Jerry Springer: The Opera

Jerry Springer: The Opera is a British musical written by Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee, based on the talk show Jerry Springer. The musical contains irreverent treatment of Christian themes, extensive profanity, surreal images, such as a troupe of tap-dancing Ku Klux Klan members; the musical is sung through, with only two exceptions: the title character, who speaks throughout the production. The musical ran for 609 performances in London from April 2003 to February 2005 before touring the UK in 2006; the production won four Laurence Olivier Awards, including Best New Musical. The first North American performance was at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to benefit Golden Rainbow, featuring performers for the then-current versions of The Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia!, other Las Vegas Strip theatrical shows. The musical has been performed by a number of American regional theatre companies and made its New York City debut on 29–30 January 2008 at Carnegie Hall. Harvey Keitel starred as Jerry Springer.

In January 2005, its UK television broadcast on BBC Two elicited 55,000 complaints. The organisation Christian Voice led street protests against the screening at nine BBC offices and announced their intention to bring blasphemy charges, due to the depictions of the Christian characters in Act II; the Christian Institute attempted to bring a private prosecution against the BBC, but the Magistrates Court refused to issue a summons, a decision, upheld by the High Court of Justice. Protests continued at tour venues on the Internet. Jerry — The talk show host. Jonathan Weiruss/Satan — Weiruss, the warm-up man whom Jerry fires for incompetence. Steve Wilkos — Head of Security at the Jerry Springer Show. Dwight/God — Dwight, a guest on the show, cheating on his fiancée with two other people. God appears in Act III. Peaches/Baby Jane — Peaches, a guest on the show, Dwight's fiancée. Baby Jane is an adult baby in Act III. Tremont/Angel Gabriel — Tremont, a guest on the show, a cross dressing man, having an affair with Dwight.

Angel Gabriel appears in Act III. Zandra/Irene/Mary — Zandra, a guest on the show, is the best friend of Peaches, is having an affair with Dwight. Irene is Shawntel's ashamed mother. Mary appears in Act III. Montel/Jesus — Montel, a guest on the show, enjoys dressing as a baby and fouling his own underwear. Jesus appears in Act III. Andrea/Archangel Michael — Andrea, a guest on the show, is Montel's lover. Archangel Michael appears in Act III. Chucky/Adam — Chucky, a guest on the show, is Shawntel's redneck husband, who does not approve of her career desires. Adam appears in Act III. Shawntel/Eve — Shawntel, a guest on the show, dreams of becoming an exotic dancer, but her husband, disapproves. Eve appears in Act III. Jerry Springer's frenzied audience greets Jerry, his first guest, Dwight, is cheating on Peaches with Zandra. The three fight, Jerry's security men break up the battle. Jerry is admonished by his inner Valkyrie. Dwight is cheating with a cross dresser named Tremont. After a commercial break, Jerry's second guest, tells his partner, that he likes to dress as a baby and that he is cheating on her with Baby Jane, a woman who dresses as a little girl.

Jerry's Warm-Up Man is fired. Jerry again wrestles with his inner Valkyrie. Jerry's final guests are her husband, Chucky, she wants to be a stripper and demonstrates a dance before her mother, arrives. Irene attacks Shawntel. Chucky pleads innocence, but Jerry's secret JerryCam camera footage shows that Chucky is a patron of strip clubs and a Ku Klux Klan member; the Klan comes up on stage, the Warm Up Man gives Montel a gun. The Warm-Up Man jostles Montel. Jerry is found injured in a wheelchair, accompanied by Steve; the scene is Purgatory, a fog enshrouded wilderness. Jerry meets ghostly versions of his talk show guests. Jerry tries to justify his actions to the ghosts; the Warm-Up Man is revealed to be Satan. Baby Jane asks Satan to spare Jerry's soul. Satan forces Jerry to return to Hell with him to do a special show. Jerry arrives in Hell at a charred version of his Earthly TV studio; the audience is locked into cracks in its walls. Jerry reads cue cards produced by Baby Jane that introduce Satan, in charge of the proceedings.

Satan wants to reunite Heaven and Hell. Jerry must faithfully read the cue cards, which introduce Jesus, the next guest, who resembles Montel. Jesus and Satan trade accusations. Adam and Eve are next, they argue with Jesus, Eve attacks him. Mary, mother of Jesus, who resembles Irene, condemns Jesus. Everyone turns against Jerry. God and the angels ask Jerry to come to Heaven and help God judge Humanity, he accepts the offer. Jerry launches into a series of glib homilies asking for his life, but gives up and makes an honest statement that resounds with his audience. Devils and everyone sing a hymn of praise to life. Back on solid ground, Baby Jane tells Jerry. Jerry wakes up in his television studio, having been shot, his life ebbing away as he is cradled in Steve's arms. Jerry gives a final speech, everyone is joined in sorrow. Richard Thomas's one-act opera, Tourette's Diva, was performed at London's Batte

Nachtmahr (band)

Nachtmahr is the solo project of Thomas Rainer. Nachtmahr's musical style is best characterized as Techno Industrial. In September 2007, Nachtmahr had its first release, "Kunst ist Krieg"; the album's song "BoomBoomBoom" became popular in industrial clubs around the world. The band was used for the soundtrack of the American blockbuster movie, Saw IV. In 2008 Nachtmahr released its first full-length album entitled "Feuer frei". Like "Kunst Ist Krieg", it gained popularity in industrial clubs; the single "Katharsis" joined "BoomBoomBoom" as a worldwide club hit, helped the album stay in the top 10 of the German Deutsche Alternative Charts for more than 6 weeks. The German magazine Orkus called "Feuer frei" was “the new standard for the electro industrial genre”. However, the album did fall under criticism for being too repetitive. While reviewers agreed it was a great album for the dancefloor, some felt it did little more than such, pointing out a lack of variation and originality between songs. Of particular note, both the album "Alle Lust will Ewigkeit" and its single Tanzdiktator reached No. 1 in the Deutsche Alternative Charts.

In 2010, Nachtmahr's third album "Semper Fidelis" was released, again placing in the German charts. In 2011, Nachtmahr announced plans to expand their live touring scope, landing gigs in Australia and the United Kingdom. In 2014 Rainer launched his "Operation America" tour where he would play across 20 states in less than one month. Just 2 months prior to the tour, Rainer's latest album "Feindbild" was released to great success. 2015 the band is now done on a short two show tour in Russia. During the Kinetik Festival of 2012, Nachtmahr was criticized on stage by its opening act Ad·ver·sary, who showed, during its last five minutes of its set, a multimedia presentation with examples illustrating sexist and fascist imagery in the music videos and album covers of Nachtmahr; the showing ended with a call to reject those notions, to demand better. Rainer denied the allegations in an interview with industrial magazine I Die: You Die, instead characterizing his stage persona as "militaristic", though he acknowledged Nachtmahr's potential for misinterpretation and controversy.

He invited the female stage performers from his act to the interview, who rejected the claims of sexism. Feuer Frei Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit Semper Fidelis Veni Vidi Vici Feindbild Kampfbereit Antithese Flamme Kunst Ist Krieg Katharsis Mädchen in Uniform Can You Feel the Beat? Widerstand Gehorsam Unbeugsam I Nachtmahr - Official Website Nachtmahr on Discogs Nachtmahr on Nachtmahr on Myspace