Assumption University (Windsor, Ontario)

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Assumption University
Assumption University.jpeg
Type Public
Established 1857
Affiliation University of Windsor
Religious affiliation
Roman Catholic
Location 400 Huron Church Road
, Ontario, Canada
N9C 2J9
Colours Purple and White          

Assumption University is a Catholic university in Windsor, Ontario, Canada federated with the University of Windsor. It was founded in 1857 as Assumption College by the Congregation of St. Basil before changing its name in 1956. When the University of Windsor was established as a secular public university in 1963, Assumption University entered into federation with the newly formed university.

As a federated institution, Assumption operates autonomously but its facilities and teaching faculty are integrated into the University of Windsor. It holds most of its degree-granting powers in abeyance, but retains its degree-granting powers for graduate studies within the area of theology as well as granting honorary degrees.


Its history dates back to the founding of Assumption College in 1857 by the Society of Jesus (Jesuit) following the growth of their parish at Our Lady of the Assumption established in 1728. Assumption University has been administered by the Congregation of St. Basil since 1870.

In 1919, Assumption College in Windsor affiliated with the University of Western Ontario.[1] Originally, Assumption was one of the largest colleges associated with the University of Western Ontario. In 1940, a labour school was established at Assumption.

In 1950, Assumption College welcomed its first women students and in 1953, it ended its affiliation with the University of Western Ontario and became an independent institution through an Act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

On January 1, 1956, the College changed its name to Assumption University of Windsor[2] and January 24, 1956 accepted as an affiliate the non-denominational Essex College, the latter established in July 1954 "as an independent college…to provide access to provincial grants."[3][4] Holy Names College affiliated in 1956 and Holy Redeemer College in 1957. On November 4, 1957 Canterbury College became the first Anglican college in the world to affiliate with a Roman Catholic University.[5]

In December 1963, Assumption University of Windsor, Canterbury College (Windsor, Ontario), Holy Redeemer College (now Académie Sainte-Cécile), and the Iona College (Windsor, Ontario) (United Church Affiliate), and the University of Windsor joined in an affiliation agreement. "When the University of Windsor began operations on July 1, 1963" …" Essex College ceased to exist as a corporate entity and its assets were taken over by the University of Windsor."[6] Assumption in Windsor had incubated and ushered into existence both Assumption University and now, the University of Windsor.[1][4][7]


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