broken Stones 2:29 You Do Something to Me 3:23 Porcelain Gods 5:07 Peacock Suit 3:27 All the Pictures On the Wall 3:47 Foot of the Mountain 4:52 Up In Suzes' Room 4:26 The Circle 2:31 Driving Nowhere 2:58 I Shall Be Released 3:02 As You Lean Into the Light 2:45 Brushed 3:46 Peacock Suit 3:04 Up In Suzes' Room 4:35 Friday Street 2:30 Mermaids 3:12 The Poacher

19 Monocerotis

19 Monocerotis is a single, variable star in the equatorial constellation of Monoceros, located 1,220 light years away from the Sun based on parallax. It has the variable star designation V637 Monocerotis, while 19 Monocerotis is the Flamsteed designation; this object is visible to the naked eye as a faint, blue-white hued star with a baseline apparent visual magnitude of 5.00. It is receding from the Earth with a heliocentric radial velocity of +25 km/s; this massive, B-type main-sequence star has a stellar classification of B1 V. It is a Beta Cephei variable, ranging from 5.01 to 4.96 magnitude with a period of 0.19 days. Closer examination shows there are three frequencies present, consisting of 5.22994, 0.17017, 4.88956 cycles per day. At one point it was thought to be a marginal Be star; the star is spinning with a projected rotational velocity of 274 km/s. It has 12.3 times the mass of the Sun and is radiating 4,817 times the Sun's luminosity from its photosphere at an effective temperature of 25,400 K

Charge! (TV network)

Charge! is an American digital broadcast television network, owned by the Sinclair Television Group subsidiary of the Sinclair Broadcast Group and operated by the MGM Television division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The network features action- and adventure-based programming sourced from the MGM television and film library; the network is available via a website stream for mobile devices. Broadcast networks. Charge is available via streaming services, Sinclair Broadcast Group had put three digital broadcast television networks on the air; the first was with MGM, the science-fiction network Comet, launched in October 2015. American Sports Network, Sinclair's sports programming arm, was broadened to include full network operations on January 11, 2016. Sinclair started TBD, a network targeting millennial audiences, which commenced operations on February 13, 2017 in a soft launch. Charge! was formally announced by Sinclair and MGM on January 17, 2017. The network debuted on February 28, 2017. Stations carrying The Works replaced the network with Charge.

Programming on Charge! is sourced from MGM's library of films and TV series, expressed by Sinclair's press release announcing the launch as "one of the deepest libraries of premium action-themed content in the world." Titles indicated as airing on Charge! include the TV series In the Heat of the Night and The Magnificent Seven, the Rocky and James Bond film series, other motion pictures including Platoon and Dances with Wolves. Ring of Honor Wrestling, the weekly professional wrestling television series produced by the Sinclair-affiliated promotion Ring of Honor, began airing on the network from July 9, 2017; the series was syndicated to sibling broadcast network Comet. At its outset, Sinclair slated the launch of Charge! to take place on digital subchannels of stations it owns or operates. Other Sinclair stations will add Charge! during Spring 2017, Sinclair will continue to offer the network to stations outside its geographic footprint. As of February 12, 2019, there are 56 affiliates of which 49 have the network on the air and 7 that have committed to broadcasting the network.

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