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Beni Hasan

Beni Hasan is an Ancient Egyptian cemetery site. It is located 20 kilometers to the south of modern-day Minya in the region known as Middle Egypt, the area between Asyut and Memphis. While there are some Old Kingdom burials at the site, it was used during the Middle Kingdom, spanning the 21st to 17th centuries BCE. To the south of the cemetery is a temple constructed by Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, dedicated to the local goddess Pakhet, it is known as the Cave of Artemis, because the Greeks identified Pakhet with Artemis, the temple is subterranean. Provincial governors in the Middle Kingdom continued to be buried in decorated rock-cut tombs in their local cemeteries, carried over from the First Intermediate Period, at sites such as Beni Hasan. There is evidence of a re-organization of the system of government during the 12th Dynasty. During the First Intermediate Period and for some of the Middle Kingdom period it was common for Nomarchs to be hereditary positions. In the 12th Dynasty the power of the Nomarchs began to be curtailed, provincial governors were appointed or at least confirmed by the king.

There are 39 ancient tombs here of Middle Kingdom nomarchs of the Oryx nome, who governed from Hebenu. Due to the quality of, distance to the cliffs in the west, these tombs were constructed on the east bank. There is a spatial distribution in this cemetery associated with the different levels of resources available to the deceased. In the lower cemetery there are 888 shaft tombs, dating to the Middle Kingdom, that were excavated by John Garstang. In the upper cemetery members of the elite class built striking tombs to represent their social and political positions as the rulers and officials of the Oryx Nome, the 16th Nome of Upper Egypt. At this site, the provincial high elite were buried in large and elaborately decorated tombs carved into the limestone cliffs near the provincial capital, located in the upper cemetery area; these tombs lie in a row on a north-south axis. There is a slight break in the natural rock terrace, on to which they open, that divides the thirty-nine high status tombs into two groups.

The basic design of these elite tombs was an outer court and a rock-cut pillared room in which there was a shaft that led to the burial chamber. Some of the larger tombs have biographical inscriptions and were painted with scenes of daily life and warfare, they are famous for the quality of their paintings. Nowadays, many of these scenes are in poor condition, though in the 19th century copies were made of several of them. Four out of the 39 tombs are accessible to the public. Notable tombs are: Tomb 2 – Amenemhat, known as Ameny, nomarch under Senusret I. Tomb 3 – Khnumhotep II, notable for the depiction of caravans of Semitic traders. Tomb 4 – Khnumhotep IV, nomarch during the late 12th Dynasty. Tomb 13 – Khnumhotep, royal scribe during the 12th Dynasty. Tomb 14 – Khnumhotep I, nomarch under Amenemhat I. Tomb 15 – Baqet III, notable for the depiction of wrestling techniques. Tomb 17 – Khety, nomarch during the 11th Dynasty, son of Baqet. Tomb 21 – Nakht, nomarch during the 12th Dynasty. Tomb 23 – Netjernakht, overseer of the Eastern Desert during the 12th dynasty.

Tomb 27 – Ramushenti, nomarch during the 11th Dynasty. Tomb 29 – Baqet I, nomarch during the 11th Dynasty. Tomb 33 – Baqet II, nomarch during the 11th Dynasty. Newberry, Percy E. Beni Hasan. Part I–IV. London, England: Kegan Paul, Tubner & Co. Ltd. 1893–1900

Mecate (band)

Mecate are a rap music group from El Salvador. The band was born at some stage during 1998 in Jorge Manuel's house. Piocha was a talented guitarist with some exposure to the Salvadoran rock scene who experiment musically with Ernesto Asecas and Enrique Salopino who both lacked musical background and had only been exposed to hip-hop music. With time the experiment took a more defined shape and added new recruits, including drummer Carlos Alfredo and chorus girl and dancing king Jose Manuel; the sessions culminated in an ill-fated performance during a school event in the Salvadoran British School, where the band performed their original track "Armando Pleito." Audience members were reported to have been "thoroughly disgusted" by the lack of skill, "any sort of entertainment value whatsoever". But their ingenuity kept them going, with the aid of Fruity Loops software, Neto and Kique began to prepare some home-brewed tracks. Only after several attempts did the band manage to get some of their tracks on the air.

With the single "El Directo", Mecate tapped a vein in the country's conscience, by playing in the mainstream's ears the story of a controversial underaged gang-member accused of at least 18 killings. The title created serious debate in the local media, including a ruling by the Interior Minister to ban it from the airwaves; the band disbanded. However, thanks to the Internet they kept making sporadic attempts to reenter the Salvadoran airwaves with a few tracks such as "Poder Latino" and "Prototipo" and contributions with Pescozada for "Movimiento" and Ayutush for "Paranoia". At some stage the talented Demetrio Soto Martinez joined the group and laid down what are arguably some of the best verses to date in Latin hip-hop, with a unique rhyme style

Aibanbha Dohling

Aibanbha Kupar Dohling is an Indian professional footballer who plays as a defender for FC Goa in the Indian Super League. Born in Sohra, Dohling started his career in the youth ranks of Shillong Lajong, he was a part of the under-15 side that qualified for the final rounds of the Manchester United Premier Cup in 2010. Dohling moved to the Tata Football Academy in 2011. While with Tata FA, Dohling played for the academy in various tournaments, including the I-League U19, he represented Jharkhand in the Santosh Trophy. After impressing for Tata against Bengaluru FC's under-19 side in the under-19 league, Dohling was offered a trial with the I-League club. On 4 January 2016, it was announced that Dohling returned to his former club, Shillong Lajong, before the I-League season, he made his professional debut for the club on 17 February 2016 against Mohun Bagan. He came on as an 83rd-minute substitute as Shillong Lajong drew the match 1–1. FC Goa On July 26 2019, ISL side FC Goa confirmed the signing of Dohling, after a successful season with Shillong Lajong.

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Xeroplexa setubalensis

Xeroplexa setubalensis is a species of air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Geomitridae. This species is endemic to Portugal; the taxa was placed within the genus Candidula until a molecular phylogenetic study revealed its current status. This taxon is the type species of the genus Xeroplexa. X. setubalensis is endemic to the central coast of Portugal. Only few populations are known from Serra da Arrábida and Serra do São Luís, placed in the right side of Sado river. Http://

Anna–Dean Farm

The Anna–Dean Farm is a historic farm in Barberton, United States. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the site of several structures independently listed on the Register; the Anna–Dean farm was a concept of American industrialist O. C. Barber who envisioned a superfarm on the outskirts of Barberton, to that end he began purchasing land for the eventual 3,500-acre farm as early as 1900. Construction of the farm facilities began in 1907 with a concrete poultry building but would not begin in earnest until 1909 when Barber undertook a massive construction project that would last until 1913. With an estimated daily construction budget of over $1,000 and an overall cost of some $7 million the farm had swelled to a collection of 35 independent structures. While Barber claims in his own book a total of 102 structures it is he included in his tally preexisting structures, incorporated into the farm during its expansion; the centerpiece of the farm was the 52 room Beaux Arts style mansion Barber constructed in 1909 to 1910.

According to the Barberton Historical Society, it was demolished in 1965. Following Barber's death in 1920, the majority of the structures on the farm were demolished. Efforts by the Barberton Historical Society have succeeded in preserving and restoring 6 of the original buildings, with 2 others still standing in other private possession. In addition to the farm itself, the following buildings on the farmstead are individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places: O. C. Barber Barn No. 1 O. C. Barber Colt Barn O. C. Barber Creamery O. C. Barber Machine Barn O. C. Barber Piggery "Ohio Columbus Barber – America's Match King" by W. F. Flemming "Anna Dean Farm, The Story of an American Farm" by Ohio C. Barber "O. C. Barber's Home and Farm in Photos." by Henrietta Vietta "Anna Dean Farm, A Centennial Remembrance" by Tim Young, Anna Dean Farm O. C. Barber sculpture project

Sean O'Rourke

Sean O'Rourke is an Irish journalist and broadcaster who works for the Irish public broadcaster, Raidió Teilifís Éireann. He presents the Today with Seán O'Rourke show every weekday morning on RTÉ Radio 1. An arts graduate from University College Galway, O'Rourke has worked for the Connacht Tribune, The Sunday Press and The Irish Press. In 1989 he joined Current Affairs. For RTÉ he has presented This Week. In 1995 he moved to the News at One. On television he has presented Prime Time and The Week in Politics, he is chair of his university's Alumni Association. O'Rourke has won ESB National Media Awards: Radio Broadcaster of the Year 1997, NUI Galway Alumni Award for Arts, Media & Communications 2007 and 2008 PPI News Broadcaster of the Year. In June 2011 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws by NUI Galway. O'Rourke was born in Portlaoise, one of eight children of local school principal and hurling enthusiast Kevin O’Rourke; the family moved to Galway. He has six children, one of whom is Dr Maeve O'Rourke.

He is a practising Catholic. RTÉ Profile