Ammer (Neckar)

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End near Lustnau
Country Germany
Physical characteristics
River mouth Neckar
48°35′02″N 8°51′13″E / 48.5839°N 8.85361°E / 48.5839; 8.85361Coordinates: 48°35′02″N 8°51′13″E / 48.5839°N 8.85361°E / 48.5839; 8.85361
Length 22.6 km (14.0 mi) [1]
Basin features
Progression NeckarRhineNorth Sea

The About this sound Ammer  is a small river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, a tributary of the Neckar.

It has its source southwest of Herrenberg. Along the southern edge of the Schönbuch, it flows through Herrenberg, Ammerbuch, Unterjesingen and Tübingen, before it discharges into the Neckar at Tübingen-Lustnau after 22.6 kilometres (14.0 mi).

The following rivers join the Ammer:

  • Aischbach (Herrenberg)
  • Kochhartbach (Ammerbuch-Reusten)
  • Käsbach (Ammerbuch-Pfäffingen)
  • Sulzbach (Ammerbuch-Pfäffingen)
  • Enzbach (Tübingen-Unterjesingen)
  • Himbach (between Tübingen and Unterjesingen)
  • Weilersbach (Tübingen-West)
  • Goldersbach (Tübingen-Lustnau)