The Fairies (TV series)

The Fairies is an Australian live-action children's television series created by Jenifer Watts and is based on two fairies: Harmony and Rainbow Rhapsody. They have friends, including Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee and Wizzy the Wizard; each episode of the 2009 TV series would contain songs and dance routines. It was a direct-to-video film series released by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Australia in 1998, Carlton Home Entertainment UK in 1999-2001 and ABC Video in 2000–2004, before becoming a TV series in 2005–2009. ABC for Kids released the vintage double DVD The Fairies & The Fairies Farmyard Magic in 2004 and the 2005-2009 series on DVD in 2005-2014, with merchandise releasing in Australia and America throughout the program's run and tours; the history of the show started in 1998 with Harmony, Barnaby, Elf and 4 tots. The producers of the series made three direct-to-video releases; the creator of the show, Jenifer Watts, was inspired by her daughter, Abigail's obsession with glitter and fairies.

The producers replaced the 1998 portrayers of Elf. These two characters were replaced by Rhys Bobridge; the little tots were reduced to three. These changes were done to boost the popularity of the show as a multi-million dollar 26 part television series, in production. In November 2005, The Fairies came to television for the first time, airing on the Seven Network in Australia, going into a 9am time slot; the Fairies was made making it more like a fantasy drama for children. New Zealand-based WETA Workshop designed the sets; the actors were replaced, except for Elf. Harmony, the Golden Fairy, Rhapsody, the Rainbow, were changed into more'girly' colours and purple. Elf and Barnaby's costumes' were changed. Elf looked more'Elfy' and Barnaby lost two of his legs; the tots costumes and actors were revamped, making them more cheeky, dressing them to look more sophisticated. Wizzy, the Wizard debuted in the first TV series; the first TV series of the show The Fairies repeated in April 2006 on the Seven Network, going back into the 9am time slot.

In 2007, The Fairies' second TV series was produced, aired on the Seven Network from 23 April. The series added two new characters, Bubbles the Beach Fairy and Twinkle the Tooth Fairy. Sales of the DVDs in Australia have topped 100,000 units. Harmony: Jenifer Watts, Lindy Allen, Candice Moll Rhapsody: Joni Combe, Ruth Natalie Fallon Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee: Wally Carr, PJ Oaten Elf the Fairy Cake Maker: Stuart Boag, Rhys Bobridge Wizzy the Wizard: Adam Goodburn Fairy Princess Minuet the Dancing Fairy: Peppa Blackburn Tilly the Tooth Fairy: Selina Vistoli Santa Claus: John Skidmore Phoebe the Farmyard Fairy: Susan Kirk Hattie and Sam's parents: Sue McCoy and Duncan Young Bubbles the Beach Fairy: Alice Darling Twinkle the Tooth Fairy: Melody Lian Cordeline the Clever Pixie: Monique Anderson Rainbow the Birthday Fairy: Zoe Komazec Jethro the Jitterboy: Tom Greenfield Fairy & Elf Tots: April Hancock, Lewis Rankin, Cameron Sherman, Harlan Spaven, Samantha Stokes and Abigail'Abbie' Watts Molly the Gumtree Tot: Alana Grimaldi Hugo the Gumtree Tot: Michael Hayes Melody the Fairyland Tot: Stephanie Antonopoulos Jingles the Fairyland Tot: Erin Dunn Treble the Fairyland Tot: Sam Trenwith Lilly-Belle the Baby Fairyland Tot: Georgia Riley Buttercup the Fairyland Tot: Tayla Dantu-Hann Acorn the Fairyland Tot: Matthew Wilson Arabella the Top of the Garden Child: Benita Grimaldi, Sasha Champion William the Top of the Garden Child: James Mercuri, Harrison Dearing Emily the Top of the Garden Child: Joanna Reppucci Hattie the Farm Child/Twin: Emily Rocco Sam the Farm Child/Twin: Benjamin Schapel Baby Harmony: Lucinda'Lucy' Watts Baby Rhapsody: Jemma Highet Emma the Top of the Garden Child: Abigail'Abbie' Watts Jack the Top of the Garden Child: Harrison'Harry' Watts Lily the Top of the Garden Child: Elisabeth Wellings Fairy Dancing Girls: Momo Hoshino and Lucinda'Lucy' Watts The Fairies A Fairy Merry Christmas Farmyard Magic The Fairies & The Fairies Farmyard Magic Fairy Magic Fairy Dancing Fairy Beach Fairy Fun, Fun Fairy Dancing Girl Nursery Rhymes Christmas Carols in Fairyland Christmas Ballet: Stage Show The Fairy Ring The Fairyland Band Fairyland Songs: Volume 1 The Top of the Garden: 5 episodes from Series 2 Barnaby Takes The Lead: 5 episodes from the TV Series Wizzy's Wonky Magic Fairyland Songs: Volume 2 Fun To Learn: With Harmony and their Fairyland friends!

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The Poll Winners

The Poll Winners is an album by jazz guitarist Barney Kessel with drummer Shelly Manne and bassist Ray Brown, recorded in 1957 and released by Contemporary Records. The album was the first of five to be released by the group; the Allmusic review by Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr. states: "The choice of material, the interplay between the three players, the lead work all meld together beautifully on The Poll Winners, making it a classic guitar album in a small-group setting". "Jordu" - 3:27 "Satin Doll" - 6:30 "It Could Happen to You" - 4:23 "Mean to Me" - 6:28 "Don't Worry'bout Me" - 4:34 "On Green Dolphin Street" - 4:02 "You Go to My Head" - 4:22 "Minor Mood" - 3:18 "Nagasaki" - 3:05 Barney Kessel - guitar Ray Brown - bass Shelly Manne - drums