Archduchess Maria Annunciata of Austria

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Archduchess Maria Annunciata
Born(1876-07-13)13 July 1876
Reichenau, Austria–Hungary
Died8 April 1961(1961-04-08) (aged 84)
Vaduz, Liechtenstein
St. Florian Cathedral,
Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Full name
Maria Annunziata Adelheid Theresia Michaela Karoline Luise Pia Ignatia
FatherArchduke Karl Ludwig of Austria
MotherInfanta Maria Theresa of Portugal

Archduchess Maria Annunciata of Austria (13 July 1876 – 8 April 1961) was a daughter of Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria and his third wife, Infanta Maria Theresa of Portugal. She was Princess-Abbess of the Theresian Royal and Imperial Ladies Chapter of the Castle of Prague (1894–1918).[1]


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