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Dennis, Brian and Carl Wilson with Mike Love at the recording studio in the late 1960s

Beach Boys Studio, also known as Brother Recording Studio,[1] was a private recording studio owned by the Beach Boys that was located within Brian Wilson's home at 10452 Bellagio Road, Los Angeles, California. Six of the band's albums were recorded there in addition to his "Bedroom Tapes".

The studio was built in 1967 to eliminate the inconvienence of booking time at another studio. Because the other Beach Boys took much of the recording equipment with them when they left for concert tours, Wilson was not typically allowed to use the studio unless the band was present.[2] Band engineer Stephen Desper said that the studio was funded and intended for use by everyone in the group, not Brian alone, and disputed its characterization as "Brian's studio".[3]

In 1972, the studio was dismantled and later succeeded by Brother Studios in Santa Monica, California.


Recording capabilities at Brian Wilson's Los Angeles residence were made possible by The Beach Boys and Stephen Desper in the midst of recording Smiley Smile in mid-1967. For the first few months of operation, the makeshift studio was installed with a Gates Dualux radio broadcasting console as the quick recording of Smiley Smile didn't allow enough time to acquire a conventional mixing board.[4] By the recording of Friends in early 1968, the studio continued to use the Dualux console yet the rest of the chauffeur's quarters had been converted to feature a more permanent set-up. In October 1969, the console was upgraded to a 16-track recorder with quadraphonic capability. From 1967, until its dismantling in late 1972 by Marilyn Wilson,[5] the studio recorded a mix of artists with personal ties to the Beach Boys including American Spring, The Flames, Stephen Kalinich and Charles Manson.[6]


Session dates Artist Release
Mid-1967 The Beach Boys Smiley Smile[7]
Late-1967 Wild Honey[7]
Early-1968 Friends[7]
Mid-1968 Charles Manson Untitled (unreleased)[7]
Late-1969 Stephen Kalinich A World of Peace Must Come[7]
1969/1970 The Beach Boys Sunflower[7]
1970/1971 Surf's Up[7]
1970 The Flames The Flame[7]
Late-1971 Dennis Wilson Poops/Hubba Hubba (unreleased)[7]
1971/1972 American Spring Spring[7]
1971/1972 The Beach Boys Carl and the Passions – "So Tough"[7]


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