BMW 114

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BMW 114
BMW 114 radial diesel engine.jpg
Preserved BMW-Lanova 114 diesel engine
Type Radial engine
Manufacturer BMW
First run 1935
Developed from BMW 132

The BMW 114 was a nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine intended for military aircraft use. Developed in 1935 from the BMW 132, with which it could be interchanged, work did not progress beyond experimental prototype engines. [1]


The supercharged BMW-Lanova 114 V-4 was a liquid-cooled diesel engine variant which was also not produced in numbers.

Specifications (BMW 114)[edit]

General characteristics

  • Type: 9-cylinder radial engine
  • Bore: 155.5 mm
  • Stroke: 162 mm
  • Displacement: 27.7 L


  • Supercharger: single speed supercharger
  • Cooling system: Air- and Liquid-cooled


  • Power output: 510 HP

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