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Elizabeth "Betty" Washington Lewis
Betty Washington Lewis.jpg
Born (1733-06-20)June 20, 1733
Westmoreland County, Colony of Virginia
Died March 31, 1797(1797-03-31) (aged 63)
Culpeper, Virginia, U.S.
Spouse(s) Fielding Lewis
Children Betty Lewis Carter

Elizabeth "Betty" Washington Lewis (June 20, 1733 – March 31, 1797) was the younger sister of George Washington and the only sister to live to adulthood. She was the first daughter of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington, she is considered a "founding mother" of America.[1]

She was born in Westmoreland County, Colony of Virginia, and married Fielding Lewis in 1750. Their children included Lawrence Lewis, who married Eleanor Parke Custis, a granddaughter of Martha Washington, and Robert Lewis. They built a house in Fredericksburg, Kenmore House, in 1770, and owned The Lewis Store until 1776. In later life, she stayed close with her mother, she died in 1797 while visiting her daughter, Betty Lewis Carter, at the Western View Plantation in Culpeper, Virginia, and is buried there.

She and her husband are commemorated with street names in the nearby Ferry Farm subdivision (Fielding Circle and Betty Lewis Drive).

Marriage and family[edit]

Fielding Lewis married Catharine Washington on October 18, 1746, she was his second cousin, the daughter of John Washington (a first cousin to George Washington) and Catharine Whiting. They had three children before Catharine died on February 19, 1750.

A few months later, on May 7, 1750, Lewis married Betty Washington (1733-1797), the sister of George Washington and another second cousin, she was 17 years old. They had 11 children together. Betty outlived Lewis by 16 years, dying in 1797.

  • Fielding Lewis, II (1751 – 1803); married Anne Alexander, had issue. Married Nancy Alexander, had issue.
  • Augustine Lewis (January 22, 1752 – 1756); died as a child.
  • Warner Lewis (June 24, 1755 – 1756); died in infancy.
  • George Washington Lewis (March 14, 1757 – November 15, 1831); married Catherine Daingerfield, had issue (grandparents of Princess Catherine Murat).
  • Mary Lewis (April 22, 1759 – December 25, 1759); died in infancy.
  • Charles Lewis (October 3, 1760 – 1793)
  • Samuel Lewis (May 14, 1762 – December 31, 1810)
  • Elizabeth Lewis (February 23, 1765 – August 9, 1830); married distant cousin Charles Carter, had issue.
  • Lawrence Lewis (March 4, 1767 – November 20, 1839); married half-cousin Eleanor Parke Custis, George Washington's step-granddaughter, had issue.
  • Robert Lewis (June 25, 1769 – January 17, 1829); married cousin Judith Carter Browne, had issue.
  • Howell Lewis, Sr. (December 12, 1771 – December 26, 1822); married Ellen Hackley Pollard, had issue, Henry Howell Lewis.



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