Battle of the Eurymedon (190 BC)

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Battle of the Eurymedon
Part of the Roman–Seleucid War
Date190 BC
Coordinates: 36°49′00″N 31°10′20″E / 36.81667°N 31.17222°E / 36.81667; 31.17222
Result Rhodian victory
Rhodes Seleucid Empire
Commanders and leaders
Eudamus Apollonius
38 ships 47 ships
Casualties and losses
27 ships sunk, captured or damaged
Battle of the Eurymedon (190 BC) is located in Turkey
Battle of the Eurymedon (190 BC)
Location of the Battle of the Eurymedon (190 BC)

The Battle of the Eurymedon was fought in 190 BC between a Seleucid fleet and the navy of the city state of Rhodes, who were allied with the Roman Republic. The Seleucid fleet's right wing was led by the court noble Apollonius; the fleet's left wing were commanded by the famous Carthaginian general Hannibal, who had gone into exile in the events following the Battle of Zama. The fleet was sent to help the armada of admiral Polyxenidas, which was blockaded in the harbor of Ephesus. Hannibal was close to hemming in the Rhodian ships under Eudamus when the Seleucid right wing was defeated by the Rhodians. Eudamus signalled for help from the victorious Rhodian ships and Hannibal's wing fled. After this battle, Polyxenidas was still isolated and defeated in the battle of Myonessus.