Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie

Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie is one of the most important and most comprehensive biographical reference works in the German language. It was published by the Historical Commission of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences between 1875 and 1912 in 56 volumes, printed in Leipzig by Duncker & Humblot; the ADB contains biographies of about 26,500 people who died before 1900 and lived in the German language Sprachraum of their time, including people from the Netherlands before 1648. Its successor, the Neue Deutsche Biographie, was started in 1953 and is planned to be ready in 2019. Reinert, Schrott, Ebneth, Rehbein, Team Deutsche Biographie et al. From Biographies to Data Curation - The Making of, in: BD2015. Biographical Data in a Digital World. Proceedings of the First Conference on Biographical Data in a Digital World 2015. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 9, 2015, ed. by. Serge ter Braake, Antske Fokkens, Ronald Sluijter, Thierry Declerck, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, CEUR Workshop Proceedings Vol-1399.

P. 13-19. Ebneth, Neue Deutsche Biographie, Historische Kommission bei der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie - full-text articles at German Wikisource. German Biography - complete full-text articles and further information

2017–18 Total League season

The 2017–18 Total League season, is the 65th season of the first division of the professional basketball in Luxembourg. Amicale defended its title and achieved their eighth league; the regular season consisted in a double-legged round robin tournament where the six first qualified teams advanced to the group for the title, while the other four teams played for avoiding relegation. In the second stage, all wins from the regular season count for the standings, while the points are reset; the four first qualified teams in the group for the title, advanced to the playoffs, played in a format of best-of-three-games series. Teams of the relegation group play twice against themselves and twice against the four first qualified teams of the first stage of the Nationale 2; the two worst teams would be relegated. Seeded teams played games 3 and 5 at home. Luxembourgish basketball at Total League website at

Whitewater Fire

The Whitewater Fire was a wildfire in and near the Mount Jefferson Wilderness 13 miles east of Detroit, United States. The fire, caused by a lightning strike and first reported on July 23, 2017, has burned 14,500 acres and is no longer active, it is one of eight fires to burn in Willamette National Forest in the Fall of 2017. The Whitewater Fire was started by a lightning strike in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness near the Whitewater Creek; the fire was first reported on July 23, 2017, at 5:35 PM by a commercial airplane that spotted the smoke. By the next day, the fire had grown to 67 acres due to high winds, low humidity and high temperatures; the US Forest Service closed numerous trails in response to the fire's growth, including portions of Whitewater, Cheat Creek and Crag trails. Two days on July 25, a forest service road off of Highway 20 was closed; the fire grew somewhat, but calm weather kept it under 100 acres and the Hoodoo ski area became an Incident Command Post. By August 1, the fire had grown to 167 acres and 11-miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and South Breitenbusch Trail were closed due to concerns with the fire's growth due to hot and dry weather.

Due to the heavy fuels and hot, dry weather the fire grew to 1,500 acres overnight and was 10% contained. Air resources began to be utilized due to the growth. By August 3, the Whitewater Fire expanded north and south to 4,579 acres acres, reaching Woodpecker and Breitenbush creeks. Fire crews began clearing roadside vegetation; the air quality in nearby Detroit declined with ash falling from the sky. Aircraft were unable to provide air support due to low visibility. On August 5, Super Scoopers began collecting water from Detroit Lake and select trailheads were closed in Willamette National Forest and Deschutes National Forest. By mid-August, the Little Devil Fire started about two miles northwest of the Whitewater Fire. By mid-August, the Little Devil Fire started about two miles northwest of the Whitewater Fire. Air quality still declined in Breitenbush; the final Willamette National Forest update on the Whitewater Fire was on September 26, 2017. The fire was 64 % contained. Forest Service Road 45 reopened to traffic with all other trail and road closures remaining in place.

Fire crews continue to implement cleanup and repair. By the end of October, the Whitewater Fire had grown to 14,463 acres