Kamalamai is a municipality in Sindhuli District, in the Bagmati Pradesh of central south Nepal. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 39,413 people in 9,304 households; the city is located in the Sindhuli Valley of central south Nepal. The historic symbol of the valley, Sindhuli Gadhi fort, is at the peak of a hill of the Mahabharata range; the city is in the plain valley made by the Kamla River. Kamalamai Municipality is the largest municipality of Nepal according to area; the occupation of the Kuti Pass in about 1756 stopped the valley's trade with Tibet. King Prithvi Narayan Shah entered the valley after the victory of Kirtipur. King Jaya Prakash Malla of Kathmandu sought help from the British and so the East India Company sent a contingent of soldiers under Captain Kinloch in 1767; the British force was defeated at Sindhuli by Prithvi Narayan Shah's army. It was the first time; the British soldiers were taken aback by the geography of the place. They were equipped with modern arms and ammunition like guns and cannons but the Gorkha army was brave and they had a better understanding of the terrain.

The place where the army of the British Empire was defeated has gained popularity. It is of great historic significance to Nepal. Rice and maize are the major productions in this area. Kamalamai Siddhababa Rameshwar Dham Ganesh Than Maisthaan Kalimaithaan Rakta Mala Sibalaya Gayadevi Krishna Mandir Bakeshwor Mahadev Bhimsen Mandir Ganesh Mandir Bhadrakaali Mandir Madhi Bazaar Ratamata Krishna Nagar, Panitanki Kailash Nagar 2 no. Bazar Gayari Bazar Laxman chowk Majhitar Gadauli Jasedamar Dhakal Gaun Gayatar Milanchock Rammadhi Dhungrebaas Madhutar Dhurabazaar Bhiman bazaar Kamalamai municipality has a good facility of education up to SLC levels. Suryodaya, Siddhasthali,Swiss are one of the best boarding in Sindhuli district and Janakpur zone; the quality of +2 levels too is fine here. Many private colleges run +2 commerce affiliated to HSEB. However, the number of +2 science colleges are few. Science college like Kamala Higher Secondary School is providing good practical based education to students of Sindhuli.

This college has been serving as the central of excellence for all science students throughout Sindhuli valley. There are colleges to teach technical educations; the technical subjects affiliated with CTEVT are taught here. There are many colleges. There are a large number of colleges running courses with affiliation to universities of Nepal. Colleges like Sindhuli Multiple Campus fall under this category. Kamala Science Campus enables students to acquire Bachelor of Science courses. Gaumati Model Secondary School Kamala Science Campus Siddha Jyoti Shaya Campus Sindhuli Multiple College Bhagawati English Secondary School, 2no. Bazaar Sindhuli Vidhyashram English Boarding School, Dovantaar Sindhuli Pathshalaa, Dhungrebas Kamala Higher Secondary School, Dhungrebas Gaumati Model Secondary School, Majhitaar Shree Jana Jyoti Secondary School Barun Devi Secondary School Daurali Nimna Secondary School Shree Bhabishya Nirmata Siddhabba Secondary School New English Secondary Boarding School, Milan Chowk Kalimati Nimna Secondary School Suryodaya English Secondary School, Ratmataa Siddhasthali English Boarding School, 2no.

Bazaar Siddhababa English Boarding High School New Siddhasthali English Boarding School Swiss Sindhuli Secondary English Medium School Shree Navajyoti Deaf Lower Secondary School The new section of B. P. Koirala Highway to Kamalamai from Kathmandu opened in 2011 and continues on to Bardibas, though most areas only allow one lane of traffic with hairpin turns; the rest of the route to Bardibas is and therefore much less dangerous. An old road that connects Dharan through Inner Tarai is going to reopen for the easier movement through the Inner Tarai Valleys of Sindhuli and Udayapur of Western Region to Dharan of Eastern Nepal. Long-route buses run under the local authority in the headquarters which has bus routes to cities like Kathmandu, Janakpur and Pokhara. Local transportation consists of minibuses and minivans while most of the parts of Kamalamai are inaccessible to vehicles. Nowadays, auto rickshaws are used here. To promote local culture Kamalamai Municipality has three FM radio stations - Sindhuligadhi FM - 92 MHz, Radio Siddhababa - 98.4 MHz and Radio Sahara - 104.2 MHz.

The KM Club holds various events in colleges of Sindhuli

Tagonoura stable (2013)

Tagonoura stable Naruto stable is a stable of sumo wrestlers, one of the Nishonoseki group of stables. The stable was established on 1 February 1989 by former yokozuna Takanosato Toshihide; the stable's first sekitori was Rikio in 1994. Four more, Takanowaka and Kisenosato, have reached sekiwake rank, with Takayasu going on to reach the ōzeki rank, the stable's first yokozuna being Kisenosato, it had a reputation for being a closed, family-knit stable, as Naruto did not allow his wrestlers to go out and train at other stables or socialize with wrestlers from different stables. Naruto died on 7 November 2011; the stable's current master, former maegashira Takanotsuru, changed to the Tagonoura toshiyori in December 2013 and renamed the stable accordingly. Upon changing the stable name, the stable was moved to the Ryōgoku area from Matsudo, Chiba, it has no connection to the defunct Tagonoura stable established by the late Kushimaumi. As of January 2020 it had 11 wrestlers. Many wrestlers at this stable have taken ring names or shikona that end with the character 里, meaning village or native place, in deference to their coach and the stable's owner, the deceased former Takanosato.

2011-present: 16th Tagonoura: 1989-2011: 13th Naruto: Takayasu Akira Kisenosato Yutaka Wakanosato Shinobu Takanowaka Yūki Takanotsuru Shinichi Takanoyama Shuntarō Araiso Yutaka Kimura Takao Kimura Takanosuke Mitsuaki Tokonaru Tokyo, Edogawa ward, Higashi Koiwa 4-9-20 10 minute walk from Koiwa Station on the Sōbu Line Naruto-oyakata List of sumo stables List of active sumo wrestlers List of past sumo wrestlers Glossary of sumo terms Official site Japan Sumo Association profile