One-card is a shedding-type card game. The general principles put it into the crazy eights family, it is played with an ordinary poker deck and the objective is for a player to empty their own hand while preventing other players from emptying theirs. The game is played in South Korea and The Netherlands; the dealer deals out five cards for three or more players. When all players have been dealt their hands, one card is laid face-up in the middle of the table to form the discard pile, the rest of the deck laid face-down beside it forming the stock pile; the Jokers are used. The player to the dealer's right plays first by following the rank or suit of the first card led, or by playing a wild card. If the players can not follow the lead, they must draw a card from the stock; the players take turns playing or drawing cards and the first player who plays all his or her cards out wins the game. King - Take another turn. Queen - Reverse the direction of play. Jack - Jump the next player. 7 - the player calls out the new suit to play.

3 - "shield card" When an attack card is played, the next player must draw one or more cards, or play another attack card. 2 - damage level of 2. Ace - damage level of 3. Ace of spades - damage level of 5. Joker - damage level of 7. Joker - damage level of 10. Three - "shield", you can block the attack card with any "shape" of three cards. Damage adds up. After drawing because of attack, it is still that player's turn. In The Netherlands their version of One-card, called Pesten, is played without shield-cards and drop some rules to make it easier; the 8 replaces the Jack, Jack replaces the 7, 7 and King have the same function and the Aces replaces the Queen. Children use rhymes to remember the rules, such as "Acht. Zeven; when a player has only one card left, they must call out "one card", the next player is penalized by drawing a card. The player who has only one card is penalized in return if someone else calls out "one card" on the players turn first. If a player falsely calls “one card” while having multiple cards in their hand, they must draw a card.

The stockpile is the stack of cards. If this pile gets exhausted, that happens during the game, a player takes all but the last card from the discard pile, shuffle them, to form a new stock of cards. A player can play more than one card at a time. Two or more kings can be played. Two or more queens are played, the effect of the second cancels the first. If two or more jacks are played, one player is skipped for each jack. A maximum number of cards to be drawn due to a series of attack cards can be set; when playing against an attack card, you must play one of equal or greater value of the top card. If the player plays a card with less damage, he must draw another from the stock, if he plays a Two on an ace, he must still draw a card. Other reasons for penalty cards can be added. Instead of being a shield, a 3 can be used as a mirror to return the attack to the last attacking player reversing the direction of play. If a player ends on an attack card, the attack moves through the whole circle back to them, they must pick up the cards associated with that attack.


Carly Robyn Green

Carly Robyn Green, born Carly Greenberg, is an American recording artist and songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her original songs have been featured in over 120 television shows and films and she writes for artists worldwide, she is signed to BMG. As an adult-contemporary / smooth jazz artist and performer, Green has performed at venues including the Staples Center, Madison Square Garden, Wachovia Center, Citizens Bank Park, the Tropicana Hotel & Casino. Green has performed for MTV’s Rock the Vote, debuted on XM Satellite Radio, been named a MySpace Featured Artist, signed with BMG as artist and songwriter. After being told to create trendy “of the moment” music for many years, Green was inspired by CeeLo Green to follow her passion for making classic, timeless music; when she sang with him at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, he advised Green to just “do what you love.”As a result of this advice, Green collaborated on her own project of classic love songs with Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn, who penned hits for Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole.

Green’s new project of original love songs features her debut single What Love is All About, co-written with Wildhorn and released in 2017. Green grew up in Pennsylvania, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania. As a songwriter, Green has written many hits for multi-platinum artists worldwide, including: Sandra N – “Tu Esti Norocul” – Single – Roton Music Petra Filip,KARA – “N. E. V. E. R. L. A. N. D.” – “Girl’s Story” Album – Universal Music JapanAnri – “Ready to Love” – Single & “Smooth & Groove” Album – IVY Records/Warner Music JapanMin Hae – “You & Me” – Single & "You & Me" Album – CJ E&MShe has written songs for Airspoken, Code V, Miho Fukuhara, Harajuku Theater, Kaho and Roser. Some of the many TV shows featuring music by Green include: 3Scandal, One Life to Live, Young & The Restless, Real Housewives, Beauty & The Beast, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Real World, Say Yes to the Dress, The Real L Word Green wrote the Dance Moms hit I'll Be Your Dance Doctor by 21st Century Girl, performed by Mackenzie Ziegler in the Nationals season finale.

Green wrote the 30 Rock song Crash Your Party, featured in the Martin Luther King Day viral spoof trailer. TV show theme songs by Green include: I Do Over, Pretty Hurts, The Right Hand Films featuring music by Green include: American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars, Slightly Single in LA, Life Happens, House Bunny, What’s Your Number, A Wish For Christmas, Love on Ice Carly Robyn Green at AllMusic Carly Robyn Green discography at Discogs Carly Robyn Green on IMDb