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Alegría-Dulantzi (Spanish: Alegría, Basque: Dulantzi) is a town and municipality located in the province of Álava, in the Basque Country, northern Spain.

The municipality is located some 14 km from the provincial capital, Vitoria, it has an area of 19.95 km², and a population (2004) of some 1,919 inhabitants.

Alegria de Alava (Dulantzi) Snowed.JPG

Alegría-Dulantzi municipality is divided into two sub-areas, or communes (concejos or kontzejuak). By far the larger of the two is the municipal centre and township of Alegría-Dulantzi itself, which accounts for some 95% of the municipality's population; the municipality also controls a small exclave located to the southeast, called Egileta, which is surrounded by a neighbouring municipality.

The Battle of Alegría de Álava took place here in 1834.

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Coordinates: 42°50′39″N 2°30′43″W / 42.84417°N 2.51194°W / 42.84417; -2.51194