Antiochus IX Cyzicenus

Antiochus IX Eusebes Cyzicenus was a ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom. He was the son of Antiochus VII Sidetes and Cleopatra Thea, he left the kingdom in 129 BC and went to the city of Cyzicus, but he returned in 116 BC to challenge his half-brother Antiochus VIII for power. The siblings fought a twenty-year civil war. In 112 BC, Antiochus IX's wife, Cleopatra IV, was killed by her sister Tryphaena, the wife of Antiochus VIII. Tryphaena herself died shortly afterwards. Antiochus VIII was assassinated in 96 BC. Antiochus IX took the capital Antioch and married his deceased wife's sister Cleopatra Selene, herself the widow of Antiochus VIII. Seleucus VI continued the war against his uncle. Antiochus IX Eusebes Cyzicenus was killed in battle in 96 BC; the son of Antiochus VII Sidetes and Cleopatra Thea, upon the death of his father in Parthia and his uncle Demetrius II Nicator's return to power, his mother sent him to Cyzicus on the Bosporus, thus giving him his nickname. Following the death of his mother c. 121 BC, Antiochus IX Cyzicenus challenged his half-brother, Antiochus VIII Grypus, for power over Syria.

He returned to Syria in 116 BC to claim the Seleucid throne from his half-brother/cousin Antiochus VIII Grypus, with whom he divided Syria, that same year. Antiochus IX Cyzicenus was first married to Cleopatra IV, said to have been killed in 112 BC by her sister and rival Tryphaena, wife of King Grypus. After the death of Grypus and Antiochus' capture of the capital, Antiochus married Cleopatra Selene of Syria, the sister of his former wife, Cleopatra IV, he was subsequently killed in battle by the son of Grypus, Seleucus VI Epiphanes in 96 BC. Antiochus IX created the Iturean tetrarchy as an ally against Antiochus VIII. Beginning his reign in 95 BC, Antiochus X Eusebes' first achievement was to defeat his double half-cousin/second cousin Seleucus VI Epiphanes, thus avenging the recent death of his father, Antiochus IX Cyzicenus; the epithets he took tell much of his story: Eusebes and Philopator both honoured his father. After that, he ruled Antioch and its surroundings, fighting endlessly against the four brothers of Seleucus VI, the Nabataeans and the Parthian Empire.

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Francis C. Florini

Francis Constant Florini was an American politician who served as the twenty-sixth Mayor of North Adams, Massachusetts. Born in North Adams on Sept. 7, 1919, son of John B. and Mary A. Rosasco Florini, he graduated from Drury High School and received his agricultural management degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in May 1949 An Army veteran of World War II, he enlisted in 1942 and was assigned to the 1st Division as a staff sergeant, he served as a radio corpsman in the North Africa campaigns in French Morocco and Tunisia. During the 1943 invasion of Sicily, he was wounded in both legs by shrapnel, he spent 2 1/2 years in rehabilitation at Framingham Hospital and was awarded the Purple Heart and Good Conduct medal, among his decorations and citations. Mr. Florini worked on the family farm in his early years and at the family's popular restaurant Florini's Italian Garden. While in North Adams, he was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Chamber of Commerce, served on the board of the YMCA.

Florini was the first mayor elected under North Adams' A Form of government, which made the executive position stronger. He oversaw a number of projects that changed the face of the city, including the start of urban renewal in the downtown, he was elected three times, serving from 1962 to 1967. He was the city's acting postmaster until his election as mayor. In 1968, he was appointed director of the Office of Central Services in the state Department of Community Affairs in Boston, working under Gov. John A. Volpe, he was re-elected to office in 1978 as an alderman for Ward 6 in Beverly. Mr. Florini retired in 1981 and moved to East Boothbay, where he served on the town Water Board from 1985 through 1995. While in East Boothbay, he was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and was involved with the Railway Museum and Land Trust. Former Mayor Francis Constant "Frank" Florini, died at the age of 89, on Friday, Oct. 17, 2008. He was a longtime civic leader, he made a difference to people in many communities and countless have been touched by his hard work and good will.

List of mayors of North Adams, Massachusetts This content was written by his daughters and his late wife Prunella Pollard, printed in the local paper. Http:// Online Obituary

List of German Green Party politicians

A list of notable politicians of the Alliance'90/The Greens, the Green party of Germany: Tarek Al-Wazir Jan Philipp Albrecht Elmar Altvater Carl Amery Kerstin Andreae Michael Arnold Marieluise Beck Volker Beck Angelika Beer Cornelia Behm Birgitt Bender Matthias Berninger Marianne Birthler Alexander Bonde Franziska Brantner Bernhard Braun Hiltrud Breyer Ralf Briese Reinhard Bütikofer Daniel Cohn-Bendit Michael Cramer Rangin Dadfar Spanta Sepp Daxenberger Ekin Deligöz Katharina Fegebank Hans-Josef Fell Andrea Fischer Joschka Fischer Ossip K. Flechtheim Ralf Fücks Kai Gehring Sven Giegold Christa Goetsch Katrin Göring-Eckardt Friedrich-Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf Friedel Grützmacher Robert Habeck Gerald Häfner Enno Hagenah Anja Hajduk Rebecca Harms Martin Häusling Gabriele Heinen-Kljajic Monika Heinold Brigitte Heinrich Ursula Helmhold Bettina Herlitzius Winfried Hermann Kurt Herzog Anton Hofreiter Bärbel Höhn Milan Horáček Michael Jacobi Ulla Jelpke Gisela Kallenbach Ska Keller Hans-Jürgen Klein Sibyll-Anka Klotz Wilhelm Knabe Jan Korte Ina Korter Wolfgang Kreissl-Dörfler Winfried Kretschmann Fritz Kuhn Renate Künast Eveline Lemke Vera Lengsfeld Helge Limburg Karoline Linnert Corny Littmann Sylvia Löhrmann Anna Lührmann Christian Meyer Jerzy Montag Kerstin Müller Özcan Mutlu Winfried Nachtwei Wolfgang Nešković Ehrhart Neubert Omid Nouripour Jutta Oesterle-Schwerin Cem Özdemir Boris Palmer Lisa Paus Simone Peter Filiz Polat Ramona Pop Gerold Rahmann Claudia Roth Heide Rühle Herbert Rusche Barbara Rütting Rüdiger Sagel Dieter Salomon Ulle Schauws Gerhard Schick Frithjof Schmidt Michaele Schreyer Elisabeth Schroedter Werner Schulz Frank Schwalba-Hoth Sarah Sorge Malte Spitz Grietje Staffelt Miriam Staudte Silke Stokar von Neuforn Eckhard Stratmann-Mertens Hans-Christian Ströbele Wilfried Telkämper Jürgen Trittin Helga Trüpel Elke Twesten Wolfgang Ullmann Roland Vogt Antje Vollmer Stefan Wenzel Heike Wilms-Kegel Harald Wolf Thomas Wüppesahl