Antaeus, known to the Berbers as Anti, was a figure in Berber and Greek mythology. In Greek sources, he was the giant son of Poseidon and Gaia, who lived in the interior desert of Libya, his wife was the goddess Tinge, for whom the city of Tangier in Morocco was named, he had a daughter named Alceis or Barce. He was famed for his loss to Heracles as part of his twelve Labours. Antaeus would challenge all passers-by to wrestling matches and remained invincible as long as he remained in contact with his mother, the earth; as Greek wrestling, like its modern equivalent attempted to force opponents to the ground, he always won, killing his opponents. He built a temple to his father using their skulls. Antaeus fought Heracles. Heracles realized that he could not beat Antaeus by pinning him. Instead, he held him aloft and crushed him to death in a bear hug; the contest between Heracles and Antaeus was a favored subject in ancient and Renaissance sculpture. Antaeus is placed in the interior desert of Libya.

He was incorporated into Greek mythology after the Greek conquest of Libya in the mid-seventh century. A location for Antaeus somewhere far within the Berber world might be quite flexible in longitude: when the Roman commander Quintus Sertorius crossed from Hispania to North Africa, he was told by the residents of Tingis, far to the west of Libya, that the gigantic remains of Antaeus would be found within a certain tumulus. In Book IV of Marcus Annaeus Lucanus' epic poem Pharsalia, the story of Heracles' victory over Antaeus is told to the Roman Curio by an unnamed Libyan citizen; the learned client king Juba II of Numidia, husband of the daughter of Antony and Cleopatra, claimed his descent from a liaison of Heracles with Tinga, the consort of Antaeus. In his Life of Sertorius cited above, Plutarch recounts what he says to be a local myth, according to which Heracles consorted with Tinge after the death of Antaeus and had by her a son Sophax, who named a city in North Africa Tingis after his mother.

Sophax in his turn was father of Diodorus who conquered many Libyan peoples with his army of Olbians and Mycenaeans brought to Libya by Heracles. Moreover, some related that Heracles had a son Palaemon by Iphinoe, the daughter of Antaeus and Tinge. Scholiasts on Pindar's Pythian Ode 9 recorded a story which made Antaeus king of the city Irassa in Libya, father of a daughter named either Alceis or Barce. Antaeus promised her hand to the winner of a race, just like Danaus did to find new husbands for his daughters. Alexidamus married the daughter of Antaeus. Three versions of this story, with minor variations, were collected by the scholiasts. Baynes, T. S. ed.. "Antæus". Encyclopædia Britannica. 2. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. P. 100. "Antaeus". Encyclopædia Britannica. 2. 1911. P. 88. "Antæus". The New Student's Reference Work. 1914. "Antaeus". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. 1. 1870. Apollodorus, The Library, with an English Translation by Sir James George Frazer, F. B. A. F. R. S. in 2 Volumes.

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Elam Jay

Elam Jay is a Swiss-Moroccan singer-songwriter. Self-taught, Elam Jay is a Swiss-Moroccan songwriter, dancer, performer and music arranger, his artistic talent and influence, reaches an international audience. He is redefining. With the success of his pop tunes, he has received iconic status in his region, his fan base expands from North Africa to the Middle East and parts of North America. A mélange of pop rock and electronic sounds, True Story is Jay's newest album. Born in Casablanca, raised in Geneva, Elam was influenced by the R&B, Pop and Spanish cultures. While growing up, artists such as James Brown, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, were his musical idols; as a young boy he performed in front of family, friends and in other social settings. During these performances, he learned early on about the importance of connecting with his audience. A recording contract with BMG Sony Entertainment, the release of his first single, "Wanna Be Free", created a presence for Elam Jay in Europe. Elam Jay partnered with Coca-Cola for their North African territories campaign, becoming the first Moroccan spokesman for the company.

The partnership garnered him critical acclaim with the song, "Morena", recorded for the Coca-Cola campaign. Subsequently, his album, was released with a major Middle Eastern music label, reaching over 120,000,000 people; the record became a massive international hit. His music from the record was played in over 20 countries, which included North Africa, Middle East and North America, his hit single, "Gnaouitone", was incorporated in their marketing campaign for a leading Moroccan telecommunications company, which reached 30,000,000 people. The same year, "Marrakech Baby" was released in the Middle East. Not only is Elam a vocalist, but a dancer and entrepreneur. For a number of years he taught dance at a prestigious Geneva center for the arts. Not long after that, at 17 years old, he created his own dance academy with over 180 students. Elam Jay is elaborate live performances; these performances consist of nearly fifty performers, including dancers and a nine-piece band. Gerry Griffith, former A&R Director at Arista Records and the man instrumental in the discovery and success of Whitney Houston, travelled to Marrakech, Morocco to see Elam Jay in concert.

"I have seen many performances. Elam’s brazen and aggressive command of the stage was nothing less than compelling!" Over 80,000 were in attendance for this acclaimed performance. As Elam's music succeeded in Casablanca Cairo, Dubai and countless other cities throughout North Africa and the Middle East, Elam always kept his dream clear and focused, his latest album entitled, True Story, was released in October 2014. The lead single of the album is Sunshine, released in July 2014. 1997 Elam Jay open his own dance school in Geneva, New Dance Academy 2004 Elam Jay set up the company Platinum Music, owner of the license Universal Music in Morocco 2005 Elam Jay set up his own production company, EJ Productions 2008 Elam Jay became owner of the franchise Quintessentially in Morocco.

Navua F.C.

Navua F. C. is a Fijian football team playing in the second division of the Fiji Football Association competitions. They are based in Navua, situated on the southern side of the main island of Viti Levu, between the town of Sigatoka and the city of Suva, their home stadium is Thomson Park. Their uniform is blue shorts and white socks. Navua F. C. was founded in 1943, with the formation of the Navua Soccer Association, under the leadership of C. P. Singh, a former member of the Legislative Council; the team languished in the second division has moved up to the first division, has performed credibly in recent times. Squad for the 2018 Inter-District Championship Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Fiji Senior League: 12019League Championship: Winner: 0 Runner-up: 1 Inter-District Championship: Winner: 1 Runner-up: 0Inter-District Championship - Second Division: Winner: 2 Runner-up: 0Battle of the Giants: Winner: 1 Runner-up: 1 Fiji Football Association Cup Tournament: Winner: 3 Runner-up: 2 Fiji Football Association M. Prasad, Sixty Years of Soccer in Fiji 1938–1998: The Official History of the Fiji Football Association, Fiji Football Association, Suva, 1998