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Antennaria racemosa 4844f.JPG
Antennaria racemosa
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Asterids
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Subfamily: Asteroideae
Tribe: Gnaphalieae
Genus: Antennaria
Gaertn. 1791[1][2]

Antennaria is a genus of herbaceous perennial plants in the family Asteraceae, native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with one species (A. chilensis) in temperate southern South America; the highest species diversity is in North America. Common names include catsfoot or cat's-foot, pussytoes and everlasting.[4][5][6]

Different Antennaria species reach between 10 cm and 50 cm in height. The leaves are basal and often stem leaves, the name Antennaria refers to the projecting stamens seen on the flowers of some species, resembling insect antennae.[7]

Antennaria species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including Vanessa virginiensis (American painted lady),[8] Coleophora pappiferella (which feeds exclusively on A. dioica), Schinia verna (which feeds on several Antennaria species).

Selected species[edit]

  1. Antennaria alpina (L.) Gaertn. – Alpine Catsfoot
  2. Antennaria anaphaloides Rydb. – Pearly Pussytoes
  3. Antennaria arcuata Cronq. – Box Pussytoes
  4. Antennaria argentea Benth. – Silver Pussytoes
  5. Antennaria aromatica Evert – Scented Pussytoes
  6. Antennaria boecheriana A.E.Porsild – Boecher's Catsfoot
  7. Antennaria carpatica (Wahlenb.) Bluff & Fingerh. – Carpathian Catsfoot
  8. Antennaria caucasica Boriss. – Caucasian Catsfoot
  9. Antennaria chilensis Remy – Chilean Catsfoot
  10. Antennaria corymbosa E. Nels. – Flat-top Pussytoes
  11. Antennaria densifolia Porsild – Denseleaf Pussytoes
  12. Antennaria dimorpha (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray – Low Pussytoes
  13. Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn. – Mountain Everlasting
  14. Antennaria eucosma Fern. & Wieg. – Newfoundland Pussytoes
  15. Antennaria flagellaris (Gray) Gray – Whip Pussytoes
  16. Antennaria friesiana (Trautv.) Ekman – Fries' Pussytoes
  17. Antennaria geyeri Gray – Pinewoods Pussytoes
  18. Antennaria howellii Greene (syn. A. canadensis) – Howell's Pussytoes
  19. Antennaria lanata (Hook.) Greene – Woolly Pussytoes
  20. Antennaria luzuloides Torr. & Gray – Rush Pussytoes
  21. Antennaria marginata Greene – Whitemargin Pussytoes
  22. Antennaria media Greene – Rocky Mountain Pussytoes
  23. Antennaria microphylla Rydb. – Littleleaf Pussytoes
  24. Antennaria monocephala DC. – Pygmy Pussytoes
  25. Antennaria neglecta Greene – Field Pussytoes
  26. Antennaria nordhageniana Rune & Rönning
  27. Antennaria parlinii Fern. – Parlin's Pussytoes
  28. Antennaria parvifolia Nutt. – Small-leaf Pussytoes
  29. Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richards. – Plantainleaf Pussytoes
  30. Antennaria porsildii E.Ekman
  31. Antennaria pulchella Greene – Sierra Pussytoes
  32. Antennaria pulcherrima (Hook.) Greene – Showy Pussytoes
  33. Antennaria racemosa Hook. – Raceme Pussytoes
  34. Antennaria rosea Greene – Rosy Pussytoes
  35. Antennaria rosulata Rydb. – Kaibab Pussytoes
  36. Antennaria soliceps Blake – Charleston Mountain pussytoes
  37. Antennaria solitaria Rydb. – Singlehead Pussytoes
  38. Antennaria stenophylla (A.Gray) A.Gray – Narrowleaf Pussytoes
  39. Antennaria suffrutescens Greene – Evergreen Everlasting
  40. Antennaria umbrinella Rydb. – Umber Pussytoes
  41. Antennaria villifera Boriss.
  42. Antennaria virginica Stebbins – Shale Barren Pussytoes


  • Antennaria × erigeroides Greene (pro sp.)
  • Antennaria × foliacea Greene (pro sp.)
  • Antennaria × macounii Greene (pro sp.)
  • Antennaria × oblancifolia E.Nels. (pro sp.)



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