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American University
of Science and Technology
الجامعة الأميركية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا
Former name
American Universal College
MottoCommitment to Excellence (English)
PresidentHiam Sakr
ProvostNabeel Haidar
Students5,512 (5,098 Undergraduate, 414 Graduate).
CampusUrban, Main campus is located in Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon, (22,245 m2).
Zahlé campus is located on Mouallaka Avenue, Bekaa, Lebanon, (14,000 m2).
Sidon campus is located at Nazih Bizri Boulevard, Sidon, (10,970 m2).
Aley campus is located in Bhamdoun, Aley, Mount Lebanon, (10,000 m2) [2]
Student newspaperAUST MidWeek[3]
ColorsBlue • White

The American University of Science and Technology (AUST), (French: Université américaine de sciences et technologie or Arabic: الجامعة الأميركية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا‎), is a private, non-sectarian and co-educational American university in Lebanon.

In 1989, the university was established in Achrafieh, Beirut, under the name of the American Universal College of Decree Number 4897. However, in 7 August 2000, it became a private, non-sectarian and co-educational institution of higher learning licensed by Presidential Decree Number 3585. Finally, on 28 August 2007, the institute was licensed as "The American University of Science and Technology" acquiesced in Governmental Decree of number 677.[4]

As of March 2019, the university has four campuses, one is in Beirut and the other three are in Aley, Zahlé and Sidon. With establishing the University's French Section, it encourages trilingualism of English, French and Arabic environment and cultural entourage.

The university offers programs leading to degrees in Business and Economics, Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering.


AUST Main Campus was founded in 1989 in Achrafieh, the residential and commercial district of Beirut, Lebanon.

The American University of Science and Technology was founded, at first, as an educational institute by Dr. Hiam Sakr of Ain Ebel village in South Lebanon; the University was established on 21 March 1994, in Achrafieh street in Beirut, Lebanon, under the name of the American Universal College of Decree Number 4897, as an External Degree Program from the State University of New York / Empire State College, New York, United States of America. The educational institute later changed its name to the American University of Science and Technology. On 7 August 2000, it became a private non-sectarian co-educational institution of higher learning licensed by Presidential Decree Number 3585, its medium of instruction is English and French. The University offers both Undergraduate and Graduate courses and degrees in most of its departments.[5]


The American University of Science and Technology has three campuses: The Main campus is located in Ashrafieh area in Beirut, Lebanon, of Land space: 10,000 m2 and an existing buildings: 12,245 m2; the Zahlé campus is located on Mouallaka Avenue in Bekaa, East Lebanon, of land space: 8,000 m2 and an existing buildings: 6,000 m2. While the Sidon campus is located at Sindon's northern entrance, Nazih Bizri Boulevard, South Lebanon, of land space: 7,245 m2 and an existing buildings: 3,725 m2.

Garden of Genius[edit]

On 11 October 2010, the university had held a commemorating ceremony in the presence of the renowned poet, Said Akl during which he unveiled his own statue at the “Garden of Genius” in the university campus, in Beirut, in the presence of scores of dignitaries, literary figures, religious leaders, politicians and diplomats.

"Said Akl’s original patriotism,
as well as his endless loyalty
to his beloved Lebanon,
was what made him."

— Dr. Sakr


As of March 31, 2011, the Faculty of Business and Economics received the accreditation of International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education for its business programs.

The business programs in the following degrees, as well, are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education: Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Administration.

Nevertheless, on 7 September 2016, the Faculty of Science received the accreditation of ABET, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc, for its Engineering and Computer Science programs.

School of Business and Economics[edit]

The Faculty of business and economics offers programs leading to the Bachelor's Degree in the following fields of specialization: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Hospitality Management, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Travel and Tourism Management and Marketing and Advertising. In addition, the Faculty offers a graduate program leading to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with the following fields of concentration: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Hospitality Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing.

School of Arts and Sciences[edit]

Pope Francis, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church wears Easter Mass liturgical suit designed by the renowned Lebanese fashion designer, AUST instructor, Maged Bou Tanous, in March 2016.

The Faculty of arts and sciences consists of seven academic departments; the Faculty is committed to responsible and innovative leadership in developing and disseminating knowledge and values and encourages constructive criticism.

These objectives are achieved through comprehensive and reachable academic programs which stress a broad-based interdisciplinary approach of learning; the Faculty is committed to offering the students the highest quality education. The Faculty ensures that the students receive the best education by maintaining innovative learning experiences and excellent teaching methods; the Faculty is dedicated to both superior teaching and research supported by excellence in scholarship and creative activity.

School of Health Sciences[edit]

AUST has also decided to participate actively in the development and spreading of biotechnology in Lebanon and the Middle East region by creating the Department of Laboratory Science and Technology. At present, the department offers two biotechnology tracks: the Clinical Laboratory Science and Optics and Optometry. In both tracks the student will enroll in a BS program followed by an optional year of specialty program.

School of Engineering[edit]


AUST cooperates with worldwide universities to provide top-level education.

The university’s commitment to international human understanding has led it to establish an extensive network of affiliations, exchange and cooperation agreements with universities in the United States of America, Europe, Canada and the Middle East. Consequently, offering to the Lebanese and foreign students unique cross-cultural study opportunities; and, the faculty substantial research possibilities.

The university strives to provide top-level education at moderate costs; the institution adopts the ideas and thinking of its founders who believe that each individual should be given a chance to realize his/her potentials through a university-level training that is not prohibitively expensive or exclusive.[6]

There are more than 33 affiliations covering the areas of transfer of credits, academic curricula, and the exchange of students, exchange of faculty and technical training; these affiliations include:

North America


Middle East




The American University of Science and Technology application forms are available at the Admission Offices in the university campuses in Beirut, Zahlé and Sidon. Applications, upon request, shall be sent to the applicant’s home or school address or even the application forms can be submitted online on the university's website.

Applications for admission to AUST must be submitted before the end of September for admission to the Fall semester, before the end of January for admission to the Spring semester and before the end of June for admission to the Summer session.


The AUST University Library System is centered in each of every campus and it comprises nearly three individual libraries.

Student life[edit]

AUST year students live in and around scenic Achrafieh, the University’s geographic center, with innumerable opportunities to self-develop and multi-faceted support network that helps students navigate them.


The AUST sport activities office gives students the opportunity to socialize, organize events, and work in teams within areas of Interest, which are not necessarily academic.

In sport activities office there are several sports and activities such as: Rugby, aerobics, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Dance de Salon (ballroom dance), dancesport, chess, Thai-kick boxing, Crazy Dunkers, Hip Hop, Yoga and tennis.

Team spirit, fair competition and sportsmanship run high at AUST’s men and women varsity squads; the basketball, football, handball, volleyball, rugby teams participate in various local, regional and international collegiate tournaments, getting exposed not only to high level competition but also memorable experience.

Student Clubs[edit]

Student clubs are established to promote the various interests of AUST students; these clubs are supported by the University. Each student club has a full-time faculty advisor who accompanies the members to all of their organized activities; the activities of these clubs are run according to sound business practices.

The Student Life council reviews all requests for student activities by the various student clubs. In the event that an approved club activity falls short financially, the Student Activities Fund may be used to cover the deficit.

The AUST clubs, in 2015, include, but are not limited to the following clubs:

  • Environmental Club,
  • First Aid Club,
  • Music Club,
  • Photography Club,
  • Drama Club, and
  • Chess Club

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