Bernardim Ribeiro

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Bernardim Ribeiro
'Bernardim Ribeiro', marble sculpture by António Alberto Nunes, 1891, Museu de Évora, Portugal.JPG
Bernardim Ribeiro, marble sculpture by António Alberto Nunes.
Born 1482
Torrão, Portugal
Died October 1552 (1552-11) (aged 70)
Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Poet and writer

Bernardim Ribeiro (1482 in Torrão – October 1552 in Lisbon) was a Renaissance Portuguese poet and writer.

His father, Damião Ribeiro, was implicated in the conspiracy against King John II of Portugal, his Livro das saudades, mostly known as Menina e moça (taken from its incipit) and translated as Maiden and Modest in English, is one of the finest examples of the genre of pastoral romance in Renaissance literature.


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