American Antiquarian Society

The American Antiquarian Society, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, is both a learned society and national research library of pre-twentieth century American history and culture. Founded in 1812, it is the oldest historical society in the United States with a national focus, its main building, known as Antiquarian Hall, is a U. S. National Historic Landmark in recognition of this legacy; the mission of the AAS is to collect and make available for study all printed records of what is now known as the United States of America. This includes materials from the first European settlement through the year 1876; the AAS offers programs for professional scholars, pre-collegiate and graduate students, professional artists, writers and the general public. AAS has many digital collections available, including "A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns 1788–1824."The collections of the AAS contain over three million books, newspapers, graphic arts materials and manuscripts. The Society is estimated to hold copies of two-thirds of the total books known to have been printed in what is now the United States from the establishment of the first press in 1640 through the year 1820.

Historic materials from all fifty U. S. states, most of Canada and the British West Indies are included in the AAS repository. One of the more famous volumes held by the Society is a copy of the first book printed in America, the Bay Psalm Book. AAS has one of the largest collections of newspapers printed in America through 1876, with more than two million issues in its collection. On the initiative of Isaiah Thomas, the AAS was founded on October 24, 1812, through an act of the Massachusetts General Court, it was the third historical society established in America, the first to be national in its scope. Isaiah Thomas started the collection with 8,000 books from his personal library; the first library building was erected in 1820 in downtown Massachusetts. In 1853, the Society moved its collections to a larger building at the corner of Highland Street in Worcester; this building was abandoned and another new building was constructed. Designed by Winslow, Bigelow & Wadsworth, the Georgian Revival building was completed in 1910 and stands on the corner of Park Avenue and Salisbury Street.

There have been several additions to this building to accommodate the growing collection, the most recent of, completed in 2003. AAS was presented with the 2013 National Humanities Medal by President Obama in a ceremony at the White House; as part of AAS's mission as a learned society, it offers a variety of public seminars. One topic to which AAS dedicates significant academic energies is printing technology in eighteenth-century British North America. Since Isaiah Thomas was a newspaper man himself, he collected a large number of printed materials. With regard to printing, paper making, edition setting, reprinting, not much had changed in European technology by the eighteenth century, it was not until the late eighteenth century that paper-making material began to evolve from a hand-woven cloth to an industrial pulp. AAS undertakes special efforts to preserve printed records from this time period, as the Society maintains an on-site conservation department with various sewing and binding materials to aid in the preservation process.

The American Antiquarian Society's membership includes scholars, journalists, collectors, American presidents, civic leaders. Notable members include the following individuals: Books in the United States History of books List of antiquarian societies Massachusetts Historical Society John Ratcliff List of National Historic Landmarks in Massachusetts National Register of Historic Places listings in northwestern Worcester, Massachusetts Goslow, Brian. "Worcester's best kept secret: The American Antiquarian Society belongs to everyone". Worcester Magazine. Archived from the original on October 17, 2014. Retrieved October 10, 2014. Gura, Philip F; the American Antiquarian Society, 1812–2012: A Bicentennial History 454 pp. Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society. Worcester, Mass.: the Society, 1843– American Antiquarian Society Homepage Common-Place free online scholarly history journal focused on early US Republic

Wim Vansevenant

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Robert DeStefano

Robert Louis DeStefano is an American sports chiropractor and inventor. He is a team doctor for the New York-based football team the New York Giants, competitive triathlete, he has spoken and taught manual therapies nationally for 15 years, has appeared on The View, Sirius and XM Radio, as well as many local TV and radio programs. DeStefano was raised in New Jersey. After a high school athletic career of track, decathlon, power-lifting, lacrosse, DeStefano attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania on a football scholarship, earned a rugby scholarship to Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, where he earned his D. C. in 1986. Soon after graduation, he earned his CCSP, attended his first A. R. T. Seminar. After a few years of practicing chiropractic medicine and ART, he became an ART instructor. From the early 1990s to 2009. DeStefano has related teaching and lecturing events, he has assisted in certifying thousands of ART providers. He is launching his own seminars to promote integrative healthcare and self treatment.

DeStefano opened his first offices in Ridgefield Park and in Lodi, NJ in 1987, his first NY office in 1999, at La Palestra on the upper west side. In 2002 Dr Rob became an official ART provider to the New York Football Giants, seeing them through their 2008 Super Bowl XLII Championship and continuing at present as the official ART provider and the official Chiropractor. 2009 saw the opening of his first two satellite offices in The Orion and The Ariel. Within these offices and in the field, he has worked with athletes of all levels including the US Olympic Bobsled/Luge/Skeleton teams, US Olympic Hockey Team, the NHL, NBA, LPGA, the NFL. On September 15, 2009, DeStefano released his first book, Muscle Medicine, with Bryan Kelly and Joe Hooper, about the diagnosis and treatment of muscle, muscle’s important role in the future of healthcare, he is developing a new treatment technique and self-treatment modality to complement doctor care, adopted by many of his athletes and patients. In 2010, he has plans to introduce a piece of exercise equipment, a self-treatment tool, being used by national, professional sports teams.

DeStefano has developed two pieces of exercise equipment: a variation on the kettlebell, in development. A. S. T. Stick in usage by pro athletes, available to the public in 2010. Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining and Repairing your Muscle and Joints. Simon and Schuster, 2009. “The View” on NBC “America's Newsroom” on Fox news "To Your Health" on Channel 12 News. Morning Show"/WGAU Radio 9/17/2009 Broadminded"/Sirius XM Satellite Radio, 9/18/2009 Morning Living Show" Martha Stewart Radio 9/25/2009 Empty Nesters" 10/21/2009 DeStefano has four children – Jason, Amy and Devyn. In addition to his practices, work with the Giants and equipment development, Dr. Rob participates and competes in triathlons and running races. To date, he himself has competed in over 300 races, including 9 Ironman triathlons and 2 Ironman World Championships. In 2012, DeStefano married Alyssa Hulahan; the couple divorced. DeStefano Chiropractic Website Muscle Medicine Website The Fast Program Website Bryan Kelly Website NY Football Giants Website Alta Physical Therapy Palmer Chiropractic College Simon and Schuster Outdoor Sports Guide