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Annunciation (van Eyck, Washington)

The Annunciation is an oil painting by the Early Netherlandish master Jan van Eyck, from around 1434–1436. The panel is housed in the National Gallery of Art, in Washington D. C, it was on panel but has been transferred to canvas. It is thought; the annunciation is a complex work, whose iconography is still debated by art historians. The picture depicts the Annunciation by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she will bear the son of God; the inscription shows his words: AVE GRÃ. PLENA or "Hail, full of grace...". She modestly draws back and responds, ECCE ANCILLA DÑI or "Behold the handmaiden of the Lord"; the words appear upside down because they are directed to God and are therefore inscribed with a God's-eye view. The Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit descend to her on seven rays of light from the upper window to the left, with the dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit following the same path. Through Christ's human incarnation the old era of the Law is transformed into a new era of Grace"; the setting develops this theme.

Mary was believed in the Middle Ages to have been a studious girl, engaged by the Temple of Jerusalem with other selected maidens to spin new curtains for the Holy of Holies. The book she is reading here is too large to be a lady's Book of Hours; the van Eycks were the first to use this setting in panel painting, but it appears earlier in illuminated manuscripts, in an altarpiece of 1397 from the same monastery for which this painting was ordered. The architecture moves from older, round Romanesque forms above, to pointed Gothic arches below, with the higher levels in darkness, the floor level well-lit; the gloom of the Old Covenant is about to be succeeded by the light of the New Covenant. The flat timber roof is with planks out of place; the use of Romanesque architecture to identify Jewish rather than Christian settings is a regular feature of the paintings of van Eyck and his followers, other paintings show both styles in the same building in a symbolic way. The decoration of the temple is all derived from the Old Testament, but the subjects shown are those believed in the Middle Ages to prefigure the coming of Christ the Messiah.

In the floor tiles David's slaying of Goliath, foretells Christ's triumph over the devil. Behind this, Samson pulls down the Temple of the Philistines, prefiguring both the Crucifixion and the Last Judgement, according to medieval authorities. To the left, Delilah is cutting Samson's hair, behind he slays the Philistines; the death of Absalom and that of Abimelech are identified by some art historians, although only tiny sections are visible. Erwin Panofsky, who developed much of this analysis, proposed a scheme for the significance of the astrological symbols in the round border tiles, other versions have been suggested; the rear wall has a single stained glass window, where Jehovah stands, above triple plain-glazed windows below, which suggest the Christian trinity. On either side of the single window are dim wall-paintings of the Finding of Moses by Pharaoh's daughter, Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. Below them are roundels with Isaac and Jacob, for which various symbolic functions have been proposed.

The lilies are a traditional attribute of Mary, standing for purity. The empty stool may be a symbol for Christ going back to early Byzantine art, it has been suggested that Mary has been given the features of Isabella of Portugal, wife of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, who may well have commissioned the painting from van Eyck, his court painter. Mary wears a robe in her usual blue, trimmed in ermine, reserved for royalty, which would suit this theory, although the Middle Ages placed great emphasis on Mary's royal descent in any case; as is usual in the North, Mary's features are less attractive than those of Gabriel. Neither figure has a halo. Mary's posture is ambiguous. Many writers, including Hand, call the figures over-large compared to the architecture; this is a feature of some of van Eyck's depictions of Mary in a Church setting, with a particular theological meaning. In Madonna in the Church in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin where this theme is most developed: the figure of Mary is some sixty feet high, filling much of the height of a tall Gothic church.

It is not so clear. If, for example, the setting were a first floor room, or one giving on to a courtyard, the windows might be lower than is normal in a medieval church; the size of the plain glass roundels does not seem disproportionate with the figures. Another of van Eyck's themes, that of other Early Netherlandish painters, is indicated by the large cope over a dalmatic worn by Gabriel; this would, in a human, mark him as a attendant at a High Mass.. Mary is facing a table with a boo

Ben Press

Ben Press was an American tennis player and writer, known for his involvement in World Team Tennis, his connection with the Hotel del Coronado, as teacher of tennis standouts such as Maureen Connolly and Karen Hantze Susman. Press was raised in the University North Park neighborhoods of San Diego, California. Interested from an early age in tennis, his early tennis teachers included longtime San Diego tennis coach Wilbur Folsom. Press's neighbors in North Park included Ted Williams, with whom Press would play baseball and tennis growing up. Press was considered a top junior player, won the Bob Carrothers Sportsmanship Award, he played varsity tennis at UCLA. Press's playing career included wins at the La Jolla Championship Summer Tournament in 1949 and 1951. Press played against such contemporaries as Jack Kramer, Bill Tilden, Bobby Riggs, Pancho Gonzales, Whitney Reed, Tony Trabert. In addition, Press won three USTA Senior National mixed doubles titles with Jeanne Doyle Garrett in 1970, 1973, 1974, represented the United States against Canada four times for the Gordon Trophy.

Press was one of the founders of the San Diego Friars in World Team Tennis. He was a nonplaying assistant part owner of the 1974 WTT champion Denver Racquets. Over the course of more than six decades, Press was head pro at several prominent San Diego-area tennis facilities, including 17 years at the Kona Kai Club and 28 years at the Hotel del Coronado, where he was pro from 1977 until the demolition of the hotel's tennis courts in 2005. Press subsequently became head pro at the Hilton Tennis Club, he was recognized as a Master Professional by the USPTA. Press taught Wimbledon champions Maureen Connolly and Karen Hantze Susman, Australian Open winner Brian Teacher. Press taught other standout San Diego-area players, such as Marita Redondo, Walter Redondo, Kristien Kemmer, Angelica Gavaldon, Steve Avoyer, Randy Thomas, Alexandra Stevenson. Along with his longtime teaching career, Press wrote at length about tennis. In the 1970s, Press wrote a regular column on tennis for the San Diego Evening Tribune.

Press was a co-founder of the Greater San Diego City Tennis Council, an organization that provides resources and funds for the improvement and refurbishment of public tennis court facilities in San Diego. Ben served two terms as president of both the San Diego District Tennis Association and the San Diego division of the USPTA. In 2006, Press was one of ten initial inductees into the San Diego Tennis Hall of Fame. Press was awarded the National Community Service Award from both the USTA and the USPTA. Press was a 2010 inductee into the USTA Southern California Senior Hall of Fame. In 2011, Press was given the United States Professional Tennis Association's Presidential Award. Press won the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award of the USPTA San Diego Division. Press was the inventor of the Scepter Racquet, the first commercial graphite tennis racquet. Press died of prostate cancer on September 9, 2016 at the age of 92. 100 Years of Tennis at the Hotel del Coronado. The Greater San Diego Tennis Council/Kales Press.

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Sauromatum is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae. The genus is native to tropical Africa, tropical Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, their inflorescences give off an unpleasant smell. The inflorescence disperses its odor by heating up. SpeciesSauromatum brevipes N. E. Br. - Tibet, Bhutan, Assam Sauromatum brevipilosum Cusimano & Hett. - Sumatra Sauromatum diversifolium Hett. - eastern Himalayas, Sichuan, Nepal, Assam, Cambodia Sauromatum gaoligongense J. C. Wang & H. Li - Yunnan Sauromatum giganteum Cusimano & Hett. - Anhui, Hebei, Jilin, Shandong, Sichuan, Tibet Sauromatum hirsutum Cusimano & Hett. - Yunnan, Thailand, Vietnam Sauromatum horsfieldii Miq. - Guangxi, Sichuan, Laos, Thailand, Sumatra, Bali Sauromatum tentaculatum Cusimano & Hett. - Thailand Sauromatum venosum Kunth - tropical Africa from Ethiopia south to Mozambique and west to Cameroon.

Billie Kay

Jessica McKay is an Australian professional wrestler. She is signed to WWE under the ring name Billie Kay and performs on the Raw brand and is one-half of the tag team The IIconics alongside Peyton Royce. In June 2007, Kay made her professional wrestling debut at Pro Wrestling Alliance, she debuted one-year for the Pro Wrestling Women's Alliance promotion, where she became a two-time PWWA Champion, she started competing on the independent circuit for multiple promotions in the United States for several years, most notably and for Shimmer Women Athletes. McKay began watching wrestling at the age of 10 along with her brother, started her professional wrestling career first attending to the Australian promotion based in Sydney, Pro Wrestling Alliance. Prior to becoming a wrestler, McKay excelled in basketball, she attended the same high school as fellow wrestler Peyton Royce. McKay was trained by Madison Eagles, she debuted on 23 June 2007, on her eighteenth birthday, at PWA Australia with a win over Eagles and Aurora, wrestling under her birth name as Jessie McKay.

On 2 August 2008, McKay defeated defending champion Kellie Skater to win the PWWA Championship for the first time. She had one successful title defence on 8 November against Tenille Tayla. On 22 November, she lost her title to Penni Lane. After Lane vacated her title due to injury, McKay won the PWWA Championship for the second time in a four-way match against Kellie Skater and Shazza McKenzie on 14 September 2009. McKay had two successful title defences against KC Cassidy and Madison Eagles in March and May 2010, but lost the title to Eagles on 11 June 2010. In September 2011, McKay failed to win a three-way match for the Shimmer Championship featuring champion Madison Eagles and Nicole Matthews. In August 2012, in a match to crown the interim PWWA Champion, she was defeated by Evie. McKay began wrestling for the American all-female promotion Shimmer Women Athletes in October 2008, making her debut at Volume 21 along with Madison Eagles as the Pink Ladies, participating in a tag team gauntlet match to determine the inaugural Shimmer Tag Team Champions, but were the first team eliminated.

McKay made her singles debut in Shimmer with a loss to Kellie Skater at Volume 24. At Volume 33 in September 2010, McKay defeated Nicole Matthews, after losing to Matthews earlier that year in April at Volume 30, she followed up with an upset victory over Ayako Hamada and Sara Del Rey in a three-way match by pinning former Shimmer Champion Del Rey at Volume 34. As a result in September 2010, McKay was granted a title match against her trainer and former tag partner, Shimmer Champion Madison Eagles at Volume 35, but failed to win. After her failed title challenge, McKay continued her feud with Nicole Matthews. At Volume 36, she teamed up with Tenille, challenging The Canadian NINJAs for the Shimmer Tag Team Championship, but were defeated. However, she gained a victory over the Canadian NINJAs at Volume 38 while teaming with Serena. McKay concluded her feud with Matthews with a loss in a two-out-of-three falls match at Volume 39 in March 2011. In March 2012, victories over Mia Yim at Volume 45 and former Shimmer Champion MsChif at Volume 46 led to McKay receiving another shot at the Shimmer Championship, but lost to defending champion Cheerleader Melissa at Volume 47.

At Volume 53 in April 2013, McKay was defeated by Madison Eagles in Eagles' return match. At Volume 57, Kay defeated Mercedes Martinez. Other than wrestling for Shimmer, McKay has wrestled for other American promotions, including Combat Zone Wrestling and Ring of Honor in 2008, Chikara in 2011, she wrestled for the Canadian promotion NCW Femmes Fatales in 2012. McKay debuted for the American promotion Shine Wrestling at Shine 9 in April 2014, with a victory in a six-person tag team match, teaming with Kellie Skater and Shazza McKenzie to defeat Nikki Roxx and Mia Yim. McKay received a tryout with WWE during their tour of Australia in August 2014 and became an NXT trainee on 13 April 2015. McKay made her televised in-ring debut on 10 June episode of NXT, where she competed in a losing effort against Becky Lynch under the ring name Jessie. On 7 August, she was given the new ring name Billie Kay. After competing in most of her matches at NXT as a face, Kay competed on her first match as a heel on 21 October episode of NXT, losing to Asuka.

Through the end of 2015, Kay started being managed by fellow wrestler, Sylvester Lefort, during multiple NXT live events, however it did not last for long after Lefort was released from his contract in February 2016. On 13 January 2016 episode of NXT, Kay competed in a number one contender's battle royal for Bayley's NXT Women's Championship, won by Carmella. Kay made her first appearance on the main roster on 30 June episode of SmackDown, where she worked as a jobber losing to Dana Brooke. Kay made her return to NXT television on 27 July, where she achieved her first live victory in the company by defeating Santana Garrett. After asking NXT's general manager William Regal for a match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II on 17 August episode of NXT, she was granted one against the debutant Ember Moon. At the event on 20 August, Kay was defeated by Moon. Following a brief hiatus, Kay returned on 21 September episode of NXT. In October, Kay started an alliance with Peyton Royce dubbed The Iconic Duo, entered a feud with Liv Morgan with the duo attacking and defeating Morgan in singles matches.

This led to a six–women tag team match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, taped and aired for 23 November episode of NXT, in which Aliyah, Ember Moon and Morgan defeated Kay and their partner Daria Berenato. In the end of December and Roy

Marine Midland Building

140 Broadway is a 51-story office building located at 140 Broadway between Cedar and Liberty streets in Manhattan's Financial District. The building, completed in 1967, is 688 ft tall and is known for the distinctive sculpture at its entrance, Isamu Noguchi's Cube. Gordon Bunshaft, of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the architect who designed the building, had proposed a monolith type sculpture, but it was deemed to be too expensive; the building is owned by Union Investment. The building is 688 feet high, with 1,170,000 rentable square feet, is the 72nd tallest building in New York; the primary tenant of the building as of 2010 is Brown Brothers Harriman, leasing some 430,000 ft² in 2003. BBH moved to the site from their trademark location at 59 Wall Street, filling a vacancy left after HSBC moved their primary New York office to the HSBC building at 452 5th Avenue. A consortium headed by Harry Helmsley built the building and gave Marine Midland Bank naming rights as part of the bank's initial lease of the two basement and first 20 floors.

HSBC purchased a controlling interest in Marine Midland in 1980, secured full ownership in 1987, changed the name of the bank to HSBC Bank USA in 1998. While the building is referred to by its prior names, the current ownership has named it 140 Broadway stylized as One Forty Broadway. A bombing occurred on the 8th floor on August 1969, injuring 20 people; the bomb, which police estimated to be the equivalent of 25 sticks of dynamite, was placed in a hallway just off the elevators some time during the evening and it exploded at around 10:30PM. The injured were on the night shift in the bank's stock bookkeeping department and were working on the other side of the corridor wall; the inside of this wall was lined with floor-to-ceiling automated file units that weighed 3 tons each and which absorbed most of the blast. Without them, the 20 injuries would all have been fatalities; the blast moved the file units about a foot, blew out all the windows on that side of the building and opened a 5-foot hole in the reinforced concrete floor.

The bomber, Sam Melville, was convicted of this and seven other 1969 Manhattan bombings and sentenced to 18 years in prison. He was killed by a state sharpshooter during the Attica Prison riots in September 1971. Located one block east of the World Trade Center site, 140 Broadway sustained minor damage to its western façade when the Twin Towers collapsed during the September 11 Attacks. On June 25, 2013, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Marine Midland Building as a New York City Landmark, under the name "140 Broadway"; the interior and exterior of the building appears a number of times in the 1971 film Klute. The interior shots provide images of the World Trade Center under construction; the building and the Noguchi cube are seen in The April Fools. They appear in the music videoes for Jay Z's "Empire State of Mind" and Beck's "Devils Haircut". HSBC Tower, Midtown Manhattan List of tallest buildings in New York City List of New York City Designated Landmarks in Manhattan below 14th Street Official website Emporis Photo from former WTC tower

Joti Samra

Joti Samra is a Canadian television personality, co-host and finance expert on the docu-reality television series Million Dollar Neighbourhood on the Oprah Winfrey Network airing in Canada and the US. Samra was born in a suburb of British Columbia, Canada, she holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia, master's degree in clinical psychology from the University of Regina and a PhD in clinical-forensic psychology from Simon Fraser University. Samra was the psychological consultant to Citytv's The Bachelor Canada and was a featured clinical expert in all three seasons of the Animal Planet docu-reality series Confessions: Animal Hoarding, developed by the producers of the critically acclaimed A&E series Intervention, she has authored a weekly "Ask the Health Expert" column for The Globe and Mail since 2010. In April 2016 Dr. Samra started a weekly radio program on the Surrey BC station 107.7 Pulse FM. Joti Samra's television career at IMDb "Negative news stories can affect our mood, but feeling doesn't last: doctor".

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