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The BMW Group Plant Dingolfing is a network of BMW plants in Dingolfing with a total area of around 280 hectares.

The plant is the largest production site of the BMW Group in Europe.[1]


The origins of the BMW Group's Dingolfing plant go back to the former Hans Glas GmbH, which had been based in Dingolfing since 1905. In 1967 BMW took over Hans glas GmbH, in 1968 the production of chassis parts and motorcycle parts for BMWs began,[2] production of the Goggomobil continued until 1969. On November 9, 1970, the foundation stone was laid for vehicle plant 02.40;[3] on September 27, 1973, the first BMW 5 Series left the production line.[4] Since then, more than ten million BMW vehicles have been produced at the Dingolfing plant.[5]

The factory produces up to 1,600 BMW automobiles a day,[6] as well as bodyshells for all Rolls-Royce models. In addition, chassis and drive components as well as pressed parts are manufactured on site.

In 2017, a record production of 376,580 vehicles was achieved (2016: 339,769 vehicles).[7]


The BMW Group Plant Dingolfing was created by the takeover of Hans Glas GmbH in 1967. The former Glas plant became plant 02.10.[8]

Plant Address Function Speciality
02.10 Laaberstr. 7, 84130 Dingolfing Chassis and drive components former parent plant of Hans Glas GmbH
02.20 Karl-Dompert-Str. 1, 84130 Dingolfing Competence Center E-Drive Production
02.27 Tundingerstr. 11, 84164 Moosthenning Rolls-Royce bodywork
02.30 Mengkofener Str. 13, 84130 Dingolfing Training and further education center
02.40 Karl-Dompert-Str. 7, 84130 Dingolfing Vehicle Plant Rail connection to the Landshut–Plattling railway

at km 27.7

02.70 Industriestr. 5, 84130 Dingolfing Dynamics Center DYZ (spare parts delivery) Rail connection to the Landshut–Plattling railway

at km 25.8

02.72 Gewerbepark 8, 84183 Niederviehbach Chassis and drive components
02.75 Am Industriepark 2, 84079 Bruckberg Parts warehouse Bruckberg
02.80 Bahnweg 3, 84180 Loiching Parts warehouse Kronwieden
02.92 Hans-Glas-Str. 1, 94522 Wallersdorf Parts warehouse Wallersdorf Rail connection to the Landshut–Plattling railway at km 54.2[9]

Commuter bus traffic[edit]

A special feature of this plant is the commuter bus service, which brings employees from large parts of Lower Bavaria, parts of the Upper Palatinate and Upper Bavaria to Dingolfing. This was introduced to reduce the traffic load on the small town of Dingolfing with its 18,000 inhabitants. 320 buses and bring 13,000 employees to Dingolfing. They cover 43,000 kilometers per day.[10]

Product range[edit]

At the BMW Group Dingolfing plant, ten models from six series are currently being made. With the BMW 530e and the BMW 740e, two models with plug-in hybrid drive are manufactured at the Dingolfing plant.[11] The new BMW 8 Series is produced at the BMW Group plant Dingolfing.[12]

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé & Carbio being made made at the Dingolfing plant


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