Human polyomavirus 7

Human polyomavirus 7 is a virus of the polyomavirus family that infects human hosts. It is a common component of the skin flora in healthy adults. There is limited evidence from case reports linking the virus to a skin rash occurring in immunocompromised organ transplant recipients. HPyV7 was first discovered in 2010 by rolling circle amplification, a genetic technique that efficiently amplifies and detects circular DNA, such as a polyomavirus genome, it was identified as a component of skin flora in healthy adults, along with Merkel cell polyomavirus and Human polyomavirus 6. HPyV7 is related to HPyV6, discovered at the same time. In the 2015 taxonomic update to the polyomavirus group, the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses classified HPyV7 in the genus Deltapolyomaviridae; this group contains only four viruses, all of which infect humans: HPyV6, HPyV7, MW polyomavirus, STL polyomavirus. All known human polyomaviruses are common in healthy adult populations and are asymptomatic. In studies that profile polyomavirus seroprevalence, or prevalence of detectable antibodies against viral proteins indicating either past or present exposure in immunocompetent adults, estimates of HPyV7 prevalence have ranged from 35–85%, with evidence of low prevalence among children and increasing prevalence with age.

The age-dependent pattern of seroprevalence featuring a decline at around six months old is consistent with the transmission of maternal antibodies. A study of cutaneous viruses in men found prevalence of HPyV7 DNA—indicating replicating virus—at around 2%. Another similar study reported HPyV7 DNA prevalence at around 14%, with 10% showing persistent viral shedding over time; as with many discovered human polyomaviruses, the clinical significance of HPyV7 is poorly characterized. Attempts to detect polyomaviruses in a variety of tumor types have found that HPyV7 is either absent or present at low viral loads, indicating that it is unlikely to be causally related to the tumor. HPyV7 has been associated in case reports with a skin condition in immunocompromised patients—HPyV7-related epithelial hyperplasia—specifically lung transplant recipients on a regimen of immunosuppressive drugs; the reported skin manifestations consisted of pruritic velvet-textured plaques interpreted clinically as drug side effects.

Histological findings include viral particles contained in eosinophilic keratinocytes. Evidence of replicating HPyV7 was identified in affected tissue, supporting the hypothesis that the virus caused the rash


Achamindri is a 2016 Indian Tamil action thriller film directed by Ennamo Nadakkudhu fame Rajapandi. It stars Vijay Vasanth, Srushti Dange, Vidya Pradeep, Saranya Ponvannan, Radha Ravi; the dialogues are written by G. Radhakrishnan; the music has been composed by Premgi Amaren. This movie includes the cast and crew from the director's previous film Ennamo Nadakkudhu, released in 2014 to positive reviews; the movie was Produced by V Vinoth kumar. Triple V Records bankrolled the project A pickpocket named Sakthi is attracted to Malarvizhi, a middle-class girl. A straightforward cop named, their lives turn topsy-turvy on the same day - Sakthi is chased by goons for picking the pocket of a gangster. The movie ends with how Sathya solve the crime. Soon after the release of successful Yennamo Nadakkudhu, Producer V Vinoth Kuar and Director P Rajapandi decided to work together in 1 more movie. Like his first film, Yennamo Nadakkudhu, Rajapandi’s Achamindri is a genre film — if the previous one was a thriller involving money laundering, this one is centered on an education racket.

Pre Production began in September 2014. Shrushti Dange was cast as Heroine opposite to Vijay Vasanth. Samuthirakani and Saranya Ponvannan were cast in important roles. Radha ravi was included for a pivotal role. Pooja of the movie was held in Triple V Records office, helmed by Vasanth & Co founder Mr H Vasanthakumar. Principal shooting began on 10 March 2015. A superbly choreographed action sequence involving Vijay Vasanth and Samuthirakani was shot at Marg mall; the 1st scheduled was majorly shot in Chennai. Scenes involving Vijay vasanth & Srushti dange were shot in this schedule. Combination scenes of Saranya Ponvannan and Radharavi were canned in this schedule; the schedule lasted for 20 days. Major chunk of the movie was shot in this schedule. A song featuring Vidya Pradeep was shot in Pollachi. A dance number featuring the lead pair Vijay vasanth and Srushti dange was shot in lush green locations of Pollachi. Entire movie was wrapped up in 52 days with some minor patch work left. Music was composed by Premji Released on Triple V Records.

All lyrics are written by Yugabharathi. Achamindri opened to positive reviews from critics. Sify Movies gave an Above Average verdict and stated, Achamindri is an above average commercial entertainer highlighting the irregularities in our educational system. Indiaglitz in its review stated Achamindri can be watched for its message about Education system conveyed with the right impact, the suspenseful narration that keeps us guessing and a genuine twist; the Times of India gave 3 out of 5 stars. TOI stated that The climax is built chiefly on the strength of the dialogues, G Radhakrishnan’s lines, though they make arguments that we have heard before, are both hard-hitting and crowd-pleasing that we cannot help but cheer. Galatta in its review stated. Dinamalar in its review stated that Achamindri is a must watch for Students and Educational Institutions; the Hindu gave negative feedback for the movie. Achamindri on IMDb