A balcony is a platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns or console brackets, enclosed with a balustrade above the ground floor. The traditional Maltese balcony is a wooden closed balcony projecting from a wall. By contrast, a'Juliet balcony' does not protrude out of the building, it is part of an upper floor, with a balustrade only at the front, like a small Loggia. Modern Juliet balconies involve a metal barrier placed in front of a high window which can be opened. Juliet balconies are named after Shakespeare's Juliet, who, in traditional stagings of the play Romeo and Juliet, is courted by Romeo while she is on her balcony—though the play itself, as written, makes no mention of a balcony, but only of a window at which Juliet appears. Various types of balcony have been used in depicting this famous scene; the Julian Balcony is a larger version of the well-known Juliet Balcony, protruding from the wall, unlike the smaller Juliet balcony, spanning at least two windows rather than one.

Sometimes balconies are adapted for ceremonial purposes, e.g. that of St. Peter's Basilica at Rome, when the newly elected pope gives his blessing urbi et orbi after the conclave. Inside churches, balconies are sometimes provided for the singers, in banqueting halls and the like for the musicians. A unit with a regular balcony will have doors that open up onto a small patio with railings, a small Patio garden or Skyrise greenery. A French balcony is a false balcony, with doors that open to a railing with a view of the courtyard or the surrounding scenery below. In theatres, the balcony was a stage-box, but the name is now confined to the part of the auditorium above the dress circle and below the gallery. Balconies are part of the sculptural shape of the building allowing for irregular facades without the cost of irregular internal structures. One of the most famous uses of a balcony is in traditional stagings of the scene that has come to be known as the "balcony scene" in William Shakespeare's tragedy and Juliet.

Manufacturers' names for their balcony designs refer to the origin of the design, e.g. Italian balcony, Spanish balcony, Mexican balcony, Ecuadorian balcony, they refer to the shape and form of the pickets used for the balcony railings, e.g. knuckle balcony. Media related to Balconies at Wikimedia Commons "Balcony". Encyclopædia Britannica. 1911

Chorizanthe douglasii

Chorizanthe douglasii is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family known by the common names San Benito spineflower and Douglas' spineflower. It is endemic to California, where it grows in the mountains of the Southern California Coast Ranges, from the Santa Lucia Range east to the Gabilan Range, it is an erect herb producing a hairy stem up to about half a meter in maximum height. The leaves are up to 4 centimeters long and arranged about the base of the plant, with a whorl of leaves at the middle of the stem as well; the inflorescence is a cluster of flowers, each surrounded by six purple to bright pink bracts which may be all fused together. The bracts are tipped in straight awns; the flower itself is 3 or 4 millimeters white or pink in color. Jepson Manual eFlora treatment of Chorizanthe douglasii UC CalPhotos gallery of Chorizanthe douglasii


Lampetis is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, containing the following species: Lampetis abbreviata Lampetis abdita Lampetis achardi Lampetis adonis Lampetis aemula Lampetis aequistriata Lampetis affinis Saunders, 1866 Lampetis afra Lampetis albicincta Lampetis albidopilosa Lampetis albomarginata Lampetis albosparsa Lampetis alluaudi Lampetis alutacea Lampetis alvarengai Lampetis amaurotica Lampetis angolensis Lampetis apiata Lampetis arabica Lampetis argentata Lampetis argentosparsa Lampetis aspasia Lampetis aurata Lampetis aurifer Lampetis aurolimbata Lampetis auropunctata Lampetis baeri Lampetis bahamica Lampetis bahiana Lampetis baliana Lampetis bayeti Lampetis beatricis Lampetis bennigseni Lampetis bioculata Lampetis bottegoi Lampetis bouyeri Leonard, 2009 Lampetis bremei Lampetis bruchiana Lampetis burgeoni Bellamy, 1998 Lampetis burlinii Cobos, 1963 Lampetis cacica Chevrolat, 1838 Lampetis caeruleitarsis Lampetis callimicra Lampetis campanae Lampetis carpenteri Lampetis catenulata Lampetis chalconota Lampetis chamela Corona, 2005 Lampetis chiapaneca Corona, 2004 Lampetis chlorizans Lampetis chlorogastra Lampetis christophi Théry, 1923 Lampetis chromatopus Lampetis cicatricosa Lampetis cleta Lampetis colima Corona, 2005 Lampetis commixta Lampetis comorica Lampetis comottoi Lampetis confinis Lampetis confluens Lampetis confossipennis Lampetis conturbata Lampetis coquerelii Lampetis corinthia Lampetis corruscans Lampetis cortesi Lampetis costicella Thomson, 1879 Lampetis crassicollis Thomson, 1879 Lampetis cuneiformis Théry, 1923 Lampetis cupreata Lampetis cupreoaenea Lampetis cupreopunctata Lampetis cupreosparsa Lampetis cupreosplendens Lampetis curvipes Chevrolat, 1838 Lampetis cyaneomaculifer Lampetis cyanipes Lampetis cyanitarsis Corona, 2005 Lampetis cyclops Lampetis cylindrica Lampetis decorsei Lampetis dejongi Bellamy, 2008 Lampetis derosa Lampetis desmarestii Thomson, 1878 Lampetis devillei Lampetis dilaticollis Lampetis dilecta Thomson, 1878 Lampetis dives Lampetis doncherii Lampetis drummondi Lampetis dumetorum Lampetis egeria Lampetis elegans Lampetis embrikstrandella Lampetis erosa Lampetis ertli Lampetis eugastra Lampetis exophthalma Lampetis fahrei Lampetis famula Chevrolat, 1838 Lampetis fastuosa Lampetis favareli Lampetis fernandezyepezi Cobos, 1959 Lampetis flavocincta Lampetis foveicollis Lampetis frici Lampetis frontalis Lampetis funesta Lampetis gemmifera Lampetis geniculata Lampetis germaini Lampetis gerstaeckerii Lampetis gibbosa Lampetis gobabisensis Krajcik, 2009 Lampetis gorgo Lampetis gorilla Lampetis gounellei Lampetis grandiosa Lampetis granulifera Lampetis gregaria Lampetis guildini Lampetis guningi Lampetis guttulata Lampetis handschini Lampetis helenae Krajcik, 2007 Lampetis hercules Lampetis hilarii Lampetis hirtomaculata Lampetis holynskii Akiyama & Ohmomo, 1994 Lampetis hondurensis Corona, 2005 Lampetis imitator Lampetis impressa Lampetis impressicollis Lampetis inaequalis Lampetis indigoventris Lampetis inedita Lampetis infralaevis Lampetis infraviridis Lampetis insolens Lampetis instabilis Lampetis intermedia Lampetis iris Théry, 1926 Lampetis ivalouae Bellamy, 1998 Lampetis jakobsoni Lampetis jakovlevi Lampetis jeanneli Lampetis jutrzenckai Lampetis kadleci Krajcik, 2009 Lampetis kheili Lampetis kolbei Lampetis kraciki Lampetis landeri Akiyama & Ohmomo, 1994 Lampetis laplatensis Thomson, 1879 Lampetis lateoculata Lampetis lesnei Lampetis lethalis Thomson, 1879 Lampetis limbalis Lampetis lomii Lampetis macarthuri Lampetis manglbergeri Lampetis manipurensis Lampetis maraguana Lampetis margaritacea Thomson, 1