Ashihei Hino

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Ashihei Hino
Hino in 1952
Hino in 1952
Born(1907-01-25)January 25, 1907
Wakamatsu, Japan
DiedJanuary 24, 1960(1960-01-24) (aged 52)
Notable worksFun'nyōtan ("Tales of Excrement and Urine")
Notable awardsAkutagawa Prize for Tales of Excrement and Urine

Ashihei Hino (火野 葦平, Hino Ashihei, 1907 January 25 – 1960 January 24) was born in Wakamatsu (now Wakamatsu ward, Kitakyūshū) and in 1937 he received the prestigious Akutagawa Prize for one of his novels, Fun'nyōtan (糞尿譚, Tales of Excrement and Urine).[1] At that moment he was a soldier for the Japanese army in China, he then got promoted to the information corps and published numerous works about the daily lives of Japanese soldiers. It is for his war novels that he became famous during (and forgotten after) the war, his book Mugi to Heitai (麦と兵隊, Wheat and Soldiers) sold over a million copies.

Hino committed suicide at the age of 53, his death was first reported to have been from a heart attack, but was later revealed by his family to have been from an overdose of sleeping pills.[2] His birthhouse can be visited today.


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