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Bishōjo is a Japanese term for a beautiful young girl below young adult age. Bishōjo is not listed as a word in the prominent Japanese dictionary Kōjien. A variant of the word, biyōjo refers to a pretty girl before the age of adolescence. Bishōjo characters are seen in all genres of anime and manga in dating sims and visual novels, harem anime and manga, it is sometimes confused with the similar-sounding shōjo demographic, but bishōjo refers to the gender and traits of the characters it describes, whereas shōjo refers to the gender and age of an audience demographic - manga publications described as "shōjo" are aimed at young female audiences. Although bishōjo is not a genre but a character design, series which predominantly feature such characters, such as harem anime and visual novels, are sometimes informally called bishōjo series; the characters and works referred to by the term bishōjo are intended to appeal to a male audience. Since one of the main draws of these series is the art and the attractive female characters, the term is perceived negatively, as a genre, dependent on the marketability of cute characters rather than content or plot.

This is not to be confused with bishōnen - beautiful boy. It is not to be confused with moe -, a definition for a genre of entertainment which features cute/adorable girls rather than "sexy" girls. A televised beauty pageant, the Japan Bishōjo Contest, has been run since 1985. Singer Aya Ueto first became famous at the age of twelve. Model and actress Ryoko Yonekura won a bishōjo contest in 1992. Bishōnen Bishōjo game Kawaii Moe

Eric Shanower

Eric James Shanower is an American cartoonist, best known for his Oz novels and comics, for the ongoing retelling of the Trojan War as Age of Bronze. Eric Shanower was born on October 23, 1963. Upon his graduation from Novato High School in 1981, he attended The Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey, graduating in 1984. Shanower's first major published works were the Oz graphic novels, which are The Enchanted Apples of Oz, The Secret Island of Oz, The Ice King of Oz, The Forgotten Forest of Oz, The Blue Witch of Oz released by First Comics and Dark Horse Comics between 1986 and 1992, they are collected in a single large volume titled Adventures in Oz, published by IDW. He has written and illustrated a full-length Oz novel, The Giant Garden of Oz, a collection of short Oz stories, The Salt Sorcerer of Oz; as an illustrator, he has worked on books by Oz historians, including The Wicked Witch of Oz by Rachel Cosgrove Payes, The Rundelstone of Oz by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, The Runaway in Oz by John R. Neill, The Third Book of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

Other Oz projects include his illustrations for Paradox in Oz and The Living House of Oz by Edward Einhorn. He wrote adaptations of L. Frank Baum's first six original Oz novels for Marvel Comics, illustrated by artist Skottie Young; the first, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was released in a hardcover collection on September 2, 2009. The follow-up, The Marvelous Land of Oz began in November 2009 as an 8 issue monthly comic series, while the third mini i.e. Ozma of Oz began in November 2010; the fourth and fifth books and the Wizard in Oz and The Road to Oz, were subsequently adapted by Shanower and Young for Marvel Illustrated. The collaboration concluded with their adaptation of The Emerald City of Oz, he wrote the comic series Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland for IDW. The first issue was released August 20, 2014. In February 1991, Shanower "conceived the idea to tell the story of the Trojan War in the comics medium," aiming to combine "the myriad versions of the Greek myth with the archaeological record" to showcase the tale in "authentic historical detail."

This aim has been manifested in the ongoing comic book Age of Bronze, debuting in late 1998 from Image Comics. As of 2018, the series has been collected in four volumes: A Thousand Ships Sacrifice Betrayal Part One Betrayal Part TwoThe seven volumes in their entirety will cover the complete story of the war; the books contain extensive bibliographies, for the story, the setting and historical Troy, drawing on the excavation work Heinrich Schliemann and the publication Studia Troica. The book does not depict the gods or any mythical beings, with Chiron portrayed as a normal human being rather than a centaur; the Nymphs are portrayed as human priestesses rather than as supernatural beings. Shanower has drawn a number of one shot comics, such as Ed Brubaker's Prez "Smells Like Teen President" and An Accidental Death published by Fantagraphics in 1993. For Marvel's Epic line, he illustrated The Elsewhere Prince, based on characters created by the French cartoonist Moebius, his work has appeared in magazines throughout the USA and Europe as well as in books and on TV.

Shanower won Eisner Awards for Best Writer-Artist in 2001 and 2003, won a Gran Guinigi for Best Serialized Comic in 2006, was nominated for the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Artist in 1999 for his work on Age of Bronze. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz miniseries written by Shanower, illustrated by Skottie Young, won two Eisners in 2010, for Best Limited Series or Story Arc and Best Publication for Kids, his short story "Happily Ever After" was part of How Beautiful the Ordinary: Twelve Stories of Identity, an anthology of LGBTQ short stories for young adults published in 2009. The book is a Lambda Literary Award finalist for LGBT Children's/Young Adult literature. Shanower lives in San Diego with his partner David Maxine, who runs Hungry Tiger Press, a publisher of Oz books, Oz-related comics and compact discs, which the two started in 1994. Eric Shanower on IMDb Hungry Tiger Press Age of Bronze official site Eric Shanower at Prism Comics Interview with Futureal Studio1 Interview With Eric Shanower Another interview with Eric Shanower, focusing on Oz Another interview, focusing on The Age of Bronze

Israel Isaac Kahanovitch

Israel Isaac Kahanovitch was a Polish Canadian Orthodox Jewish rabbi who served as Chief Rabbi of Winnipeg and Western Canada for nearly 40 years. Respected for his Talmudic erudition and oratory skills, he strengthened Jewish educational and social institutions and worked to bridge the divide between religious and secular Jews in Canada, he was a founding member of the Canadian Jewish Congress. In 2010, he was named a Person of National Historic Significance by the Government of Canada. Israel Isaac Kahanovitch was born in Wołpa, Grodno Governorate, Russian Empire, the son of Rabbi Yehoshua Falk Kahanovitch and his wife, Chana Minces, he was a Kohen. He studied at the Slabodka yeshiva in Kovno Governorate, he received rabbinical ordination at the age of 20 from Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein, author of Aruch HaShulchan. From 1900 to 1905, Kahanovitch served as the rabbi of Poland. Late in 1905, he and his wife and young children immigrated to the United States to escape antisemitic pogroms, he took a position as rabbi in Scranton, Pennsylvania from 1905 to 1906.

In 1906, he accepted an invitation to serve as rabbi of a new Orthodox congregation, Beth Jacob Synagogue, in Winnipeg. He was named chief rabbi of Winnipeg by unanimous decision of all the city's synagogues; the community had been without rabbinical leadership since 1903. In his new position, Kahanovitch established a central supervisory committee, the Va'ad HaShechitah, to oversee the city's kosher slaughterers, he delivered sermons and taught in the Beth Jacob Synagogue and the Ashkenazi Synagogue. In 1914, he was named Chief Rabbi of Western Canada, he was known and respected across the globe as a rabbi, as evidenced by his correspondence with rabbinic leaders worldwide. Much evidence of the correspondence was lost after his passing, but some can be found in the letters of the Lubavitcher Rebbes. Kahanovitch strengthened Jewish education in Winnipeg by establishing Talmud study groups and supporting the founding of the Winnipeg Hebrew Free School in 1907, he helped establish the United Hebrew Charities in the city.

He traveled to smaller Jewish communities in Western Canada to support them as well, for example, a teacher's conference in Saskatoon and the dedication of a synagogue in Melville, Saskatchewan. He was noted for his Talmudic erudition, oratory skills, "extraordinary energy", he was an active fund-raiser for Jewish communities in Mandatory Palestine and Morocco, among others. He did not have a daily schedule other than attendance at the regular prayer services, leaving his home open to petitioners at all hours of the day and night. In addition, Kahanovitch collected funds for the war relief fund, to help in the effort against Hitler and save his brethren in Europe, as gleaned from Canadian newspaper advertisements during that period. Many other organizations of religious and non-religious causes, were helped by Kahanovitch as a keynote speaker at fundraising gatherings in Winnipeg. Kahanovitch collected the funds for distribution, recorded every dollar, raised for distribution to the poor, old age homes, orphanages, not keeping any money for himself or his household, rather giving it to charity.

During his evenings, he would be raising money for the many causes, or performing one of the over 5,000 marriage ceremonies for the Jewish community, each of, meticulously documented in a ledger as sourced by his family and preserved. When a spare moment was available, Kahanovitch could be seen deep in Talmudic study, as told by his daughter to his great-grandson; when rumors circulated in 1927 that Kahanovitch might leave Winnipeg, Jewish community leaders raised funds to add to his salary. While Kahanovitch received offers to lead Jewish communities in Toronto and Los Angeles, was tapped as a successor to Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Mandatory Palestine, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, he preferred to stay in Winnipeg. Kahanovitch identified with the Mizrachi religious Zionist movement, he established a Mizrachi organization in Winnipeg that promoted both Zionism and Judaism, was a member of the local B'nai Zion Society and the Zionist Council of Winnipeg. At the same time, he made efforts to bridge the divide between secular Jews.

He attended meetings of secular and political Zionist groups without endorsing their agenda. He served as a member of the national executive of the Zionist Organization of Canada and was a frequent attendee to its conventions. Kahanovitch was a founding member of the Canadian Jewish Congress and an elected delegate to that group's first convention in Montreal in 1919. Unlike other Orthodox rabbis who spoke out against the socialist and radical elements in the Congress, Kahanovitch pursued a course of unity with them. According to his biographer, M. S. Stern: In the early years, it took a person of great courage and conviction to espouse a Zionist orientation a religious one, while staying, in other respects, within the mainstream of orthodox life and rabbinic practice; such a man was Rabbi I. I. Kahanovitch. Kahanovitch married Chiah Rachel Kleiman on 5 July 1896, they had three sons. Despite Kahanovitch's popularity as Chief Rabbi of Winnipeg, the family struggled to make ends meet, they supplemented his annual synagogue stipends and donations that he received from conducting wedding ceremonies by maintaining a vegetable garden, chicken coop, five goats behind their house.

Kahanovitch died at his Winnipeg home on 22 June 1945. He was buried beside his wife, who had predeceased him in 1940, in the Shaarey Zedek Cemetery in Winnipeg, his funeral was attended by an estimated 5,000 people, repres

Urinboy Rakhmonov

Urinboy Rahmonberdievich Rakhmonov – Soviet Kyrgyz actor and theatrical figure, the founder of Bobur theater in the city of Osh, poet. Urinboy Rakhmonov was born 4 March 1910 in the family of employees, his father was the founder Rahmonberdi Madazimov theater movement in Kyrgyzstan, the first founder and organizer of the theater of the Osh city, a revolutionary, an active participant in the fight against Basmachi. When Urinboyu Rakhmonov was 17 years old, in 1927, he began his artistic career in the theater Osh, he worked in the theater actor, in addition, in the difficult years of formation and organization of the theater additionally served ten positions: he was an assistant director, singer, prompter, makeup artist, the poet, wrote small plays and poems for the songs by that at the time dancing People's Artist of the Kirghiz SSR first dancer Roziya Muminova. Urinboy Rakhmonov from 1949 to 1952 he worked as the executive secretary of Kyzyl-Kyshtakskogo village council, from 1952 to 1965 worked as the chief of post office in the village of Kyzyl-Kyshtak, Kara-Suu District.

Since 1965 he worked in the trading system. But, despite the fact that he was in 1949, he went to the theater for a long time, up until 1958, after working freelance played in the theater and the main bit parts. Published his poems. I brought up 12 children; the eldest son Dildorbek worked in Osh Babur Theatre actor and played bit parts in two films. Another son Darvishbek palvan Rakhmonov has dedicated his life to the service of art and works artistic director circus troupe "Kaldirgoch". 1927 – K. Yashin "Friends." 1928 – K. Yashin "Inside." 1929 – Gulom Zafariy "Halima", K. Yashin "Aji-Aji". 1930 – Umarjon Ismoilov "Stories in the cotton field" 1931 – Nikolai Gogol "Marriage". 1932 – Mannon Uygur "Translator". 1933 – Hajibeyov "Arshin Mal Alan". 1934 – Nikolai Gogol "The Government Inspector". 1935 – Nazir Safarov, Ziyo Said "History says", K. Yashin "Will burn". 1936 – Zh. Turusbekov "Instead of death", K. Trenyov "Lyubov Yarovaya", Tozhizoda "Komsomol platoon" 1937 – Schiller "Intrigue and Love", Sh.

Hurshid "Farhad and Shirin". 1938 – C. Goldoni "Servant of Two Masters", Sabir Abdullah, "Saber Uzbekistan". 1939 – Bill-Belotserkovskiy "Border" Hamza "Rich and laborer", Sabir Abdullah, "Tahir and Zuhra". 1940 – Hamza "Holiskhon", K. Yashin "Buran". 1941 – K. Yashin and M. Muhamedov "Gulsara", Khurshid "Layla and Majnun", Sabir Abdullah "Kurban Umarov". 1942 – K. Yashin "Death to the invaders!", Hamza "Tricks of Maysara", А. Korniychuk "Frontline". 1943 – Sabir Abdullah "Davron ata", Umarjon Ismoilov "Zafar". 1944 – K. Yashin "Nurkhon", M. Ordubadi "Bride 5 som". 1945 – Uygun "Song of Life". 1946 – Mukhtarov "Honor the women". 1947 – Uygun "Spring", Khurshid "Farhad and Shirin". 1948 – K. Trenyov "Red Tie", Uygun "Song of Life", Uygun "Oltinkol". 1949 – Fatkhullin "Petals", Hamid Olimjon "Semurg". 1950 – Akram Ismail "Justice", Sabir Abdullah "Alpamysh". 1951 – Bokonbaev "Toktogul", Khurshid "Layla and Majnun". 1952 – Shukur Sadulla "Eriltosh", Mahmoud Rahmon "Joy", Abdulla Qahhor "Silk Suzani". 1953 – Izzat Sultan "Alisher Navoiy", Lysenko "Natalka Poltavka", K.

Yashin "Nurkhon". 1954 – Shukur Sadulla "Feast on the field", Bahrom Rahmonov "Heart Secrets". 1955 – K. Yashin "Oftobhon", Rabindranath Tagore "The Girl of the Ganges River" 1956 – K. Yashin "Ravshan and Zulhumor", Fatkhullin "Love for the motherland", Ahmadov "Chest of secrets" 1957 – Sabir Abdullah "Alpamysh", Samad Vurgun "Yulduz". 1958 – Hamid Olimjon "Oygul and Bakhtiyor", M. Shatrov "In the name of the revolution"In addition, he has participated in numerous concerts. By the decision of the local authorities has been immortalized memory of the founder of the theater by assigning its name outside of Osh Region. In honor of Urinboy Rakhmonov street was named in the village of Kyzyl-Kyshtak Kara-Suu District, Osh Region. Father: Rahmonberdi Madazimov. Mother: Bibihon. First Spouse: Tursunhon Tuychiboeva. Children: Dildorbek, Davlatbek, Bahridilhon, Dilfuzahon, Mahfuzahon, Dilrabo. "The history of the genus Rakhmonov thousanders Osh and Uratepa city rights", 420, Osh, 2016 A. Abdugafurov "Osh Academic Theatre", 2010, the city of Osh, page 1, 3, 42.

Osh State Academic Uzbek Music and Drama Theater named after Babur Zhurahon Rahmonberdievich Rahmonov Rahmonberdi Madazimov Centrasia Persons Celebrity Biographies History of theater Verses Urinboy Rakhmonov Uzbek language Verses Urinboy Rakhmonov Uzbek language Essay

Empress Xiaogongren

Empress Xiaogongren, of the Manchu Plain Yellow Banner Uya clan, was a consort of the Kangxi Emperor. She was six years his junior. Empress Xiaogongren's personal name was not recorded in history, she was a Booi Aha of the Plain Yellow Banner by birth. Father: Weiwu, served as a third rank military official, held the title of a first class duke Paternal grandfather: Esen The future Empress Xiaogongren was born on the 19th day of the third lunar month in the 17th year of the reign of the Shunzhi Emperor, which translates to 28 April 1660 in the Gregorian calendar. In February or March 1673, Lady Uya entered the Forbidden City and became a lady-in-waiting of the Kangxi Emperor. On 13 December 1678, she gave birth to the emperor's fourth son, Yinzhen. On 15 November 1679, she was granted the title "Concubine De". On 5 March 1680, she gave birth to the emperor's sixth son, who would die prematurely on 15 June 1685. On 28 January 1682, she was elevated to "Consort De", she gave birth on 5 July 1682 to the emperor's seventh daughter, who would die prematurely in September 1682, on 10 November 1683 to his ninth daughter, Princess Wenxian of the First Rank, on 14 June 1686 to his 12th daughter, who would die prematurely in February or March 1697, on 10 February 1688 to his 14th son, Yunti.

The Kangxi Emperor died on 20 December 1722 and was succeeded by Yinzhen, enthroned as the Yongzheng Emperor. As the mother of the reigning emperor, Lady Uya was honoured as "Empress Dowager Renshou". Lady Uya died of illness on 25 June 1723; some sources claimed that she wished to commit suicide to join her husband but her son refused to let her do so. She died after refusing medical treatment, she was interred in the Jing Mausoleum of the Eastern Qing tombs. She was granted the posthumous title "Empress Xiaogongren" by the Yongzheng Emperor. During the reign of the Shunzhi Emperor: Lady Uya During the reign of the Kangxi Emperor: Concubine De, fifth rank consort Consort De, fourth rank consort During the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor: Empress Dowager Renshou Empress Xiaogongren As a mistress: Yinzhen, the Kangxi Emperor's 11th son, enthroned on 27 December 1722 as the Yongzheng Emperor As Concubine De: Yinzuo, the Kangxi Emperor's 14th son As Consort De: The Kangxi Emperor's seventh daughter Princess Wenxian of the First Rank, the Kangxi Emperor's ninth daughter Married Shun'anyan of the Manchu Tunggiya clan in October/November 1700 The Kangxi Emperor's 12th daughter Yunti, the Kangxi Emperor's 23rd son, granted the title Prince Xun of the Second Rank in 1748, posthumously honoured as Prince Xunqin of the Second Rank Portrayed by Au Yin-lin in The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty Portrayed by Sally Chen in Legend of YungChing Portrayed by Shi Jianlan in Yongzheng Dynasty Portrayed by Wu Qianqian in Huang Taizi Mishi Portrayed by Leanne Liu in Palace, Empresses in the Palace and Palace II Portrayed by Dai Chunrong in Scarlet Heart Portrayed by Vivian Wu in The Palace Portrayed by Rosanne Lui in Gilded Chopsticks Portrayed by Luo Mi in Legend of Dragon Pearl Ranks of imperial consorts in China#Qing Royal and noble ranks of the Qing dynasty Hummel, Arthur W..

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Boys24 was a South Korean pre-debut boy group formed by CJ E&M through a 2016 survival show with the same name. There were twenty-seven members in the group divided into four units; the group performed regular shows in their own concert hall, with the debut of the final eight members IN2IT on October 26, 2017. The first promotional unit who were selected from the'BOYS24 The 1st Semi-Final' concert consists of Park Doha, Hwang Inho, Oh Jinseok, Kim Sunghyun, Kim Yonghyun, Jung Yeontae, Yoo Youngdoo and Han Hyunuk; the unit release their first single album, Steal Your Heart on April 11, 2017 on Mnet's M! Countdown with the song title "Steal Your Heart". After completing 260 concerts, the final group was selected from "The Final", consist of eight members: Yoo Youngdoo, Jeong Yeontae, Hwang Inho, Han Hyunuk, Isaac Voo, Lee Inpyo, Kim Jinsub and Kim Sunghyun, they debuted on October 26, 2017 as IN2IT. On January 10, 2016 CJ E&M announced that they were investing 25 billion won over the next three years in a new boy band to perform throughout the year at a permanent venue.

CJ E&M had named the boy band and project name “Boys24”, to air the whole process from selecting members to performing in front of audiences. First, Ahn Seok-joon set the stage of'Boys24' as four stages, the first being'excavation'. Of the total of 5500 applicants, 49 were selected by as untreated gemstones. The second stage was'competition'; the unfinished 49 people formed a total of seven unit teams, where they would vividly confirm their intense competition. The third stage was'growth', a process of the birth of a 24-member Boys24, which would be confirmed in the theater; the final stage was'evolution'. It could be said that they had evolved to become a crystal, among the 24 people, a few select members who had the highest level in all aspects would make their debut as an idol group, they would start full-scale activity. The auditions were held from January 18 to February 19. However, due the large number of applicants, more than 4000, the final date of the audition was shifted to March 11.

Forty-nine participants who passed the audition competed in a survival show which began airing on 18 June 2016. After the survival show ended, twenty-eight people were selected as Boys24 members, the group held their concert three to five days a week in rotation; the concert was set to take place at the Boys 24 X Booto Hall known as Mesa Hall, near Shinsegae’s duty-free shop in Myeongdong, Seoul. The first concert was held on September 22, 2016. On August 25, 2016 the group made a special appearance at M! Countdown performing their song "Rising Star". In September 2016, Yellow Unit from the group were chosen as the models for 새싹보리 a barley drink, sold by CJ Health Care. On September 10, 2016, Unit Yellow and Unit Sky from the group held their first fan meeting in Hong Kong. On September 27 and 28, 2016, the group held "Boys24 Live Preview" press call at their own hall to promote their own concert. On November 2, 2016, Unit Yellow's music video for "E" was released as an award for the unit for being MVP Unit.

The track released on music sites and charted No.1 on Mnet’s music chart. On November 3, 2016, Unit Yellow and Unit Sky made a special appearance at M! Countdown performing their song "E". A week all units from the group made a special appearance again on M! Countdown performing "E". On December 1, 2016, the group announced that they would collaborate with DIA TV as part of Monthly Idol project broadcasting with various creators from DIA TV. On December 7, 2016, the group released two versions of their first live album from their concert BOYS24 LIVE in CD format; the first version of the album was recorded by Unit White and Unit Green while the second version of the album was recorded by Unit Sky and Unit Yellow. On February 14, 2017, Lee Hwayoung was removed from the group and his contract was cancelled following his leaked audio controversy for making offensive comments about fans. On March 5, 2017, the group held'BOYS24 The 1st Semi-Final' concert at the Hall of Peace at Kyung Hee University in Dongdaemun, Seoul.

The concert was broadcast live on Mnet and M2. Through the concert Park Doha, Jin Sungho, Hwang Inho, Oh Jinseok, Kim Sunghyun, Kim Yonghyun, Jung Yeontae, Yoo Youngdoo and Han Hyunuk were selected to promote as promotional unit for three months; the promotional unit would perform on KCON Japan, music programs, entertainment shows. On March 10, 2017, CJ E&M and Liveworks announced that Jin Sungho to leave his position as part of the first promotional unit but still remain in the group following controversies about his past actions in junior high school; the first promotional unit would move forward as an eight-member group. On March 23, 2017, the group announced; the name was voted by fans through a team naming event, announced on the group's official fan cafe. On April 11, 2017, the unit released their first single album, Steal Your Heart on Mnet's M! Countdown with their song "Steal Your Heart". On August 12, 2017, the group held'BOYS24 The Final' concert at Olympic Park Olympic Hall, marking the end of Boys24 survival project after 1 year and 6 months.

The concert was broadcast live through V Live. Hwang Inho, Jung Yeontae, Kim Jinsub, Kim Sunghyun, Yoo Youngdoo, Isaac Voo, Jin Sungho were announced as final group members by fans vote, while Lee Inpyo and Han Hyunuk were selected as Wild Card directly by company, completing final line-up as nine-member group; the final group would start their overseas promotions right away, starting with visiting Japan on August 26 followed by Korea Tourism Organization invitation to Kazakhstan in September. On August 14, 2017