Hidden Treasure Christian School

Hidden Treasure Christian School is a private Christian school for special needs children in Greenville County, South Carolina, was the first evangelical Christian school in the United States founded to educate both the physically and mentally handicapped. The school is a member of the American Association of Christian Schools; the school was organized in 1981 by the Rev. John Vaughn, pastor of Faith Baptist Church, following a 1978 house fire that burned his wife and two-year-old daughter, Becky. Vaughn was encouraged to start the school by the Rev. Bill Maher, an evangelist with cerebral palsy and a significant speech impediment. For twenty years the school was located on Hammett Street in Greenville before moving, in 2000, to the Faith Baptist Church campus on West Lee Road in Taylors; the current 28,500-square-foot building includes classrooms, offices, a chapel/cafetorium, a technology center, a speech therapy room, a testing room, a home economics lab, a teachers’ lounge and workroom, an apartment used to simulate daily living situations.

John McCormick, an Ed. D. Graduate of Bob Jones University, has served as administrator for more than thirty years; the school has emphasized both a low student-teacher ratio and an Individual Educational Plan for each child. Teachers taught three to eight students with the aid of an assistant; the school began with two students in 1981. By 1982, it had four, in 1989, thirty-eight, in 2002 eighty-five, with thirty children on a waiting list. School enrollment peaked at ninety-four students in 2003. After Hidden Treasure increased tuition in 2004, enrollment dipped rebounded. Hidden Treasure students have included K5, junior high, senior high school-aged children. About half the school budget is derived from tuition with the remainder raised through private and corporate donations. Families from at least fifteen states have moved to the Greenville area to enroll their children, several teachers relocated to teach at the school. In 1997, a national radio show featured the school. Bush praised Hidden Treasure as an example of the positive benefit of school choice, Scott provided an internship for a graduate at his Greenville office

English Trust for European Education

The English Trust for European Education is a UK registered charitable organisation founded in 2008 to further the principles of European Education in England, as taught in the European School, Culham. Prof. Norman Davies, Baroness Quin, Lord Thomas of Swynnerton and Gerald Wilson, Chairman of the Scottish European Educational Trust SEET form the Board of Patrons of the ETEE; the English Trust for European Education is engaged in the transformation of the Culham School into a new type of European school. The Academy plan fell through in February 2011, due to the withdrawal of the state appointed sponsor, CLASS. There was controversy, however within ETEE as to whether a state school of that kind would have been appropriate. A Round Table discussion organised in April 2011 by ETEE about the possibility of starting a Free school took place in Oxford, attended by a representative of the CulhamSchool with a view of joining up forces to stave off the closure of both educational establishments; this option was explored by the European School Parents Association and other stakeholders, but the Culham Parish School no longer appears to be in jeopardy, so the Steering Group has instead submitted to the Department for Education an application for its own separate Free School starting in September 2012.

The result of the submission was expected in September 2011, but was in fact announced by the Secretary of State for Education on October 10. In addition to its work on the transformation of the Culham School, the English Trust for European Education organises an annual conference on multi-literacy and on supporting teachers engaged in language teaching; the last "Schools for the Future of Europe"conference took place at Kellogg College, on 4 June 2010. However, the Trustees decided not to arrange a conference in 2011, due to the loan of their Vice-Chairman to the Europa Free School Steering Group as their temporary Chairman; the Trust is instead organising a collaborative framework of independent and accredited European Schools in September, in order to foster links among these newly created institutions. Among other activities the Trust campaigned against proposed cuts to the Foreign Language Assistants scheme at the end of 2010. ETEE Official website of the European School, Culham Culham European School Parents' Association European Schools Scottish European Educational Trust Culham Village School Europa School UK Department of Education Europa School link