Battle of Giurgiu

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Battle of Giurgiu
Part of the Long War (Ottoman wars)
Batalia de la Giurgiu.jpg
The battle as depicted by Theodor Aman
Date27–30 October 1595
Result Christian victory
Transylvania Transylvania
Wallachia Wallachia
Moldavia Moldavia
Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire
Fictitious Ottoman flag 2.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Stephen Bocskay
Michael the Brave
Sinan Pasha

50,000-51,000[citation needed]


The Battle of Giurgiu took place on 27–30 October 1595.[6] It was part of the Long War(1591/1593-1606), a border conflict between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Ottoman Empire over Balkan territories.[7]


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