Bajo Cinca/Baix Cinca

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Bajo Cinca/Baix Cinca
Localización de Bajo Cinca (Aragón).svg
Coordinates: 41°27′30″N 00°20′51″W / 41.45833°N 0.34750°W / 41.45833; -0.34750Coordinates: 41°27′30″N 00°20′51″W / 41.45833°N 0.34750°W / 41.45833; -0.34750
Country Spain
Autonomous community Aragon
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Largest municipalityFraga

Bajo Cinca (Spanish: [ˈbaxo ˈθiŋka]) or Baix Cinca (Catalan: [ˈbaʃ ˈsiŋkə];[1] Aragonese: Cinca Baxa, [ˈθiŋka ˈβajʃa]) is a comarca in eastern Aragon, Spain. It is named after river Cinca.

This comarca is located in the southeastern corner of the Huesca province; the administrative capital is Fraga, with 13,592 inhabitants the largest town of the comarca.

Bajo Cinca/Baix Cinca borders La Litera/La Llitera, Cinca Medio, Monegros and Bajo Aragón-Caspe/Baix Aragó-Casp in Aragon and Segrià and Ribera d'Ebre in Catalonia; this comarca belongs to the Catalan-speaking strip in eastern Aragon known as La Franja and some municipal terms of Bajo Cinca/Baix Cinca are part of the historical region of Lower Aragon.

Municipal terms[edit]

View of Fraga with Saint Peter's church in front

The Catalan version of the names of the towns are in brackets.

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