Bituriges Vivisci

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Coins of the Bituriges Vivisci, 5th-1st century BCE, derived from the coin designs of Greeks in pre-Roman Gaul. Cabinet des Médailles.
A map of Gaul in the 1st century BC, showing the relative positions of the Celtic tribes.

The Bituriges Vivisci were one of the tribes of Gaul. The tribe's capital was in Burdigala, modern-day Bordeaux. The Vivisci traded wine which they produced themselves.

Bituriges is often taken to mean Kings of the World[1] but whether there was any link to the Bituriges Cubi of the Berry region is not known. Some believe that the Bituriges Vivisci and the Bituriges Cubi once made up one single tribe, but seemed to have fallen apart, with the Vivisci staying in Burdigala, and the Cubi founding a new capital, Avaricum in the Berry region. The latter defended Avaricum against the Roman armies under Julius Caesar, who destroyed the town and its inhabitants.[2]

According to Strabo[3] their territory was surrounded by that of the Aquitanian people, but the Bituriges Vivisci were not themselves Aquitanian and took no part in their political affairs.

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