Henry King (poet)

Henry King was an English poet who served as Bishop of Chichester. The elder son of John King, Bishop of London, his wife Joan Freeman, he was baptised at Worminghall, Buckinghamshire, 16 January 1592, he was educated at Lord Williams's School, Westminster School and in 1608 became a student of Christ Church, Oxford. With his brother John King he matriculated 20 January 1609, was admitted to the degrees of bachelor and master of arts. On 24 January 1616 he was collated to the prebend of St. Pancras in St. Paul's Cathedral, receiving at the same time the office of penitentiary or confessor in the cathedral, together with the rectory and patronage of Chigwell, Essex, he was made archdeacon of Colchester on 10 April 1617, soon afterwards received the sinecure rectory of Fulham, in addition to being appointed one of the royal chaplains. All these preferments. Late in 1617 he preached a sermon at Paul's Cross. About this time King married Anne, eldest daughter of Robert Berkeley, esq. and granddaughter of Sir Maurice Berkeley.

There were four or five children of the marriage. His wife died about 1624, was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral, aged just 23, he was a close friend of John Donne, who made him one of his executors, presented him with his sermons in manuscript, notes from his reading on over 1400 authors. Other friends were Ben Jonson, George Sandys, Sir Henry Blount, James Howell, his friendship with Izaak Walton began about 1634, was lifelong. After his father's death, on Good Friday 1621, a rumour circulated that he had died in communion with the church of Rome; this was the subject of a two pamphlets attributed to George Musket. King preached a sermon refuting this claim on 25 November 1621, he was made canon of Christ Church 3 March 1624, his brother John was made canon in the following August. On 19 May 1625 they were admitted to the degrees of B. D. and D. D. On 6 February 1639 he was made Dean of Rochester, on 6 February 1642, the day after the House of Lords had passed the bill to deprive the bishops of their votes, he became Bishop of Chichester.

He was residing at his episcopal palace when Chichester surrendered to the parliament in 1643, his library was seized. He was deprived of the rectory of Petworth, given by parliament to Francis Cheynell, by a resolution of the House of Commons, 27 June 1643, his estates were ordered to be sequestrated. From 1643 to 1651 he lived in the house of his brother-in-law, Sir Richard Hobart of Langley, Buckinghamshire. Shortly afterwards King retired to Ritchings, near Langley, the residence of Lady Anne Salter, where other members of the King family and John Hales of Eton found refuge. In 1659 King was engaged in negotiations for supplying the vacant bishoprics, was reinstated at the Restoration, returning to Chichester. On 20 May 1661 he preached at Whitehall, on 24 April 1662 he delivered an impressive funeral sermon on Bishop Duppa at Westminster Abbey. King died at Chichester 30 September 1669, was buried in Chichester Cathedral, where the widow of his son John erected a monument to his memory and that of her husband.

His second son, died 21 February 1669. King wrote many elegies on royal persons and on his private friends, who included John Donne and Ben Jonson. A selection from his Poems and Psalms was published in 1843. Attribution This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: "King, Henry". Dictionary of National Biography. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1885–1900. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: John William. A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature. London: J. M. Dent & Sons – via Wikisource. Works by or about Henry King at Internet Archive Works by Henry King at LibriVox Index entry for Henry King at Poets' CornerPoemsA Renunciation Exequy on His Wife The Exequy A Collection of Poems by Henry King

Kaala Teeka

Kaala Teeka is an Indian serial drama television series on ZEE TV. The series is produced by DJ's Creative Unit; the show shows a story set against superstitions. Kaala Teeka is the story of Vishwaveer "Vishwa" Jha and his quest to keep his only daughter, Gauri and protected. Vishwaveer discovers that an abandoned baby girl is able to protect Gauri from a familial curse, he adopts her, naming her Kaali and making her Gauri's "kaala teeka". After 5 years Kaali continues protecting Gauri in every way. Gauri, being Vishwaveer's only child, is brought up surrounded with comforts, while Vishwaveer doesn't treat Kaali well, she is mistreated by Vishwaveer's sister-in-law Kalyani Jha. Vishwaveer's first wife, Manjiri Jha, who doesn't have children, adores Kaali and brings her up as her own daughter. Kalyani plots to kill Gauri to get revenge from Vishwaveer for an old matter, she kills Kaali first. However, Kaali survives, relates the incident to Manjiri, who decides to make Kalyani pay. Kaali and Manjiri confront Kalyani in a temple, where Kalyani ends up killing Manjiri by strangling her, making it look like Kaali did it.

When the family finds out, Vishwaveer decides to take the blame on himself and go to jail in Kaali's place, so that Kaali can stay with Gauri and continue to protect her. As a result, Vishwaveer goes to jail for 14 years. After 14 years Kaali and Gauri are grown up. Kaali is intelligent and a good singer, but all credits are taken by Gauri. Kaali sings for her. A guy named Yug Choudhary is taken aback by her voice, he is unable to find her. Everyone thinks that it is Gauri who sings and Yug thinks the same, but he is not able to find Gauri. Vishwaveer, while searching for a suitable groom for Gauri, comes across Yug and resolves to get her married to him. Gauri refuses but Kaali convinces her, Gauri falls in love with Yug and agrees for marriage after testing him a couple of times; when Yug's grandmother rejects the proposal considering Vishwa to be a criminal, he brainwashes Gauri's brother Neelkanth "Neel" Jha into trying to rape Yug's sister Sharmila Choudhary. Neel is held back by his conscience at the last minute.

In order to save Sharmila's reputation, Yug's grandmother agrees to get Yug married to Gauri in exchange for Neel marrying Sharmila. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Manjiri is still alive and that she lost her memory 14 years ago and saved Yug's life, after which his father took her in as his sister, she is now living with Yug. After a while Kaali finds out that Manjiri is still alive and with the help of Yug, Kaali brings her memory back. Yug-Gauri and Neel-Sharmila are now scheduled to get married. Instead destiny wants to bring Kaali together who have fallen in love. Yug is Kaali's childhood Ramji; the show goes on with Manjiri and Yug supporting Kali in each and every step to get back love of Vishwaveer and prove him superstitions are waste. Gauri's kundli's truth comes out and Kaali is forced to agree to be Gauri's Kaala Teeka again and goes to Yug's house, she decides to leave. Manjiri and Kali get kidnapped by Kalyani. Kalyani is arrested and Manjiri goes back to Vishwa and demands Kali and Yug's alliance.

Gauri drinks poison but she is saved and Vishwa realises that it was not Kali being kaala teeka that worked for Gauri but her prayers were the ones which worked. He fixes Yug and Kali's alliance to which Yug's mother Leelavita "Leela" Choudhary agrees only because of a hidden motto and she doesn't want Kali to be her daughter in law; therefore and Gauri team up. Yug marries Kali but everyone get tricked as they assume it is Gauri, getting married to Yug. Yug goes with Gauri. Yug starts to hate Kali. Time passes by and Yug finds out the truth behind Gauri and gets married to Kali once again. Gauri plans to make Kali seem dead by injecting some type of medicine on her but that plan fails when her injection breaks. Instead, she hooks it on Kali's doli. Kali is pricked by the safety pin. While performing rituals and praying in the temple at Yug's house, Kali faints, they call the doctor but the doctor tells everyone that Kali is dead. Just Yug realizes that it could have been Gauri and goes to her hotel to drag her there.

She fakes and does some drama of crying and says she will bring Kali back to life by burning kapur on her hand. She has put chemical on her hand to make sure her palm doesn't burn; the poison wears off and Kali regains conscientious, leaving everyone believing Gauri. However Yug sends her out of the house. Gauri vows for revenge, she starts to make Leela believe that an evil spirit is haunting her. She brings a fake astrologer and he tells that Yug should be 21 kilometers away from the house. Leela and Yug believe it and Yug leaves. With the help of the astrologer, Gauri makes it look like Kali has the evil spirit inside her and Leela decides to sacrifice Kali. Manjiri comes to Yug's house and discovers that there is a pooja going on and asks for Kali, locked in a room. Manjiri follows the car leading to the ashram, she brings a real astrologer and the truth behind Gauri gets revealed to everyone. Kali, slaps Gauri for her deeds and Gauri reveals to everyone that Leela did not want Kali to be her daughter in law and encouraged Gauri that Yug would be married to her.

Yug gets distraught and lea