Alexander I of Scotland

Alexander I, posthumously nicknamed The Fierce, was the King of Scotland from 1107 to his death. Alexander was the fifth son of Malcolm III by his wife Margaret of Wessex, grandniece of Edward the Confessor. Alexander was named after Pope Alexander II, he was the younger brother of King Edgar, unmarried, his brother's heir presumptive by 1104. In that year he was the senior layman present at the examination of the remains of Saint Cuthbert at Durham prior to their re-interment, he held lands in Lothian. On the death of Edgar in 1107, he succeeded to the Scottish crown. Edgar's will granted David the lands of the former kingdom of Strathclyde or Cumbria, this was agreed in advance by Edgar, Alexander and their brother-in-law Henry I of England. In 1113 at Henry's instigation, with the support of his Anglo-Norman allies, David demanded, received, additional lands in Lothian along the Upper Tweed and Teviot. David did not receive the title of king, but of "prince of the Cumbrians", his lands remained under Alexander's final authority.

The dispute over Tweeddale and Teviotdale does not appear to have damaged relations between Alexander and David, although it was unpopular in some quarters. A Gaelic poem laments:It's bad what Malcolm's son has done,dividing us from Alexander; the dispute over the eastern marches does not appear to have caused lasting trouble between Alexander and Henry of England. In 1114 he joined Henry on campaign in Wales against Gruffudd ap Cynan of Gwynedd. Alexander's marriage with Henry's illegitimate daughter Sybilla of Normandy may have occurred as early as 1107, or as at late as 1114. William of Malmesbury's account attacks Sybilla, but the evidence argues that Alexander and Sybilla were a devoted but childless couple and Sybilla was of noteworthy piety. Sybilla died in unrecorded circumstances at Eilean nam Ban in July 1122 and was buried at Dunfermline Abbey. Alexander did not remarry and Walter Bower wrote that he planned an Augustinian Priory at the Eilean nam Ban dedicated to Sybilla's memory, he may have taken steps to have her venerated.

Alexander had at least one illegitimate child, Máel Coluim mac Alaxandair, to be involved in a revolt against David I in the 1130s. He was imprisoned at Roxburgh for many years afterwards until his death some time after 1157. Alexander was, like his brothers Edgar and David, a notably pious king, he was responsible for foundations at Inchcolm. His mother's chaplain and hagiographer Thurgot was named Bishop of Saint Andrews in 1107 by Alexander's order; the case of Thurgot's would-be successor Eadmer shows that Alexander's wishes were not always accepted by the religious community because Eadmer had the backing of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Ralph d'Escures, rather than Thurstan of York. Alexander patronised Saint Andrews, granting lands intended for an Augustinian Priory, which may have been the same as that intended to honour his wife. For all his religiosity, Alexander was not remembered as a man of peace. John of Fordun says of him: Now the king was a lettered and godly man, he manifested the terrible aspect of his character in his reprisals in the Mormaerdom of Moray.

Andrew of Wyntoun's Orygynale Cronykil of Scotland says that Alexander was holding court at Invergowrie when he was attacked by "men of the Isles". Walter Bower says the attackers were from Mearns. Alexander pursued to "Stockford" in Ross where he defeated them. This, says Wyntoun, is why he was named the "Fierce"; the dating of this is uncertain. However, in 1116 the Annals of Ulster report: "Ladhmann son of Domnall, grandson of the king of Scotland, was killed by the men of Moray." The king referred to is Alexander's father, Malcolm III, Domnall was Alexander's half brother. The Mormaerdom or Kingdom of Moray was ruled by the family of Macbeth and Lulach: not overmighty subjects, but a family who had ruled Alba within little more than a lifetime. Who the Mormaer or King was at this time is not known; as for the Mearns, the only known Mormaer of Mearns, Máel Petair, had murdered Alexander's half-brother Duncan II in 1094. Alexander died in April 1124 at his court at Stirling. Alexander was depicted in a fantasy novel: Pater Nostras Canis Dirus: The Garrison Effect.

Alexander is depicted troubled by his lack of direct heirs, having no child with his wife Sybilla of Normandy. He points. Chambers, Robert. "Alexander I.". A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen. 1. Glasgow: Blackie and Son. Pp. 46–47 – via Wikisource

Mario Tičinović

Mario Tičinović is a Croatian footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina club HŠK Zrinjski Mostar. He has amassed a total 44 youth caps for Croatia under six different age groups. Tičinović began his playing career at Hajduk Split, he didn't graduate from all the youth levels of Hajduk; that decision would affect his career. His first game for Hajduk was on 3 August 2008 against Varteks, he came on for Mladen Bartolović which made him at that time the youngest player that debuted for Hajduk on senior level with only 16 years of age; the game ended in a one all draw. Tičinović scored his first goal for the team in a 4–0 win over Birkirkara, becoming the youngest Hajduk's scorer in European competitions ever. Tičinović was hailed by the media as the new Croatian star and was expected to make a significant international career. Despite his talent he did manage to find himself in the starting 11 and was used as a substitute which affected him negatively. In 2008, he suffered an injury.

In 2009 under manager Edoardo Reja he was used more in the first team but after suffering another injury during the winter preparations in Marbella he paused for 2 months and after Reja left the club Tičinović found himself again on the bench. He won the Croatian Cup in 2010. In the following season he joined Karlovac on loan but after 6 months he returned to Hajduk again to find himself with minor minutes on the field. In 2011 manager Krasimir Balakov started using young Tičinović as a left back, he was used again as a late substitute. In November 2011 Tičinović was kicked from the first team for breaking the door in the club restaurant and for disrespecting manager Balakov, he was given the status as a not needed player and was loaned to F. C. Nordsjælland, he was sold to them at the end of the season. January 2012, Tičinović was loaned to Danish club F. C. Nordsjælland for the rest of the season, he would make 11 appearances and score 1 goal during his loan spell, helping the Farum club win their first Danish Superliga championship.

1 June 2012, F. C. Nordsjælland confirmed the purchase of Tičinović from Hajduk Split who signed a three-year contract. On 9 July 2015, it was confirmed that Tičinović had signed a four-year contract with Belgian club Lokeren. On 31 January 2019 it was announced, that Tičinović, Julian Michel and Djordje Jovanovic had been promoted to reserve team due to a lack of commitment; the club was in a bad position, which with 7 matches to go was close to relegation. On 4 March 2019, Tičinović got. On 5 July 2019, Tičinović signed for HŠK Zrinjski Mostar on a free transfer, he made his official debut for Zrinjski on 25 July 2019, in a 1–1 away draw against FC Utrecht in the 2019–20 UEFA Europa League second qualifying round. As of 6 May 2014 Hajduk Split Croatian Cup: 2009–10F. C. Nordsjælland Danish Superliga: 2011–12 Mario Tičinović at Soccerway Mario Tičinović at the Croatian Football Federation

Santi Promphat

Santi Promphat is a Thai politician. In 2012 he served as Minister of Social Development and Human Security in Yingluck Shinawatra cabinet, in the same year he attended the Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative Against Trafficking meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam. On March 15, 2012, he was accused of slender by secretary of Human Development, Panita Kambhu na Ayutthaya. In 2013 he addressed greetings with Visakha Puja Day. On January 17, 2014, he inspected human rights abuses at fishing industries after discovering that his country was placed on a black list by the Tier 2 Watch company for three years straight. On March 1, 2013, he, Minister of Labor Phadermchai Sasomsub, Police General Adul Saengsingkaew have participated in a discussion on combating human trafficking, hosted by Surapong Tovichakchaikul. From May 15 to May 16 of 2013 he participated at a meeting, hosted by the Royal Thai Government in cooperation with Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability and World Bank to promote rights for disabled individuals in Thailand