Alexios II Komnenos

Alexios II Komnenos or Alexius II Comnenus was Byzantine emperor from 1180 to 1183. He was the son of Emperor Manuel I Komnenos and Maria, daughter of Raymond of Poitiers, prince of Antioch, he was named Alexius as a fulfilment of the AIMA prophecy. On Manuel's death in 1180, who became a nun under the name Xene, took the position of regent, she excluded her young son from power, entrusting it instead to Alexios the prōtosebastos, popularly believed to be her lover. Friends of the young Alexios II now tried to form a party against the Dowager Empress and the prōtosebastos, their party was defeated on 2 May 1182, but Andronikos Komnenos, a first cousin of Emperor Manuel, took advantage of the disorder to aim at the crown. He entered Constantinople, received with divine honours, overthrew the government, his arrival was celebrated by a massacre of 80,000 Latins in Constantinople the Venetian merchants, which he made no attempt to stop. He allowed Alexios II to be crowned but was responsible for the death of most of the young emperor's actual or potential defenders, including his mother, his half-sister, the Caesar, he refused to allow him any voice in public affairs.

The betrothal in 1180 of Alexios II to Agnes of France, daughter of Louis VII of France and his third wife Adèle of Champagne and at the time a child of nine, had not been followed by their marriage. Andronikos was now formally proclaimed as co-emperor before the crowd on the terrace of the Church of Christ of the Chalkè, not long afterwards, on the pretext that divided rule was injurious to the Empire, he caused Alexios II to be strangled with a bow-string in October 1183. During the reign of Alexius II, the Byzantine Empire was invaded by King Béla III, losing Syrmia and Bosnia to the Kingdom of Hungary in 1181. Kilij Arslan II invaded the empire in 1182, defeating the Byzantines at the Siege of Cotyaeum, resulting in the Empire losing Cotyaeum and Sozopolis. Alexios is a character in the historical novel Agnes of France by Greek writer Kostas Kyriazis; the novel describes the events of the reigns of Manuel I, Alexios II, Andronikos I through the eyes of Agnes. List of Byzantine emperors Pseudo-Alexios II Harris, Jonathan and the Crusades, Bloomsbury, 2nd ed. 2014.

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Gmina Potworów

Gmina Potworów is a rural gmina in Przysucha County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland. Its seat is the village of Potworów, which lies 18 kilometres north-east of Przysucha and 82 km south-west of Warsaw; the gmina covers an area of 81.89 square kilometres, as of 2006 its total population is 4,288. Gmina Potworów contains the villages and settlements of Dąbrowa Goszczewicka, Długie, Dłuska Wola, Grabowa, Grabowska Wola, Kacperków, Kozieniec, Łojków, Mokrzec, Podgóry, Pólka, Potworów, Potworów PGR, Rdzów, Rdzuchów, Rdzuchów-Kolonia, Wir, Wir Stary, Wir-Kolonia, Wirówek, Wymysłów, Żabia Wólka and Zachatka. Gmina Potworów is bordered by the gminas of Klwów, Przytyk, Radzanów, Rusinów and Wyśmierzyce. Polish official population figures 2006

Mysterious Incredible Terminator

Mysterious Incredible Terminator is a 2008 Taiwanese television series starring Aaron Yan, Gui Gui, Alien Huang and Christine Fan. It was produced by Three Giant Productions, it was broadcast on cable TV Gala Television Variety Show/CH 28 from 8 November 2008 to 21 February 2009, every Saturdays at 22:30 to 00:00 and free-to-air Formosa Television from 7 November 2008 to 20 February 2009, every Fridays at 22:10–23:40. The legend of the team Pi Li MIT secretly protecting Sheng Ying School was never publicly acknowledged but nonetheless spread wildly among the student body, but for some reason, the team was disbanded and evil began to wreak havoc in the school after years of peace. Students targeted are those who received an anonymous CD, containing a PC-game, from someone called Hei Gui; the last remaining member of the secret team, Teacher Cherry, decides to recruit the best students, "007", "187", "747" and "Tian Mo Xing", to form a new generation of Pi Li MIT to solve the crimes and restore the school to its former glory.

The new generation of Pi Li MIT must not only find out who the "Black Ghost" is, but work together and resolve their differences while unlocking the secrets of the school, the students, themselves. Game No: 1MIT Player: Zhan Shi De - 007 Game Player: Wen Xin Lan Synopsis: Zhan Shi De, the son of a famous detective, arrives at Sheng Ying School just as a small group of top-graded students who are rumored to be cheating on tests get attacked one after another. Game No: 2MIT Player: Qian Fu Hao - 187 Game Player: Jin Ji La Synopsis: A wealthy female student gets kidnapped days before a theater play with her as the lead actress, her friend fears. At the same time, Qian Fu Hao receives messages from the kidnapper. Game No: 3MIT Player: Huang Hui Hong - 747 Game Player: Huang Xin Yi Synopsis: Rumors of a dead student's ghost begin spreading around the school grounds. In the meantime, weird events begin to occur in the school. Game No: 4MIT Player: Li Xiao Xing - Tian Mo Xing Game Player: Chen Yi Hong Synopsis: Two girl students, whom befriend an online-chatter named "Bad Wolf", get attacked when he tells them he wants to meet them face-to-face.

For some reason, Li Xiao Xing receives the same message from Bad Wolf. Game No: 5MIT Player: Tao Mei Ren - Miss Cherry Game Player: Dai Zhi Xun Synopsis: Miss Cherry has attacked two students, one of whom knows her darkest secret. Would she kill to keep that secret from being exposed to the world? And what secret might that be? Game No: 6MIT Player: Zhan Shi De - 007 Game Player: Yang Ming Wei Synopsis: An angel has fallen from the heavens and come to Sheng Ying School to purify the unclean students, but at the cost of their souls. Meanwhile, 007's ex-girlfriend transfers to Sheng Ying School. Game No: 7MIT Player: Zhan Shi De - 007 Game Player: Cai Ya Qing Synopsis: A girl student has been stalked by an unknown stalker for over a week, she suspects that it is most someone from her Science Club. So she turns to 007 for protection. Huang Hui Hong unintentionally reveals his feelings to Tian Mo Xing. Game No: 8MIT Player: Li Xiao Xing - Tian Mo Xing Game Player: Lin Bo Qing Synopsis: Someone starts attacking students the same way as how Tian Mo Xing wrote in her murder stories, which she posts in her blog.

Meanwhile, Tian Mo Xing makes her decision between 007 and 747. Game No: 9MIT Players: Zhan Shi De - 007Li Xiao Xing - Tian Mo Xing Huang Hui Hong - 747Qian Fu Hao - 187Tao Mei Ren - Miss Cherry Game Player: Xu Wan Xin Synopsis: The members of Pi Li MIT are put in danger while hunting a stalker, who seems to be setting them up every time something happens; the mystery of the last team's splitting begins to unfold... Game No: 10MIT Players: Zhan Shi De - 007Tao Mei Ren - Miss Cherry Game Player: Zheng Wen Long Synopsis: A website known as has been created. With its creation, the webmaster gets information about whoever gets bullied or hurt, would punish the culprit with no mercy. While investigating the case, Pi Li MIT gets hold of a real PC-game and Teacher Angel gets kidnapped... Game No: 11MIT Players: Zhan Shi De - 007Li Xiao Xing - Tian Mo Xing Huang Hui Hong - 747Qian Fu Hao - 187 Game Player: He Rui Jia - Black Ghost Synopsis: It's been days since Pi Li MIT got split up.

Teacher Cherry is sent to another country while 007 becomes a top-graded student and 187 loses touch with the others. The only ones continuing their spirits as Pi Li MIT are Tian Mo Xing and 747; this time, Black Ghost is going after Teacher Angel's son, Lu Ke Ying. Will they be able to solve the case now that the team is no more? Meanwhile, 747 makes the decision of his life. Game No: 12MIT Players: Zhan Shi De - 007Li Xiao Xing - Tian Mo Xing Qian Fu Hao - 187 Game Player: Chen Yan Xiang - Huang Guo Zhong Synopsis: It's Valentine's Day, but Pi Li MIT can't seem to get a break from the coming game-players. 187 is reminded of his past by a childhood friend, involved in a kidnapping with 187 when he was a child. 007 and Tian Mo Xing are locked inside a room, running out of oxygen. Meanwhile, 007 makes his decision about Tian Mo Xing. Game No: 13MIT Players: Zhan Shi De - 007Huang Hui Hong - 747Tao Mei Ren - Miss Cherry Game Players: Li Xiao Xing - Tian Mo Xing Synopsis: Teacher Angel's dark past catches up to her when someone tries to remind her of a