On the Buses

On the Buses was a British television sitcom, broadcast on ITV from 1969 to 1973. It was created by Ronald Ronald Wolfe, who wrote most of the episodes, it spawned a stage version. Despite the writers' previous successes with The Rag Trade and Meet the Wife with the BBC, the corporation rejected On the Buses, not seeing much comedy potential in a bus depot as a setting; the comedy partnership turned to Frank Muir, Head of Entertainment at London Weekend Television, who loved the idea. The series is centred on the Number 11 bus, at the Luxton and District Motor Traction Company, a green and cream double-decker crewed by driver Stan Butler and his pal conductor Jack Harper. With its "bawdy, comic postcard humour and resolutely working-class outlook" the series became "one of the most popular British comedy series of its era, if not all time." At the Butler household, the typical scene would involve a family argument around the breakfast table, whilst at the bus depot, there was always fun at the expense of the crew's "eternal nemesis" Inspector Blake, recognisable from toothbrush moustache and facial contortions.

Reg Varney as Stanley "Stan" Butler – a bus driver who works for the Luxton and District Traction Company along with Jack and Blakey. He lives with sister Olive and brother-in-law Arthur. Stan chats up the clippies at the bus depot and his antics include concocting schemes to bunk off work, gain favour from girls or solve predicaments caused by his family. Though he is serious, has a disregard for authority and is rude to women he deems unattractive, Stan is good-natured at heart and tries to help those he cares for. While he loves his family, he subjects sister Olive and brother-in-law Arthur to jokes at their expense, is irritated by his mother's traditional morals and rules. Due to his playboy attitude towards girls and carefree approach to life, he is oftentimes blind or ignorant of his own issues such as his health and success, he triumphs over his rival Inspector Blake but on occasion, has fallen foul of the Inspector's wrath. Cicely Courtneidge and Doris Hare as Stan's mother, she is a maiden in distress.

The Butler household is forever losing money and getting the electricity cut off. Mabel is caught up in arguments between Arthur and Stan but manages to retain a sense of maternal order over them, she is rather traditional, believing in the sanctity of marriage and family, as well as criticising licentious behaviour in women. Despite her strong moral compass however, she sometimes turns a blind eye to Stan's sultry ways and near-criminal hijinx at his job. Anna Karen as Olive Rudge, Stan's sister. Olive is always being criticised by her husband Arthur though she helps her mum with household jobs and helps Stan with the decorating. Olive has twice been a clippie at both times being unsuccessful, she is always wanting "an early night" with Arthur, much to his displeasure. Michael Robbins as Stan's brother-in-law. Somewhat aloof and stuck up, he resists Olive's intimate advances, his hospital operation is a frequent source of ridicule from Stan and Jack.. Arthur is always tampering with his motorbike, which falls apart.

Bob Grant as Jack Harper, Stan's conductor, best friend and next-door neighbour. He and Stan are always getting reprimanded by Inspector Blake. Whether it is tampering with radio controls, putting "DIVERSION" road signs in the wrong places or going on dates with the buxom clippies, they are always getting into scrapes. Jack is the shop steward of the bus depot, abuses his position to thwart Blakey's schemes with the catchphrase "As shop steward I am here to tell you.....". Stephen Lewis as Cyril "Blakey" Blake – the inspector at the bus depot. Whenever there is a "brilliant idea" at the bus depot, it is Blakey's; these are elaborate schemes to temper Stan's and Jack's frequent insubordination, or to entrap them in their misadventures in a bid to get them fired. However Blakey's schemes backfire with hilarious consequences, land him either in trouble with the General Manager or in hospital. Michael Sheard as the General Manager of the bus depot, he argues with Blakey about something that the latter has done.

He was the judge at the gardening competition in the episode "Gardening Time". Madeleine Mills and Sandra Miller as the Inspector's niece, she was played twice by Mills and twice by Miller. In her first two appearances and Stan are in a relationship. In her third appearance she married a bus driver at the depot, she appeared in the episode "The New Nurse". Sandra Bryant as Sandra, a clippie at the bus depot, her character is seen throughout the seventh series. In the first episode of the seventh series, she goes on a date with Stan to the cinema, until Olive comes along too. Terry Duggan and Norman Mitchell as Nobby – one of the bus depot's mechanics, he assists Stan and Jack in their typical schemes and misadventures. Pat Nye as Mrs Blake, The Inspector's mother, domineering and unpleasant and she treats him like a little boy. Gillian Lind as Mrs Rudge, Arthur's mother who can't abide rude remarks from St

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